Schrock Cabinet Reviews – Prices and Quality

What is your definition of a perfect cabinet? For us, it would be the one with the best construction and stunning look along with intelligent functionality just like what we look for in Manwah furniture. Do you know the specialty of the Amish legacy? They have always been dedicated to crafting with utmost detailing and care. Schrock takes forward the same legacy with an exceptional commitment to the cabinets they offer.

The perception of classic beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder! Schrock spoils you with choices when it comes to wood, finish types and tones. The Schrock cabinet reviews have stated that behind the gorgeously crafted exterior lies, it is surprisingly smart functionality that will not let an inch of your space go waste!

Why Should Schrock be your Highest Priority when it Comes to Cabinets?

Schrock Cabinet Semi Custom

  • Schrock Cabinetry, at its core, wants to make your life a little easier by helping you improve your home with it is customized cabinets.
  • Their cabinets are a perfect combination of beauty with brains! Their cabinets are an amalgamation of elegance and strength with superior performance and are much more than just pure storage.
  • They believe in updating themselves with the latest trends and continuously innovate to meet all needs of the current generation without overlooking its traditional values.

The Schrock cabinet reviews have stated that dealers and suppliers are assumed to be of undeniably high standards to make the process smoother for you.

Want to make your life a little more organized? Schrock cabinetry, with its world-class, smart solutions built on a strong foundation of premium craftsmanship and five-star service, is sure to make you fall in love with it. They offer you endless options that can level-up the style game and make it look trendier than ever!

Schrock Cabinetry has consistently maintained the tradition of creating perfectly crafted, eye-catching cabinetry for modern homeowners

Schrock Cabinet Styles and Features

Schrock provides a diverse range of cabinets, but their specialty is kitchen cabinet. Just not standard cabinet doors, over the years, they have created multiple options in design and themes. According to Schrock cabinet reviews, the three most popular types of Schrock cabinets are Base, Tall, and Vanity. Sink cabinets or microwave cabinet, they have a practical solution to your every need.

Schrock Cabinet Materials

If you are spending so much on something, we hope you wish it to be permanent. Schrock will provide you the broadest range of construction materials so that your cabinets even outlive you!

Some of the wood materials they offer are:

Schrock Cabinet Review

Furniture board or particleboard: A unique blend of real wood shavings with resin as a binding material refined and amalgamated under conditions of extreme pressure and heat that, according to Schrock cabinet reviews, give it the best durability.

Plywood: A panel that is a combination of veneer layers and a core of lumber and particleboard with MDF and hardboard pressed with adhesive to provide the maximum strength.

Density Medium Fiberboard: Hardwood and softwood residues are broken down into wood fibers and subjected to high heat and pressure to form a homogeneous, durable board.

Thermofoil: MDF core is pressed with a PVC foil with the help of a flexible membrane that has been powerfully heated to make it long-lasting.

Schrock uses the Amish methods to craft extra-durable units to provide you the best value for money.

Features of Schrock Cabinets

The expert craftsmen at Schrock take the effort of building hand-crafted cabinets to provide your cabinets just the stability that you desire. No matter whatever is your choice of material or design, their cabinets are built to these standard specifications:

  • Bottoms and Tops ½.”
  • Backs 3/8”
  • Sides ½”
  • Face frames ¾.”
  • Drawers and Rollbacks ¾.”
  • Drawers are designed with the “Smart Stop” feature integrated with a hidden self-stop mechanism.
  • Adjustable shelves ¾.”

Cabinet Door Styles offered by Schrock:

Were you obsessing over the door style of your new cabinet? The Schrock cabinet reviews have hinted that you will fully customize your cabinet door as per your preferences. Here are your four choices:

Raised Panel: The panel located at the center is raised.

Recessed or Flat Panel: The panel at the center is lower than the exteriors.

Full Overlay: The face of the Entire frame will be covered with the door of the cabinet.

Partial Overlay: Only a portion of the frame is covered with the cabinet door, and the rest of the exposed portion of the door matches the door.

Still not enough choices? If you are looking for trendier and a bit more unique options, make sure you check out their Specialist Cabinet Door collection. This collection has the latest 45 out of the box styles with elements of aluminum and glass in the designs so that you can express your personality through your interiors even better.

Wide range of wood types offered by Schrock Cabinets:

Schrock Cabinet Laminated

Love everything about your cabinet customized? Schrock cabinet reviews have hinted that offer semi-customized cabinets so that you could pick what best suits your aesthetics. The varieties of woods on their catalog are:

  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Pure Style
  • Rustic Alder
  • Hickory
  • Oak
  • Thermofoil

Want your cabinet to be different from everyone else’s? Each of these wood variety in light, dark and medium shades will add a twist of a completely different look and finish. Getting your cabinet built by the craftsmen of Schrock is like designing yourself your dream cabinet!

Schrock brings you three glamorous series of Kitchen cabinets to stun you:

Want your imagination of “the look” of your kitchen to come to life? The Schrock cabinet reviews have stated that Schrock has taken its traditional inspirations from its Amish neighbors infusing in the Contemporary charm. Schrock’s semi-custom cabinets with its wide range of choices will get as close to your vision of styling your space.

