Behind Enemy Lines; July 20th.

Counting down the days…

Long before anyone steps near a ring, before any bell sounds, any punches are thrown or boots are tied – the preparation begins…

Sparring Begins

The Wise Guy is now 5 weeks away from his ninth outing and last scheduled eight round contest. Whilst other fighters in the division seem in a rush to get in to double figures, the strategy of this stable is one of longevity and success over time; no one’s in a rush and that denotes a quiet confidence, not only in their ability as trainers, but in their fighter too. There’s not an expiration date on talent.

Taking a nice uppercut…. on the gloves!

The scheduled date for this next fight is July 20th – the Venue is the evocative Wembley Arena which is already home to two of Buglioni’s most emphatic wins. As before the opponent will remain unknown until closer the time as experience tells that opponents will drop out frequently in the lead up to a fight that is not being contested for a title (not something Buglioni will have to worry about for long!).

ready for sparring partner no.2

Frank is now approximately three weeks into his eight week training camp. With exclusive access to the camp we know that the watchful Mark Tibbs is constantly pushing him through thousands of resistance repetitions, ensuring a solid strength foundation. Combined with a dedicated and tough road routine Frank’s stamina is equally on par with his impressive strength and formidable punching power.


The precision, frequency and duration of training sessions, as well as the intensity stay a secret to those more closely involved with Team Tibbs. The Tibbs’ father-son partnership remains as steadfast and fluid as ever. With years of experience, both as fighter and trainer, the east-end pair have earned respect amongst the boxing fraternity. It’s a true as ever to say that to face a boxer prepared by that corner can place doubt into the mind of even the sturdiest of opponents. You know he’s going to be iron tough and you know he’s going to be supremely fit… What you don’t, or will ever know is the in-depth knowledge and guidance imparted on the fighter and tactics that have taken years to accumulate and even longer to perfect.

Heavy bag work

Frank recognises this as the best physical and mental shape of his life and when asked about how he is feeling ahead of his ninth professional fight he had this to say: “I have been working closely with the nutritionists at ION (Institute of Optimum Nutrition) for the last two fights and have never felt so strong at the weight. I have been able to put on and maintain extra muscle mass without compromising the 12st limit at which I fight at. This wouldn’t have been possible were it not for the use of a diet plan that works perfectly to my training schedule.”

Shadow Boxing, getting the left hand up!

Not surprisingly, this fight comes with added pressure as announcements last week state Frank will fight for a southern area title in September 21st on the same show as the highly anticipated domestic grudge match between Billy Joe Saunders & John Ryder. Frank, no stranger to pressure, added: ‘The fight in front of you is always the most important, so the only date in my mind is July 20th nothing in training will be neglected and no one overlooked, I’ll be looking to show improvements once again and put on a great performance in front of the loyal support.’

Floating Press-Ups

Every fight we’ve been given another sign of what this young fighter is capable of and come the 20th July I’m sure we’ll get to see yet another gear. The wise guy seems to have his mind and body in prime condition and I for one will be looking forward to seeing the ever improving Buglioni in action.


Frank headlines the undercard on July 20th, with Dereck Chisora Vs Malic Scott, Billy Joe Saunders Vs Gary O’sullivan, Carl Frampton & Paul Butler headlining what is set to be another action packed show from Frank Warren. Live and Exclusive on Boxnation.

Tickets in the Buglioni block are available from or you can contact Frank on twitter @FrankBuglioni or on facebook at

Team Buglioni Returns

Article by Mr Matthew Collett, Photos coutesy of Mr Stuart Macfarlane






Rule Britannia, Buglioni Rules The Waves

10 days to go and Buglioni is determined to put in an intelligently mastered performance for the thousands of onlookers at Wembley Arena, a large proportion of which are fully fledged Team Buglioni members and will be looking to add their voices in support of the granite fisted ‘Wise Guy’.

Frank Buglioni Headlines the undercard in his first 8 rounder.

