Home Maintenance Tasks to Stay On Top Of

The annual cost of maintaining a home in the U.S. stands at around 1% of its current market value, with some of the most common tasks undertaken including caring for the lawn, replacing old or faulty wiring, plumbing issues, and re-roofing and if you are leaving in a dorm room then the change of wall decor is necessary. Although some homes may cost thousands to maintain yearly, doing so can help prevent far bigger expenses down the line, since small flaws cost much less to fix than major systemic or equipment breakdowns. To ensure your home remains comfortable and cosy as it ages, stay on top of the following tasks.

Ensuring Plumbing is Up to Scratch

Your plumbing should be thoroughly checked once a year since leaks can have a host of negative effects on your home’s value and your family’s health and wellbeing. Having a history of water damage can compromise your negotiations if you wish to sell your home. Leaks can additionally cause the growth of mold and fungi, cause structural damage to drywall and other structures, and hamper your indoor air quality. When having your plumbing professionally checked, you should also ensure that your drains aren’t’ slowed down by partial clogs, since these can lead to bigger, messier clogs. When it comes to drain cleaning Indianapolis, Chicago, Missoula, and other cities with cold winters can have more clogging problems so if winters are cold to freezing where you live, check your pipes and ensure that your drains do fulfil their function optimally.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

All HVAC systems should be checked and serviced twice a year, with technicians cleaning machines, checking the state of ductwork, and servicing A/C compressors and furnaces. With professional AC installation in the first place, being done correctly and checked, you only have to maintain your HVAC but make no mistake this is not a set it and forget it option. There are many additional tasks that may be involved in keeping your HVAC in top working condition. These include regularly checking and replacing filters, clearing dust and debris from unit exteriors, eliminating clogs, and checking refrigerant levels. You should also clean your outdoor condensing unit at the start of every season. Do so gently, avoiding cleaning equipment that is too powerful (such as pressure washers), as they can harm the unit.

Maintaining Your Smoke Alarm

Between the years 2007 and 2011, almost 67% of all deaths caused by home fires occurred in abodes without fire detections, reports the National Fire Protection Association. Ensure your smoke detector has working batteries and continue using smart detectors throughout the home. These boast features such as voice alert systems, smartphone alerts, flashing lights, and more. Moreover, they send you a phone message when it is time to change your detector’s batteries.

Testing Your Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

This valve enables your water heater to release excessive heat or pressure. Keeping it in good condition is vital to avoid damaging breakages. To test the temperature relief system valve, lift it up. When you do, the attached brass stem should lift as well, and you should notice hot water flowing from the drain pipe. If very little water comes out, you could need a new valve. If your valve is working well, raise and lower it to clear dust from the apparatus.

The more often you pay attention to typical home maintenance tasks like plumbing leaks, smoke detector batteries, and drains, the less you are likely to spend per year on big maintenance repairs. Something as simple as checking your water heater pressure relief valve, for instance, can avoid a messy explosion. Maintaining expensive installations such as your HVAC system, meanwhile, will ensure they work at an optimal level for many years, thus cutting down the expense of total replacement.

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