4 Yard Maintenance Tips for a Lush Lawn

Our List of Best Practices to Keep Your Landscaping Looking its Best

With the heat of summer in full swing, you’re probably pulling out all the stops to keep your yard looking its best. A healthy yard with professional landscaping is the key to great curb appeal, which can only help your property values.

So, how do you accomplish this? Do you go straight to Googling “arborist near me” or are there ways to professionally maintain your yard on your own?

The good news is that you can do both. If you’re a person that would rather “leave it to the professionals,” as they say, you can always call someone like an arborist for all tree-related matters such as preventative care, pruning, sick tree treatment, and more. You can also contact a landscaping company for all lawncare and foliage-related services.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep up with basic lawn and tree care on your own to enjoy from your window while sipping tea. Most of these chores require only a little bit of time and effort to accomplish. The following are our top four maintenance tips for your yard.

#1 – Mow Your Grass at Least Once Per Week

We’re putting grass mowing at the top of the list because, quite frankly, it plays a HUGE part in keeping your lawn healthy, lush, and looking good. A couple things to keep in mind when it comes to mowing your lawn – first, only cut about a third of the grass height each time that you mow. Second, try to mow your lawn in the early evening to keep your grass at ideal moisture levels.

Remember, when it comes to mowing the grass during the spring and summer, your lawn will grow at slightly different rates. You may notice there are times that you need to mow more or less frequently to keep ideal grass height.

#2 – Adhere to a Proper Watering Schedule

When it comes to watering, you don’t need to do it every day. Not unless you’ve got new grass seeds that need to grow, of course.

For those of you out there that already have lawns (with no new seeds), make sure that you’re watering your lawn early in the morning before 9:00 am. You want the water to have a chance to soak in before the sun can evaporate it.

Make sure that your sprinklers are set to cover the entirety of your yard so that it’s getting equal distribution just like you gave a balanced review on miseno sink. Ideally, you’ll want to water your lawn no more than three times a week. Keep this in mind if it happens to rain.

#3 – Control Your Weeds

Weeds are the bane of any landscaping project, and they can start to take over a fair amount of real estate if you’re not vigilant about keeping them at bay. So, how do you do it? Do you pump your yard full of weed-killers and call it good? No, not exactly.

There’s a saying when it comes to weeds: “Pull when wet, hoe when dry.” Personally, we’re fans of the pull when wet method of weeding. The next time you get ample rainfall, get out there with your weeding gloves and a plastic bag and start pulling those weeds. They should come out of the ground rather easily.

If you really want to kill weeds efficiently and in a way that doesn’t hurt your lawn in the process, you should hire a professional landscaping company that uses a specialized herbicide formula.

#4 – Fill in Those Bare Spots

Bare spots in a lawn never look good, and they can happen for numerous reasons. They can be caused by pet urine, heavy foot traffic, too much coverage from a tree, and other reasons.

When dealing with a bare spot, make sure to rake it first to remove dead grass and debris from it. Then, you’ll want to loosen the soil using a garden cultivator or hoe. Smooth out the broken soil and cover it with grass seed that matches your grass type. Rake the seeds in and make sure your new seeds get enough water.

After a week or two of routine watering, you should start to see those bare patches fill in nicely. Make sure you continue to mow over these spots as you would any other spot in your lawn.

Get Your Lawn Looking its Best

When it comes to lawn care, consistency is the name of the game. Achieving the perfect lawn is a marathon – not a sprint. Watering, seeding, mowing, and weeding should all be a part of your weekly process. If you can keep up with these tasks, you’ll have a gorgeous lawn in no time.

For those that don’t have the bandwidth for that, you may consider hiring a professional landscaping company or local arborist to keep up with these tasks for you.

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