Unfortunately a delay of a few weeks lead to this point and with the countdown well and truly underway there’s no looking back now, Buglioni’s first eight round contest promises to be another show stopper with the Londoner right at the top of a talented undercard.

Mark Prepares Frank for a tough sparring session

Buglioni faces tough come forward fighter Darren McKenna, a replacement to Buglioni’s previous opponent Eder Kurti, who withdrew with an injured hand. Darren McKenna a light heavyweight will have a size advantage to add to his experience advantage with 10 fights under his belt 2 of his wins coming by knockout. Buglioni and his trainer Mark Tibbs, however know full well this opponent is a step up, so training has followed suit, longer rounds with tougher bigger sparring partners, longer runs with steeper hills, harder circuits and heavier weights. Tools have been sharpened and the body & mind has been conditioned for what lies ahead.

Sparring photo taken by Shannon Janice Kelly

Buglioni is in the best shape of his life, but it’s not been an easy few weeks, adjustments to the training camp and mindset were crucial to prepare for this date, having been postponed since March 16th; but the Wise Guy has never been more determined to showcase his ability and demonstrate, with a commanding performance, that once again – he’s one to watch. Playing the long game, Buglioni doesn’t find himself in a rush to get to the top, knowing instead that by taking his time to learn the craft he can sustain his success and build foundations that will support him through an illustrious career in the sport.

Sparring finished, training continues

As his profile inside and outside of the ring grows there’s no doubt that all eyes will be on Frank in ten days time. But feeling the pressure or not, the time to take the next step is now and by fully launching into 2013 Buglioni can put some flesh on the bones that rumour him to be the next big hitter in the super middleweight division.

Buglioni fans won’t miss it. Boxing fans, don’t miss it.

Article By Matthew Collett, Photos courtesy of Colin & Carolyn and Shannon Janice Kelly.

La Manga Warm Weather Training Camps

La Manga Club in south-east Spain has been the home of my pre-training camps twice now and the benefits have been fantastic.

The first camp was in early January and the weather was perfect; sunshine, not a cloud in sight and fresh sea air. Myself, Billy Joe Saunders, Simon Vallily, Freddie Turner & Billy Morgan took full advantage of the contrasting weather conditions to which we were used to back home. All told we  clocked up around 20 miles of mountainous runs, many lengths in the pool and plenty of weight lifting in the gym.

The food at La Manga Club was second to none and allowed us to re-fuel and energize for the rigorous training Mark Tibbs had in store for us. We consumed our fair share of fresh pasta at La Manga’s Italian restaurant Luigi’s. Not to mention plenty of Bar 37′s Club Sandwiches at the golf course.

The setting and weather made it easy to train as well as relax in our down time. The importance of rest has always been ingrained in us by Mark & Jimmy Tibbs, who have highlighted that at times when you lack that sharpness it can most probably be linked back to not resting properly. Afternoon naps in the sun made sure we were resting adequately and soaking up some vitamin D.

Its safe to say we returned back to Canning Town TKO gymnasium in high spirits and with a solid strength & fitness base to work from. We had shaken the Christmas period off, shed some unwanted weight and built back some muscle. Overall a great way to start the new year. Billy Joe Saunders, Billy Morgan & Simon Vallily all won their contests on the 21st of this month in convincing and stylistic fashion. Freddie Turner Boxed in early march and also came away with a convincing points victory in his first fight of the year.

Unfortunately my March 16th fight had been postponed to April 20th. So I decided to use the extra time I had, to re-prepare back out in La Manga. I returned last week to a warm welcome and nice surprise.; I was to become the first Professional Boxer to receive Ambassador status, making me an official partner of the La Manga Club.

It was an honor and a privilege to become an ambassador for such a high-end sporting/leisure destination such as the La Manga Club. I would be training alongside some of the worlds best Golfers, Footballers and sports teams.

