Interior Doors: A Few Trends of the Year

How to navigate in the choice of suitable door panels and fittings, what to pay attention to when choosing them, as well as about what trends are the most popular in the field of repair and design of living spaces.

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Choosing interior doors according to their shape and size

The most important step with which to begin choosing interior doors is to carefully measure the aisle where they will be installed. In this case, choosing the wrong size product will be a very big mistake. Of course, in many homes, doorways have standard sizes.

Having decided on the size of the interior door, consult with a specialist about the availability of the sizes you need on the cabinets of stores. Otherwise, you will have to make an individual order, which will come out more expensive in both time and budget. Of course, such an order definitely has its advantages – the exact size, the ability to implement even the most original idea, etc. So it’s up to you to decide whether to go to the store or to a special workshop to get the perfect interior doors.

What materials are used for interior doors?

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Most often the choice of a particular material as the basis for an interior door is influenced by such factors as:

  • The cost of the finished product;
  • The functional features of the room where such doors will be located (for example, for kitchens or bathrooms, it is necessary to take into account the high humidity, which can deteriorate the condition of some materials).

However, despite the importance of the second point, many people still choose interior doors based on their own budget. Especially today, the range of products is so great that you can find designs in the color and size you want and with all the important technical features at different costs.

The most fashionable shades and designs in 2022

Once you have decided on the size and type of design of interior doors, you need to think about their appearance. Many people think about the color of canvases at the very beginning of the repair. And this is the right approach, because the final result should fit perfectly into the interior of the room. And installed such designs are not for one year or even five years. It is therefore important to choose the one that is right for you. Most often all designers divide the shades of the door leaf into such categories:

  • light;
  • dark;
  • bright.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and suits the individual interior. For small rooms, made in a modern style and having a neutral shade of walls and ceiling, it is best to choose beautiful white doors. They will not only help to complement the design, but also visually enlarge the space, give the room more light and air. In addition, such products will be a good background for other bright accents – upholstered furniture, lamps or decorative elements. In some cases, white doors can become a contrasting element in the room – for example, such an effect can be achieved by placing them next to a light wall.

Dark shades of interior doors also serve a function. They help add clarity and structure to the overall style of the room and stand out against the walls and floor. Some shades of dark look noble and luxurious, creating an elegant version of the interior. More often than not, designers recommend following this principle – dark fabrics are installed in rooms with light walls. And to emphasize geometricity and add a little clarity, the same shade is used for the furniture fronts as for the doors. In this case you get a successful and harmonious ensemble.

Light doors most often serve one important function – to serve as an accent element of the room. However, it is not necessary to use the shade of the leaf only in one component of the room. It is desirable to repeat it in several other elements. The bright color of the interior door can have the same tone as the curtains, sofa or even small decorative items. Only in this case you will get a beautiful and harmonious space.

Doors as an accent of your room

Don’t forget that interior doors have not only a practical but also an aesthetic function to work with your kivik sofa. They can elegantly emphasize the space of your room, and with the right approach, even become its main highlight. Such products take up quite a lot of space in the interior, so you can try to beat their location so that they become an accent of your home. Especially nowadays there are almost no restrictions on the installation of this or that model. Especially for those who are at the very beginning of the repair. You can show your imagination or use the advice of professionals – in both cases you will get the original result, which will please you and your guests.

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