Cindy Crawford Furniture Reviews – Home Collection Styles and Quality

Cindy Crawford has a great sense of design, styles, fabrics, colors, and quality, which she puts on the furniture. The Cindy Crawford Sectionals are designed in such a way that they fulfill all the needs of their customers and never let them down. Many of their customers feel that the features which Cindy Crawford Sectional provides cannot be provided from any other retailer. Also, they are making home collection lines with good quality. We have provided Cindy Crawford Sectional Reviews also for your better understanding of the products.

Where is Cindy Crawford Furniture made?

All the Cindy Crawford Sectionals are made in the United States only. They are mainly manufactured in Amory and Mississippi. Cindy Crawford Sectional has recently upgraded its facilities to make these products. These products are made with different designs, and each product has some unique features. Cindy Crawford Sectional is manufactured in such a way which satisfies their customer and hence has gained a considerable number of customers. Many customers have given Cindy Crawford Sectional Reviews, which will help you to know about the products in detail.

What Products Cindy Crawford Offers?

Cindy Crawford Furniture Review

All of you must have heard that Cindy Crawford Furniture is a brand name for furniture. They make and manufacture good quality furniture such as sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers, and many more things. These products are produced mainly to satisfy people’s requirements. The products are made according to different rooms. So, there are different sofas when you need to purchase sofas for the living room and separate couches for your bedroom. Also, the quality of leather and other fabrics is good enough for an extended period.

Cindy Crawford Sectional Sofa

Cindy Crawford Furniture offers Sectional Sofas with a contemporary design that meets the modern requirements also. It has a Salento power reclining sectional collection with supple top grain leather. The power reclining buttons are hidden into the arms of the sofa and give an attractive appearance. We are listing some of the Cindy Crawford Sectional here. Also, we have added Cindy Crawford Sectional Reviews for your better understanding.

1. Cindy Crawford Home Salento Gray 7 Pc Leather Power Reclining Sectional

Cindy Crawford Furniture offers Sectional Sofa with pure leather material and a reclining footrest. This reclining footrest has a power button that is hidden under the arms of the sofa, providing comfort to your lifestyle. The Cindy Crawford Sectional Sofa has six seats with cushions. The body of these sofas is purely covered with leather with a hint of gray color, which can provide comfort to your busy lifestyle. It has six seats with gel-infused memory foam cushions and firm footrests with reclining feature.

2. Cindy Crawford Calvin Heights Sectional

This Cindy Crawford sectional is highly versatile and compatible. It offers a classy and contemporary look to the sectional. It is also elegant and attractively covered with pure leather material. It comes with 100% polypropylene cushions, which are long lasted. The color of this Cindy Crawford Sectional has a touch of oatmeal and gray. Also, it has a good and strong hardwood frame.

3. Cindy Crawford Calvin Heights Sapphire Microfiber Sectional

The Cindy Crawford Sectional offers premium design features which include sleek arms and hardwood frame. The quality of this Cindy Crawford Sectional is well-known. It has a hardwood frame that provides strength to Cindy Crawford Sectional, which offers long-lasting support. It also includes pillows that are 100% polyester, which provides comfort to your busy lifestyle.

Cindy Crawford Living Room Sets

Cindy Crawford Furnitures

For the living room, Cindy Crawford Furniture offers so many products such as Sofas, Ottoman, Love seats, Tables, Lamps, and Reclining chairs. All these products can be found in different colors and different fabrics and microfibers.

Each product will give a different look. Not only looks, but these products are made to provide comfort to people. Moreover, these products offer durability and warranty period of a limited period. These products are made with new and advanced technology such as recliners that can be folded back like a sleeper chair, and the footrest is made strong to provide comfort.

Cindy Crawford Recliners

When it comes to recliners, everyone wants to purchase one which can provide them relaxation and comfort. This is where Cindy Crawford Furniture comes into the picture. They offer different types of Recliner chairs with different ranges.

Cindy Crawford Sectional Reviews tells us that you can purchase any one of them according to your likes and dislikes, and all these chairs are at affordable rates. Not only this, but also these products are available for different styles, different colors, and even for different fabrics. The different materials are leather, microfiber and many others which you can find in their store.

Cindy Crawford Warranty Policy

Cindy Crawford Furniture has a warranty period of one year. This warranty covers all the defects and damages to the products within one year. However, you must read the warranty slip carefully as there are some things which are not included in the warranty period.

The leading supplier of Cindy Crawford Furniture, which is Rooms to go, has applied for superior forcefield protection on their products through which the fabrics and leather of the furniture are safe for a more extended period. However, you cannot be ensured that nothing is going to happen with your furniture as it depends on your use. So, read the warranty slip carefully to get more details.