I spent five days out there this time, again enjoying the warm climate whilst I undertook some hard mountain runs alongside gym manager and top mountain runner Jesus Martinez. I was also put through some tough Tibbs gym workouts. It wasn’t all work and no play though, I did some more rounds, this time on La Manga’s world class golf courses. I won’t mention my score however!

All in all another great camp, my mind was re-focused for April the 20th and my body was in the best shape of my career.

A big thank you to James Bryan, Peter Nieuwland & Jesus Martinez for making the trip enjoyable & very worthwhile. I look forward to returning soon!

Buglioni: Thinking outside of the box, fighting inside it.

Article by Mr Matthew Collett, Photographs Courtesy of Mr Alan Brightwell.

Four weeks today Frank ‘Wise Guy’ Buglioni will return to Wembley Arena, the prestigious London venue home to his explosive debut just 15 months ago. Since then the Team Buglioni momentum has been unstoppable, 7 impressive wins, 5 of which were knock outs and a bigger following than ever before; less of a ‘team’ Buglioni and more of a Buglioni army.

Tough yet essential preparations for the the Wembley showdown on March 16th are well underway, with the Wise Guy looking in the shape and form of his career so far. The heavy handed Londoner will need to be, as a return to Wembley brings with it Buglioni’s eighth fight and his first eight round contest. A new challenge in itself, the eight rounds signify a new era for the British boxer and if nothing else, show just how far Buglioni has come since he was last in North-West London.

Outside of the ring, Frank’s calm manner belies someone that had sold all of his five hundred ticket allocation (and more!) in just one week. Humbled by his support and always grateful to his fans, Buglioni’s following shows no signs of dwindling and rather than feeling the pressure of such support, the Wise Guy uses it as motivation to fuel his drive and dedication to the tough sport.

Never before has Buglioni been so focused on his future, at 23 the decision to go full time denotes courage and passion for the sport. It shows that the years of hard graft, early mornings and thousands of sparring rounds with every level of opponent have all been worth it. More than ever this fight signifies a new journey for Buglioni and it’s a journey that people, both inside and outside of the boxing community, will be following with the greatest expectations.

ONE TO WATCH by Mr Porter

Photography by Mr Jermaine Francis | Styling by Mr Tony Cook 
Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

Seven fights. Seven victories. Five of them by knockout. Three within the first round. It may still be too early to call 23-year-old super-middleweight prospect Mr Frank Buglioni the next big thing – as some have already rushed to do – but the evidence is certainly starting to mount up.

Since making his pro debut in November 2011, the north Londoner has made his mark with a series of impressive performances – none more so than his most recent bout, when he sent veteran 38-year-old Mr Ciaran Healy crashing to the canvas in the second round – but it’s not just his hard-hitting antics inside the ring that have got people talking. In a sport characterised by spectacle and driven by the bottom line, it’s at the box office that he really shines. A young prospect he may be, and with only a handful of professional bouts to his name, but the man they call Frank “Wise Guy” Buglioni is already drawing a big crowd.

The secret to his success? Ask his manager, Mr William Storey, who in typically emphatic style refers to him as “the David Beckham of boxing”.

“The guy’s a steel fist in a velvet glove,” says Mr Storey of his young charge. “He just ticks all the boxes. He’s smart, he’s polite, and he’s got the looks, too. Put him in a suit and he’s the perfect gentleman. Put him in the ring, though, and he just knocks everyone out. He’s like a better-looking Rocky Marciano.”

In short, then, rather like Mr Beckham himself, he’s what you might refer to as “the complete package”. Style and substance.

Of course there’s also the matter of Mr Buglioni’s Italian heritage. There’s no more celebrated a character in all of boxing lore than the Italian underdog, after all, and when we eventually get the chance to sit down with the man himself after a long day in the studio, it’s the first thing that’s asked.

 Rocky Marciano, Jake LaMotta, Joe Calzaghe… the sons of Italy seem to have a rich boxing heritage. Is that something you feel?

