Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary with These Simple Ideas

According to research conducted by Hammonds Furniture, the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms has increased significantly since before 2020’s pandemic and lockdowns; we are on average spending and extra 2 hours and 10 minutes in the bedroom nightly, and an extra 34 minutes sleeping. With our bedrooms being so crucial to our comfort and restfulness – and in light of our increased usage of our bedrooms – it might be a good idea to think about ways in which to improve them. So with this in mind, here are some simple ideas you can use to transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve.

Choose a New Colour Palette

One of the easiest ways to refresh any room is to introduce splashes of new colour. Think about what kind of space you want your bedroom to be – if you like the idea of a cosy room in which to hunker down, spring for darker, smokier colours like purple or burgundy. If you like the idea of a bright, refreshing room to become yourself in on a morning, think about light blues and greens. A feature wall behind your headboard is an excellent way to create a different sense of space. Add a fresh piece of furniture like a recliner chair or a full-size mirror.

Rethink Your Storage

In order to realise your bedroom as a sanctuary, you may need to address your storage situation. Clothes bulging from drawers and under the bed do not make for a zen and welcoming space. Think about the space you have available, and whether or not you can fit new or bespoke wolf cabinets in. Consider replacing older pieces of bedroom furniture, in line with your new colour palette – out with the old plywood bedside table, in with a chic dressing table that sparks joy.

Let Nature In

It’s amazing, the effect a few houseplants can have on your mental health. Not only are their mental benefits to bringing plant life into your spaces, but physical ones too – they can purify the air in your bedroom, as well as providing natural scents and colour to an otherwise fabricated space. Tending to them introduces a new dynamic to your room as well – one of care, and of calm.

Keep Technology Out

Just as you have let plants in, it is time to push the tech out. Blue light has a powerful effect on the human brain, messing with circadian rhythms, detrimentally affecting sleep and attentiveness, and ruining the vibe of your new sanctuary space. Make a point of charging phones, tablets and e-books in other rooms of the house, and reserving your bedroom for one task only – relaxation.

Find the Right Mattress

All of these endeavours are futile if you’re still struggling to sleep on a lumpy mattress that does you no favours. The final piece of the puzzle is your mattress, so carefully consider what it is you need in a mattress. Softer mattresses, while comfortable in the short term, can cause back-ache from lack of support. Memory-foam mattresses, while hard to get used to and a little firm, offer excellent support and can greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

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