5 Amazing Benefits of Garage Conversion for Homeowners

In most American households, garages have become nothing more than a junkyard with broken recliners and appliances. You may also be experiencing the same with your garage. Well, it’s time to think about converting your garage into a more useful living space.

Your garage conversion into an extra room can be one of the best things you do to your home. Moreover, you can also build an ADU unit out of your garage. Converting your garage will add value to your home and increase the functionality of your space.

Below are some of the amazing benefits of utilizing your garage as a living space that will help you decide on garage conversion:

Extra Space:

Probably the most amazing benefit you will get from converting your garage into a living space is the extra square feet. It can really help if your house is in a rather small area and you have a growing family.

You will definitely need more storage to accommodate your family. Also, it comes in handy when guests come over for a night’s stay or two.

In recent times, property values have been skyrocketing, and garage conversion has become the top priority of homeowners. Also, the updates in Los Angeles ADU ordinance have allowed homeowners to add ADUs to their houses.

Personalized Storage:

Converting your garage will spare you one extra room in the house. You will finally have a space to store all your personalized stuff, or you can use it however you want. In most households, there are usually piles of boxes sitting in the corners and in the Kemper cabinets.

With an extra room at your hand, you can store sensitive and valuable belongings in it, that too in an arranged manner. It will save you some space in your closets and help you get organized with your storage.

All the clutter in one place can lead to a messy house, and you will always be looking for your belongings here and there. With garage conversion, you will no longer have this headache.

Added Value to Your Home:

Not that you want to sell your home or something, but garage conversion will add considerable value to your home. According to experts and realtors, converting your garage can increase your home value by as much as 15 to 20%.

Don’t just think of your garage as just another room. For realtors, it can be a playroom, studio, gym, or also office. Plan and execute your garage conversion in a good manner to get a strong return on investment if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Cost Effective:

When you need some extra space in your house, you plan a single or two-story extension. But let us tell you, it can be a huge burden on your budget. Garage conversion, on the other hand, proves much more cost-effective than loft conversions and story extensions.

Let’s put it in a simple way. A garage already has an infrastructure with walls, ceiling, and floor. It doesn’t require its execution from scratch. All you have to do is make some arrangements with the furniture or paint some walls, and you are good to go.

Moreover, you can also choose between full or part conversion. Some folks prefer to leave a portion of their garage for storage, and it is completely fine. For a large garage, you can divide it into two portions where one portion will be used as a living space and the other one for storage.

Easy Access to Your Home:

Building an ADU is absolutely effective and excellent. However, one of the greatest things about investing in a garage conversion is that you won’t have to go outside to access the other room. If you have an attached garage, you can simply walk into your room.

This is especially convenient in bad weather and emergency situations. You will never have to worry about someone breaking into your garage. Moreover, your belongings will be safe and under 24/7 surveillance.


Converting your garage is a convenient and effective approach to have extra space and save some money on home extensions. Also, it saves you the cost of buying a new home to adjust to your growing family. Next time you think about buying a new home or building a story extension, do give some thought to the garage conversion.

Catherine Ross

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