Absolutely, and that’s something I’ve been labelled with as I’ve been coming through. I’m known as Wise Guy, as I’m sure you’ve heard. I can’t quite explain it. But it’s only a compliment to be named alongside guys like LaMotta and Calzaghe – they’re heroes of mine.

You seem like a placid guy. How do things change when you get in the ring?

A switch flicks when I get in the ring. It has to. You’ve got to be aggressive to succeed; you’ve got to hit them harder than they hit you. And you’ve got to want to.

How do you prepare for a fight?

I train twice a day every day, six days a week. My next bout is in March, so right now it’s just about staying fit, eating well, and building up my stamina for longer fights.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to keep fit, but struggles to work it around his regime?

I’d suggest getting up early – it can be hard but it forces you into a routine, and you’ll sleep well at the end of the day. The biggest change you can make is diet, though. Try drinking nothing but water for an entire month, and seeing how you feel at the end of it – you’ll be surprised.

You’re unbeaten at the moment. Is that record something that means a lot to you?

Without a doubt. I’ll keep it as long as I can – hopefully to the end of my career. But I’m not unrealistically devoted to it. Obviously the further I go the harder it’s going to be to hold on to it.

Boxing can be a fickle mistress. One heavy defeat at the top level, and you’re under pressure to retire.

Sure, but getting knocked out doesn’t mean the end of the road. Just look at Amir Khan – he’s come back stronger than ever. Yes, there’s always criticism, and in many ways it’s aimed at keeping fighters who are out of their depth from getting hurt, but only the fighter and the trainer truly know what they’re capable of.

So do you think that you’re the kind of guy that could get beaten, and have the grit to come back and try again?

Absolutely. I’ve been beaten at amateur level before, and I’ve come back stronger. You learn from your losses, so there’s no reason why a fighter with a couple of defeats can’t be a better boxer – a more experienced boxer – than someone who’s undefeated.

Have you ever been hurt badly?

Not in a fight – not seriously. I’ve done damage to my hands, but that’s inevitable especially if you’re a hard puncher. I’ve no doubt that it’s going to happen to me during my career, though.

Where’s the most painful place to get hit?

Body shots can really wind you, and suck the life out of you. That’s where your fitness and strength comes in. You’ve got to grit your teeth and pretend like you didn’t feel it. If you let your opponents know you’re hurt, they’ll do it again. Well, that’s what I’d do, anyway…

When it comes to being out of the ring, how would you describe your style?

I’m quite understated. I stick to neutral colours, keep it simple. I’ve got a few Paul Smith suits that seem to fit me well, they’re nicely tapered. And I’m a fan of Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana accessories.

You walked in London Collections: Men recently for Rake. How was that?

That was a great experience. Something different, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Funnily enough, though, it was quite nerve-wracking.

So walking the catwalk was scarier than walking into a boxing ring?

Yeah! Fear of the unknown, I guess.

Below; Frank models for RakeStyle in London Collections: Men.


Frank Buglioni Talks Career, Frank Warren & Mark Tibbs – By Kasim Aslam

If you were to hear the name Frank “Wise Guy” Buglioni for the first time you may assume that he was an American Italian part of the 1920’s gang culture which defines the likes of Al Capone and Arthur Schultz. However, Frank Buglioni is anything but. The 23 year old from Enfield is a British super middleweight prospect who is promoted under the Frank Warren Promotions banner. Rising to prominence with a perfect professional record of 6 wins, 4 coming by way of knockout, “Wise Guy Buglioni” has been tipped for a bright future in the sport of boxing. Fighthype UK caught up with the prospect to discuss the transition from the Amateur ranks to the professional game.

Frank Buglioni made a crucial decision at a young age. The decision was to turn professional after a successful amateur career. However, it came at the expense of missing out the GB Olympic team as he decided to refuse the temptations of fighting in London to begin an eagerly awaited professional career.