Is Cindy Crawford Furniture Good Quality?

Cindy Crawford Furniture Sectional

The Cindy Crawford Sectionals are designed to provide comfort to the customers and has a broad range of products. The chairs and sleepovers have a strong footrest, which provides immediate comfort to your legs.

Moreover, the average height of these chairs and recliners are not very tall and hence gives a unique look to the furniture. The recliners are provided with gel-infused memory foam cushions, which are very delicate and soft. Also, the recliners that Rooms to go offer are one of the best-selling recliners in the United States.

Can Cindy Crawford Provide the Pricing Information?

No, Cindy Crawford Sectionals does not provide prices for the products. You can visit their retailer shops to check the prices. However, Rooms to go is the biggest retailer of Cindy Crawford Furniture, and you can visit their store to know the cost and quality of the Cindy Crawford Furniture and you can check the Cindy Crawford Sectional Reviews. The prices are not quoted anywhere but are available according to the specific furniture for which you need to visit their store.

Why Should one Purchase Cindy Crawford’s Furniture?

Well, this is because Cindy Crawford Furniture is manufacturing furniture for many years and has gained a considerable number of happy customers. Cindy Crawford makes sofas, recliner chairs, couches, tables, chairs, and many more furniture. Cindy Crawford also has a great sense of quality, design, and style, which she puts on her designs, making them different and unique.

Does Cindy Crawford Design Furniture?

Cindy Crawford designs furniture and cares for the fabrics and quality of the furniture which is being manufactured. Cindy Crawford has a great sense of design, styles, materials, colors, and quality, which she puts on the furniture. Rooms To go is one of the retailers which is associated with Cindy Crawford provides one of the best recliners and couches which are made to provide comfort and warmth to the customers. They have gained happy customers who claimed that the quality could not be matched with any other retailer.

Is Cindy Crawford Recliner Comfortable?

Yes, the recliners made by Cindy Crawford Furniture are comfortable. They make and manufacture good quality recliners with good quality cushions also. Not only this, but the cushions are also manufactured with gel-infused memory foam, which makes the cushions delicate and soft. The cushions are also spongy, which will make you feel comfortable when you take rest on them. The recliner has a tremendous folding capability, just like sleepovers, it bends backward when you will rest on the recliner.

How Can I Purchase any Product from Cindy Crawford Furniture?

Cindy Crawford Furniture Collection

You can buy any of Cindy Crawford Furniture either from shopping online from Amazon or by visiting any store. If you see any of their stores, you can check the price of the furniture, quality, and fabric of the furniture. You can also ask them for different materials and different colors in case you need it.

Also, it is easy to look for a specific product when you are visiting a store physically and not online. Because in that case, you can check everything manually about the furniture. Online shopping is suggested for those who cannot find their retailer store and are not able to purchase the furniture. In that case, they are suggested to look for the furniture which they need online.

Review Analysis

We are going to discuss various reviews that Cindy Crawford Furniture must get by selling their products from customers who are using them for a more extended period. There are always some people who will criticize the furniture, but we will be looking for both types of reviews as each furniture has its pros and cons.

So, here we are going to cover almost all details about the products which customers have targeted. We have classified these reviews into three categories, which are positive reviews, negative reviews, and unbiased reviews. This analysis will help you in deciding what to look in furniture before purchasing it.

What do Happy Customers Have to Say About it?

So, there are a lot of happy customers. They have suggested purchasing any furniture from Cindy Crawford Sectionals only because they always go great with the quality of the furniture, fabrics, colors, and support.

According to Cindy Crawford Sectional Reviews, the quality which Cindy Crawford provides cannot be matched with any other retailer. Also, the price range of these furniture products are quite affordable, and anyone can purchase them.

Everyone will suggest you always look for quality when it comes to buying furniture. This is true, true. If the quality is good, the money which you have spent on the furniture will be worth the quality, and it will serve you for an extended period. If you compromise with the quality, it will affect your money and will get damaged soon.

>Why has Cindy Crawford Furnitures disappointed its customers?

Some so many customers have raised their voices against the quality which is being provided by Cindy Crawford Furniture. According to them, the quality of these products is not at all good and gets damaged easily. Many people have a complaint that the fabric used in manufacturing the furniture is not pure leather and something else. Also, the color fades quickly, and it gets a lot of scratches. Moreover, customer support does not respond to their calls and emails regarding the complaint of the products.

Also, some customers have claimed that the recliner is not comfortable, and the folding capability is not so good. The products look great and beautifully made, but the interior of the products is not at all promising. Also, there are so many products which are not covered under the warranty period, and some of the damages also are not included in the warranty. However, the quality and the fabric also are not so good and get damaged quickly.