They add that warmth, texture, and aesthetics to your home that will be reflective of your uniqueness. Customize the look of your cabinets with gorgeous wooden legs, feet, moldings, and a lot more. For all the busy working women out there, a Schrock cabinet is your best friend! The entire ultra-smart functionality of the cabinets with features like self-closing drawers will blow away your mind.

Now you can pick the best semi-custom cabinetry for your kitchen from the three distinct series to upgrade yourself to the best:

Boutique Series:

Want to shop for cabinets like picking up your favorite designer wear from the latest collection in the boutique? Here is your dream come true! Inspired from distinct tastes and interests, this selection of beautifully crafted cabinets will be the highlight of your kitchen’s décor. The door styles are available in full overlay construction along with beaded inset if you crave for a complete “Furniture Look.” The Boutique Series Collection will offer you a comprehensive selection of paints that are inspired by fashion and royal finishes that are velvet smooth to the touch and is bound to mesmerize you.

Trademark Series:

Fan of sophisticated styling with intelligent design? The Schrock cabinet reviews seem to be in love with this series with its ultra-smart storage solution, and robust construction with a twist of eye-grabbing hues will add both to the beauty and functionality of your kitchen. Taking its inspiration to make lives easier for working mothers, this collection of elegant looks feature raised center panels, straight lines, beautifully crafted arches, and contemporary slab will add that touch of “class” to your kitchen.

Entra Series:

Not a big lover of traditional aesthetics? This ultra-modern cabinetry series with a trendy, fashionable sense of styling will make you fall in love with it. Taking inspiration from “Less is More,” it is subtle detailing like the French-cut miter or elegant lines of the Shaker Style and full rails will be a perfect match for your quirky, bold personality. The Schrock cabinet reviews have stated that this series without over-doing, just with its essence of charming simplicity, allows you to have fun with the theme of your kitchen interior.

Some of the most popular Schrock Cabinet designs:


Everyone loves their space to look alluring and warm! This customized look created from Maple wood cabinets is just the one you need. The wall cabinetry is highlighted at unexpected places to achieve the “Minimal Banquette Look.” The Schrock cabinet reviews have stated that this beautifully painted kitchen island has a soothing to the eye hue that makes your functional-looking kitchen look even more fabulous.


Want a comfortable, casual space that still looks edgy enough to give a surprise of elegance to begin your morning with? This black bathroom cabinets characterized by vessel sinks and thin strips of nickel hardware is the most “Understated Look” you will ever find.


Want your space to look like a show-off of classy art? This gorgeous cabinet fitted with sliding shelves to make the entire setup easy and breezy is your perfect spot to highlight beautiful décor elements. The generous makers have also fitted it with a sink so that you could clean it up.


The secret of grabbing some eyeballs with the look of your kitchen is to have just that one or two details in the design structure that can create or destroy its uniqueness. This Schrock cabinet reviews show that people are obsessed with Laminate Kitchen cabinet with Textured Pure Style and creatively located details exudes rustic charm.


Reflect your bold personality with this contemporary cabinet featuring slab doors that are sleek and have dramatizing contrast popping finish and ooze the modern ethnicity. Its fireplace with integrated lighting will make the ambiance of the interior even more catchy.


Love a touch of classy elegance to your cabinets? This cabinet has luxurious detailing, and utility cabinets that are matched to the tone theme with open shelving at the center can look beautiful even in compact spaces. The Cherry wood has a hue of warm tone that will give your room a luxurious vibe.


Have you noticed how interior design magazines always hint at having a “drop zone” beside your entrance? This entry cabinet has a Maple Thatch Finish and provides intelligent storage with plenty of drawers, easily accessible hooks, and a dreamy seating area.


If you are confused just like us whether to pick just one cabinet door style or have fun with mix-matching, this cabinet is your savior. Customize your favorite hue paired with a panel/raise panel to add that sense of confidence and achieve the “Old World Elegance Look.”


Want a beautiful contrast to the light-shade flooring of your room to create a dramatic effect and organic finish with your cabinet? The Schrock cabinet reviews have pointed to the fact that this grey laundry cabinet with touches of Juniper Berry on Maple creates personalized highlight points throughout the room and is a genius combination of storage and countertop space with hanging area for clothes that make it a perfect choice for busy home-owners.


This Sullivan Maple cabinet with a Coconut Finish is decorated with pretty moldings and intricate sophistication. The understated rich, wood tone is a refreshing twist, and a raised counter is your mini spot to entertain your guests.


This heavenly combination of Cherry Coffee and Amaretto Crème is your weekend escape to a sip of the cocktail. You can pick from different door styles to reflect your styling sense adorned with pretty accents to create a perfect serving and hangout spot.


Schrock is quite affordable, even for the middle class, when it comes to pricing. Semi-custom cabinets usually burn a hole in the pocket, but these cabinets have a mid-price range. For such a luxurious brand with such exceptional high-end quality that has taken its inspiration from the Amish craft, the price is considerably low. If you are one of those who have these cabinets installed then you are more than welcome to write for us.

Schrock Cabinets Warranty

Schrock has its values grounded on the “Forever Promise,” which stands for Beauty, Strength, Function, and Performance. The guarantee period covers almost every other door type and feature.

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