“If I’m completely honest, I’ve had such a great first year to my professional career, I haven’t felt that I’ve missed out on anything.” He confesses. “Don’t get me wrong I was really excited for my old GB team mates and loved watching them box. I also felt a great deal of pride with how well they did. Anthony Joshua, Luke Campbell & Nicola Adams all winning gold medals were great achievement and it will really promote amateur boxing in Great Britain.”

The Enfield native has no animosity towards the games or the amateur ranks. For him it was part of a transition and a decision he made and stuck with. Speaking on the Olympic Games, Buglioni continued his praise for Team GB.

“They were absolutely brilliant, I knew they would do well under the guidance of Rob McCracken though, he definitely knows his stuff and the amount of talent in that squad is phenomenal like the strength in depth at each weight. I was really disappointed with the scoring in Tom Stalkers bout though; I thought Tom was a favourite for Gold and strongly believe the judges made the wrong decision for his fight.”

Buglioni was almost certain to join Team GB with a highly successful and flourished amateur career. Paying his dues, Buglioni had a total of 70 fights and amassed 60 wins. The experience has made the transition to the pro game even more comfortable but even more importantly it has developed a philosophy which Buglioni stands by, which is to have solid foundation in order to succeed.

“The amateurs were a great experience for me. All my fundamentals were built during the amateurs and the last two years with the GB squad was fantastic. All the international competitions and training camps really benefit you as a fighter and teach you how to deal with the adversities you come across during your pro career. In total I had around 70 fights, winning over 60. I stopped about 30 of my opponents which is quite rare in the amateurs, especially in the middleweight division. So overall I am really pleased with my achievements.”

“I think it’s imperative to have some sort of amateur career before turning pro, even things like making weight, having done it so many times in the amateurs you really get to know your body and how you can perform during different training scenarios. As they say, you can’t buy experience.”

At the young age of 23, Buglioni has accomplished a great deal in comparison to other fighters the same age thus putting him in the limelight as one of the best up and coming prospects. As he previously mentioned his high knockout percentage in the amateur ranks has boosted his profile as a fighter with a fan friendly style who brings excitement into his contests. This obviously produces expectations from pundits and fans alike that the super middleweight has to constantly adhere to.

“It’s an honour to be regarded in such high esteem and I can only thank my trainer Mark Tibbs for the consistent improvements and of course for getting me in great shape for the fights.” He states. “I thrive on the pressure but I also know that all my friends & family, that make up ‘Team Buglioni’, are there to see me do well and they will be behind me win lose or draw. This puts me in a very strong frame of mind.”

Someone with a reputation like “Wise Guy” would have been swamped with constant decision making that surrounds a boxer as he begins his career as a professional. The prospect made one of those decisions in terms of promoter by signing with Frank Warren and Frank Warren Promotions. He joins a wealth of talent under Warren such a George Groves, Billy Joe Saunders and Ricky Burns. As far as Buglioni was concerned choosing Frank Warren was a simple choice.

“In my opinion he is the biggest and best promoter in the country. Looking at how many fighters he’s got to the top level made the choice easy.” He states excitingly. “I have a good relationship with Frank. Me, Mark Tibbs & Frank Warren all expect me to continue to improve and hopefully be fighting for titles in the future. I expect Frank to provide me with the right fights at the right time, which he has done so far and I’m confident he will do in the future, so long as I am performing. It’s a two way street. I have to stick to my side of the deal, perform, entertain and win.”

“All my team mates have been great. We are like a family, all training together and supporting each other at fights. Kevin Mitchell especially has really helped me feel at home in the professional game, having been there and done it for so long, he has offered me some great advice that has really paid off.”

One major positive that comes with signing to Frank Warren Promotions is the exposure on the self proclaimed “Home of boxing” Boxnation. The channel, owned by Frank Warren, has showcased a large number of domestic and international fights. However, the biggest aspect of Boxnation is that it televises all the undercard fights on any respective card, which is a huge positive for Frank Buglioni.

