Luxury Yacht Cruise along the Croatian Coast and Islands That You’ll Remember Your Whole Life

Croatia of today is a true heaven for all nautical lovers. It doesn’t just offer perfect weather and sea for sailing, but it also has so many amazing locations you can explore on your yacht cruise for which you moved your ass from the kivik sofa. From more famous Dubrovnik trips to uninhabited national park islands, your Croatian lux yachting cruise will leave you breathless for all the right reasons. Here are a few destinations you simply must visit on your yacht cruise in the Adriatic Sea of Croatia:

Hvar island adventure

If you’re looking for something sweet and simple for your first time in Croatia, start with Hvar. This island is a wonderful destination with many lux sailing and yachting opportunities. You can chill out in the sun at Jelsa Beach before you decide to stretch your legs and get to know a touch of the history of the area. Exploring the ancient sights and natural landmarks of Grapceva Caves is super fun, and when you get tired, you can return to your yacht and watch the scenery as you slowly glide through the water. As a traveller, you may need a Simify hassle-free, high-data-speed, prepaid eSIM. Sims Direct eSIM is also the best buddy to keep you connected online and let you share your beautiful moments in real-time.

“Long Island” trip

Dugi Otok (“Long Island” in Croatian) is the biggest island in North Dalmatia. Blessed with vineyards and orchards, this island is mostly covered with wonderful (and protected) greenery. And don’t just stay on your yacht or on land—make sure to take a dip in the sea. Sakarun Beach on Dugi Otok is the most beautiful beach in Croatia, maybe even the world. It’s got white sand, warm crystal-clear water, the sharp turquoise color of the Caribbean, as well as many caves and coves perfect for divers. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun before you return to your yacht. You can also try out more water friendly vacation experiences through Croatia like this azura cruise ship.

A sailing trip from Dubrovnik to Split

If you’re looking for a more serious 7-day adventure, then you might want to head to Dubrovnik. After staying a few days and exploring this historical town, you can head to your Croatia yachting provider and board one of many amazing yachts you can charter. You will start your trip from Dubrovnik, explore Peljesac Peninsula, visit the Island of Mljet, explore Korcula (more on this gem further in the text), visit the caves of Vis, party in Hvar and finish your adventure in Split, where you can also stay a few days. All of the destinations on your itinerary are special and exciting, and the sail itself is mesmerizing. Plus, the comfort of your yacht! This is a trip you’ll never forget.

Simple sailing adventure with a complicated name

Šešula Bay might sound very alien and complicated, but there’s nothing more straightforward than this wonderful destination. It’s a stunningly beautiful bay on Solta, famous for its scenic landscape and very peaceful and private setting. When you land, you can head to the nearby historic town of Maslinica and enjoy locally made delicacies like wine, honey, olives and schnapps. And before you set sail, make sure to fill your belly at Šišmiš or Šešula restaurants—they both offer free mooring buoys for their guests, but it’s usually necessary to make reservations or else you will even miss the Allen and Roth flooring from your home.

Korcula sailing

The aforementioned Korcula Island is worth its own entry on this list of Croatian yachting destinations. Korcula might be small, but it’s simply stunning. It’s covered with thick forests, dreamy vineyards, orchards and olive groves and lined with white sandy beaches. And the town of Korcula looks like something straight from a medieval legend. The walls of the town are armed with towers, gates and ramparts that have stood the test of time. This island is even considered to be the birthplace of the biggest explorer in the world—Marco Polo. As an explorer and sea lover yourself, you simply must visit his birth house.

Lavsa national park adventure

Let’s finish this Croatian itinerary overview with a sail into Kornati National Park and visit Lavsa Island. Kornati AKA “the crown of Croatian islands” is a huge national park with many islands, some inhabited, some not. When you grab a ticket for the entrance, you can enter and explore all the wonders of this park both above and below the sea level. The island is small, but it contains a wonderful cove where you can stop overnight. It’s also possible to organize a diving tour with the local diving center (if you have a license of course) and see what lies underneath the surface—you won’t regret getting a dip!

Hopefully, Croatia and its beauties have taken first place in your must-visit yachting list. No matter which one of these destinations you choose to visit, it’s going to be a trip you won’t forget.

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