Top Tips for First Time Landlords Preparing Their Property for Lettings

One of the most lucrative and, for some people, engaging and fun ways to wisely invest your money is to buy property for either temporary letting before flipping the house or else deliberately planning to become a landlord of several properties and elevating to Costco flooring and better choice of furniture.

So, if you are just embarking upon your new profession, or indeed hobby, or renting property, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading for some top tips for first-time landlords preparing their property for lettings.

Make Sure to Get Everything Written Down

Although some people, perhaps mistakenly, rely far too heavily on verbal contracts and a simple handshake, a lease is an important and legal document that you must draw up as accurately and timely as possible.

Ensure that the lease that you and your first renter sign is a comprehensive document, outlining your official policies regarding things like noise complaints, late rent payments, subletting, and your policy on allowing pets.

Make Sure You Are Well-Versed in Housing Law

Across the United States, there is a myriad of different laws and changes to the laws that occur when it comes to letting a property wholly dependent on the state in which you reside.

It is more than likely that you will be required to apply for an official Certificate of Occupancy, so make sure that you read and understand this document from cover to cover as often. It will update you on the housing laws in your state.

Furthermore, you must remember, as a first-time landlord, that such laws and policies are almost guaranteed to change and be adapted over time, so be sure to make an effort to remain completely on top of such changes.

Make Sure Every Unit & Including Equipment, Are Functioning Properly

Not only do you have an ethical responsibility to provide functioning and efficient items and white goods within your property, but it is also a legal obligation, and health and safety laws are, as ever, of top priority.

Conduct a full service on the property’s boiler, and as the central heating system of any home can be one of the most expensive things to repair and indeed replace, visit established suppliers who will be able to supply comprehensive advice on the best radiator units for your property.

Make Sure to Take & Save Before & After Photographs

Finally, the fourth tip for first-time landlords who are committed to providing a safe, warm and comfortable property with Brookhaven cabinets for their tenants is to take a thorough video log, or else plenty of photographs,

Naturally, perfectly acceptable wear and tear on things like the carpets throughout the property and even little scuffs and grazes on wall runners and corners are all to be expected, but any actual damage your property suffers should be recorded. When your first tenant eventually moves on, you will be able to deduct the cost of repair from this damage from their initial damage deposit.

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