“Boxnation is great. Unless you’re an Olympic champion, young professionals never really get exposure and TV coverage that early in their careers, so the opportunity to build a following from day one has been a dream come true. It has also opened other avenues for myself outside of the ring, that certainly wouldn’t of been available if I hadn’t of had that exposure. It’s brilliant for boxing. The fans get to see the journey these new fighters take. Up and coming pros in my stable such as Billy Morgan, Charlie Hoy & Tom Baker have all agreed how motivating it is to fight in front of a live television audience.”

Sabie Montieth would be the obstacle in the way of the Enfield Favourites first ever professional victory. A bout scheduled for 4 rounds, Buglioni finished the job in the first round. Landing a devastating left hook followed by an over hand right to deliver his first victory. On 14th September 2012, Buglioni was back in the ring at York Hall on the undercard of a Billy Joe Saunders fight. Late substitute Joe Rae was scheduled to fight in a 6 rounder. However, the 23 year old had other ideas as he stopped Rae in the 2nd round, sending his fans into raptures.

“I thought I would have felt more nervous against Montieth, but with Mark Tibbs’ preparation having covered every eventuality, I was very confident. I couldn’t have asked for anything better on my debut, and having a first round knockout gave me the opportunity to fight two weeks later and really jump starts my career.”

“I was very pleased with that performance against Joe Rae. I tried to work behind my jab more and set my shots up and it worked. Fighting a late substitute wasn’t a problem. I was in very good shape for that fight due to another great training camp, so the opponent didn’t matter.” He says confidently.

Legendary East London trainers and farther and son duo Jimmy Tibbs and Mark Tibbs have led Buglioni to his professional successes. Both, fighter and trainer seem to be forging an ideal partnership that they hope will bring success throughout their service together. Speaking about how he became involved with the Tibbs family and the future of the partnership, Buglioni sounded in high spirits.

“I went to the TKO Gym for a sparring session with Billy Joe Saunders when I was preparing for the ABA’s.” He narrates. “Mark saw something in me and asked me to come down for a taster session. After one session we clicked. I already knew about Mark & Jimmy’s great reputation and had seen how many fighters they had taken to top level. I also witnessed the improvement of Billy Joe Saunders first hand having sparred him on many occasions. It is apparent how good as trainers they are.”

“I would say his (Mark Tibbs) attention to detail is what separates him from the rest. He doesn’t miss a trick. He’s also very in-tune with his fighters, he knows when I’m feeling good even before I do, so he’ll ease me off before I peak. Same as when I feel tired, he rests me because he’s seen and done it all before. It’s very reassuring. We’ve also got a very close bond which means there is a lot of trust between us.”

Our lengthy chat was coming to an end, but before it was over “Wise Guy Buglioni” was clear in stating his future plans that he has mapped out and intends to stick to. One thing that stuck out when interviewing the young prospect is the humility and knowledge he has when speaking on his future. Not getting carried away, Buglioni lists aims that are realistic and will keep him grounded throughout his journey.

“Boxing is a very hard sport and I try not to look too far into the future, by concentrating on my next fight I stay focused. I consider the fight in hand the most important and that is how it shall remain. In the back of my mind I am aiming to win domestic titles in the next few years and then hopefully go from there. However with every level you raise the competition and the fights are tougher, so I am making sure the hard work and experience is done prior to each step-up.”

“There are a few up and coming fighters at the moment with high profiles in and around my weight division, who I think will be found out fairly early on in the pro ranks. That’s if I don’t get to them first. Currently now my next fight is scheduled for the end of November. I’m waiting on confirmation, but have already started my training camp. ‘Team Buglioni’ will be the first to know on”

Finally, Buglioni wanted to give a special message to his loyal and loud following. It’s an aspect that has played a big part in defining his campaign.

“I owe a debt of gratitude to my great friends and family. The fantastic atmosphere created by Team Buglioni seems to be a very special thing that is gaining momentum with every fight. I would like to thank all of the support and I look forward to having them by my side as we build up towards Title fights.”