Is it worth considering Cindy Crawford Furnitures?

Cindy Crawford Furniture has a massive number of happy customers, and some customers are not satisfied with their service. But every product has its pros and cons. Some people have mentioned that the quality of the furniture is good and the material which is used in manufacturing the furniture is also lovely. Still, the furniture is made fragile and delicate to handle.

Also, you will be required to take extra care of the furniture from water and dust as they can immediately damage your furniture. If you have some hacks to do it, please feel free to be a part of our home decor blog. So, you will be needed to clean your furniture regularly, and while cleaning, you must ensure that you do not wash it only with water. It would help if you placed your furniture in such a manner that it is protected from dust and water.

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13 thoughts on “Cindy Crawford Furniture Reviews – Home Collection Styles and Quality”

  1. I have a Cindy Crawford sofa that was delivered, and two weeks later the bottom of the sofa pulled out of the side. A large bolt pulled out of the frame and the sofa bottom is on the floor. The repairman is supposed to come today, 10 days after reporting the broken sofa. I find the sofa to be cheap and poorly made. I do not recommend the Cindy Crawford line. Spend more money and go to a better store than rooms to go

  2. I bought a Cindy Crawford Palm Springs Sofa, Grey. I absolutely loved it but I had to get rid of it because of the feathers in the throw pillows, I was allergic to the feathers. It sat very comfortable, and held up well.
    I will be looking to buy another Cindy Crawford Suite.
    I live in an area in Mississippi where Ashley brand furniture is made and I would never buy, it doesn’t hold up, it’s not put together well. The factory is know for drugs

  3. Bought a Cindy Crawford sectional several years ago. Never again. Poor quality. Seat cushions flattened out. Pillows shed feathers constantly. All in all for the price I paid for the sectional it did not hold up at all. It’s only my husband and I with no pets. Very disappointed. Waiting for my new sectional from LazyBoy. That pretty much sums up my review.

  4. Cindy, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the quality of YOUR beachside sofa sleeper. Shame on you. It’s held together with STAPLES!! What the heck! Cheap cheap cheap. The wood is very flimsy as well. Shame on you, getting rich while selling junk.

  5. I love the furniture from an aesthetic point of view. However, I have seen too many complaints about the quality of the furniture. Therefore, I will not purchase any of her furniture until she upgrades the materials to make the furniture have some lasting quality. Cheap pays twice, I can’t do it. Lots of folks want to support her, but many won’t until she addresses the problems with her furniture.


  7. Worst furniture ever. I have no children or pets and within a short time of purchasing, pillows lost their shape, stitching came undone and furniture is generally poor quality and uncomfortable. Avoid this furniture. Stick to modeling, Cindy.

  8. I bought a Cindy Crawford 3 pc sectional made with with the microfiber suede material about 12 years ago and it has held up great. Zippers are still functional and there are no tears in the fabric, the fabric has not lost color or shape and I have pets that are permitted to get on the furniture and many including myself have slept on it. I would definitely recommend her furniture line and if this ever wears out I will buy another. Great couch/sectional

  9. We just had our Cindy Crawford furniture delivered and my wife had an emediate assault to her senses because the furniture had a “musty smell!” I phoned the people at the “Brick” store and complained. The warehouse manager told me that the smell was from packaging, forklift fumes, delivery and that “new off gassing” smell which would dissipate within a week or so? We will see, it has been 2 days now and so far the smell has not changed? My wife says she feels like she bought someone’s furniture that was in their basement? Any body else have this problem? Was the Mississippi plant under water at some point from the many natural disasters down in the southern states? Still hoping the smell will go away? What would be my options if it doesn’t?

  10. I brought Cindy’s slipcover couch & love seat 8 years ago and they held up well! But her new line for the Summer walk does not match up with the old! Many they should go back to old!

  11. My husband and I purchased Cindy Crawford Home Beachside Walk sofa, loveseat, and oversized chair. Each piece is the most uncomfortable furniture I have ever sat on and nothing has helped make it better. The cushions, both on the seat and the back have almost no give. Sitting on the floor is more comfortable
    If we could have returned this stuff to the Room Store it would have gone back after the first hour of sitting on it, but sadly there are no returns. Our five thousand plus dollars was wasted.

  12. I purchased Cindy Crawford sofa, loveseat, & large ottoman a little over a year ago! I am very disappointed in the quality. Within 6 months it looked like it was 10 years old. It has those little pills everywhere! It’s just my husband & I so it’s not even overly sat on! We have bought fro RTG for years & this is our first disappointment! I will never recommend her furniture to anyone!


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