For those who have never heard of the 23 year old. “Wise Guy” states this:

“If you haven’t heard of me yet, you will do soon. I am come forward fighter, I like to throw a lot of punches and put the pressure on my opponent. I’m fit and strong so I like to impose my pace. But I am working on movement, blocking and counter punching all the time, so I become a more rounded fighter. I wouldn’t say I’m a one trick pony though. I was able to adapt in the amateurs for different opponents and I’ll do the same in the pro game. Team Buglioni will be more than happy to welcome you into its ranks.”

There is no doubt this man is extremely talented. With the skill, the humility and the ability to meet pressure and stay grounded, there is no doubt that the sky is the limit for Frank Buglioni.

Kasim Aslam

Eyes on The Wise – September 14th 2012 Fight Report by Matthew Collett

Eyes on the Wise

It’s 8pm in Bethnal Green and what seems and sounds like half of North London are baring down on the twenty square foot of canvas that Frank ‘Wise Guy’ Buglioni has made his own. With still over an hour to go before the bell sounds the Buglioni balcony is bouncing already.

The ever growing network of Team Buglioni are poised to strike, as hungry and as passionate as the man himself; the chorus of war cries creating what can only be described as one of the most evocative and infectious atmospheres in professional sport today. Before the entrance music has a chance to come on the roof shudders from the resounding echo of the song everyone’s waiting to hear, no need for a seven nation army when there’s an army inside York Hall big enough to launch a verbal assault on any arena.

Buglioni emerges looking sharper than ever, punching the space in front of him as his opponent watches on. The big man from Belfast looks briefly up to the hoards on the balcony, head back in the ring an assured nod means he fancies his chances.

No sooner had the bell gone than the assured nod turned in to a distant memory. The stern focused eyes warped into grimace as he felt the power of Buglioni’s sharp jabs. Minutes later his knee was on the mat, an explosive right hand sending him over. One minute and a second knock down later and the Belfast boxer looked like he was hanging in for the bell, Buglioni determined to go to work with a mixture of fresh and accurate combinations.

Round two and North Londons newest star looked hell bent on showing his quality, firing on all cylinders he dispatched another fury of punches sending his opponent to the floor yet again. This time the referee had seen enough and he called for the stoppage. 6 – 0 for the wisest up and coming boxer in London, if not the country. Team Buglioni threw a few punches of its own throughout, chucking bucket loads of vocal fuel in to the fire and maintaining the infamous atmosphere that’s becoming so renowned when the Wise Guy’s about.

No doubt big things are in store for Frank and with a following that would travel far and wide to fly the Team Buglioni banner, the world is his proverbial oyster. But the young boxer is in no rush and under the watchful eye of Mark and Jimmy Tibbs the road to glory will be a measured, timely route – one we’re all looking forward to following.

Getting Wise to #TeamBuglioni – An Article by Matthew Collett

Since turning pro last year I think it would be fair to say that Buglioni’s support has had almost as much positive coverage as the man himself. Ever present, ever vocal and infectiously compelling, Team Buglioni are the siege of support that cheers every damaging hook, celebrates every sharp jab and in turn noisily jeer the opponent’s every movement from the minute they enter the arena.

But Team Buglioni isn’t just the chorus of dapper young men you see on the cameras cunningly giving new life to old football chants. Behind the tight jeans and the bravado you’ll find an intricate network of close knit friends, family, work colleagues and people that genuinely and I mean genuinely, want to see Frank do well. We all believe the best way that we can give support is to create an atmosphere and let him know that we’re right there in it with him. After all, an obstacle shared is an obstacle halved… and if you can halve a super middleweight you’re only really boxing a 38kg fighter, so there’s the intricate mathematical purpose to our presence as well.

Let’s be honest though, Frank makes it easy for us to support him – a composed fighter with educated punch combinations in the ring the victories seem to be coming with enjoyment. Couple this with his equally composed and educated post-fight interviews the personable gent from North London is quickly becoming the poster boy of pro boxing.
Frank has always been quick to compliment his unique following and his unassuming nature only serves to endear him further to the wider boxing community.

There’s something overwhelmingly affable about the ‘Wise Guy’ which leads Team Buglioni to advocate a truly unique commodity in the boxing world – a boxer that has as much potential outside the ring as they do inside it.

Team Buglioni in ‘party mode’ after Buglioni scores a 1st round TKO at the Royal Albert Hall.

Healthy Eating

This post is dedicated to the many people who have asked me about diet plans and eating the right foods.

As my trainer Mark Tibbs always states; ‘You are what you eat’ and this couldn’t be more appropriate to those who participate in a weight categorized sport such as boxing. But eating healthy should not be reserved strictly for athletes. I think that everyone should strive to eat properly not just for appearances and aesthetics but for general well-being and functionality.

I have decided to put together a basic diet plan with a few of my essentials and a typical daily intake to give you a basic idea of my diet. This is by no means the definitive diet plan and you should always do as you see fit for yourself, i simply offer an example of what i may eat in a typical day, which, i have tried and tested and deemed to work pretty well.

My fighting weight is 12st (Super Middleweight), and whats known as my training weight is 12st 8lbs. In kg’s it is roughly 76.5 and 80kg respectively. So during training my diet plan is to maintain 12st 8lbs and keep my body fueled for vigorous training. Whereas during weight making my diet plan will look considerably different. What i share with you, will be the ‘training’ diet plan. – I will discuss the weight making diet at a later date!

Breakfast 7.30am : 2  eggs (poached) on brown toast (no butter), Bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk/water with Honey & mixed chopped fruit.

Lunch 12.00pm : Chicken (breast), wholemeal pasta and mixed salad (tomato, onion, pepper, spinach, rocket, basil) – keep dressing to a minimum, used good quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Dinner 6.00/7.00pm: Salmon (not fried), brown rice and mixed vegetables (steamed).

10.00pm – Protein/Evening Recovery drink.

Pre Workout: (apart from 1st thing am training, which on an empty stomach will burn more fat and increase metabolism) Banana, 45 minutes prior to a session or any type of protein shot style supplement to be taken in accordance with the products guidelines.

During Workouts: An Electrolyte based drink, (Gatorade 02 perform).

Post Workout: Recovery Drinks containing a mixture of protein and carbohydrates, try to time it so that you wait no longer than half an hour before consuming food.

Snacks; Nut/Cereal Bars, Fruit, low fat yoghurt/milkshakes.

Essentials; keep yourself hydrated with water throughout the day. Stay away from fast food/crisps/cakes/sweets/chocolate etc!

I hope this gives you a rough idea of the right foods to eat, it is only a basic outline of my diet, but can hopefully be used as a starting point. Good luck and bon appétit!

The Wiseguy



The New Site

Hi all

Welcome to my new website. I hope you are all happy with the site and the way it has been put together. I owe a lot of thanks to Pete & Sean at Staxoweb who I think have done a marvellous job on the website. So to all those out there looking at building and producing sites, contact these guys first! Id also like to take this opportunity to mention my Agency company; William Storey Management who are doing a fantastic job in raising my profile and looking after me outside of the ring.

The site is a platform for anyone who wishes to communicate with myself and my out of ring management agency. Also available from here you will be able to see exclusive press releases and interviews as well as media from training camps and fights. I will also be blogging as much as possible and answering as many of your questions as I can.

This site is very much a work in progress and more features will be added in due course, for example the on-line store is very nearly complete and we will be able to start selling the much requested ‘Team Buglioni’ t-shirts as well as a few other items that are in the design process!

I thank you all for your kind support and look forward to hearing your views, points and opinions!

Kind Regards,

Frank ‘Wise Guy’ Buglioni