The Best NFL Football Shirts in 2022

Football is the most popular sport in the United States and the NFL has been showing huge regular season viewing figures each year. The 2021 season averaged 17.1 million viewers (TV and Digital) which was the highest season average since 2015.

During the 2021 regular season there were 34 games decided by a game-winning score on the final play of the match, a regular season record.

As the off season and free agency was underway, may players moved teams and fans were able to welcome the new faces they hoped would take their teams to the next level. The top five jerseys sold in 2022 are:

1. Russell Wilson

The most sought-after shirt this season has been for the new Denver Broncos quarterback. He arrives from Seattle Seahawks to lead the team who felt they had the weapons on offense but needed an elite quarterback to make them challengers.

2. Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills quarterback has been one of the best in the league with his all-round game. He has helped take the Bills to be favourites in the AFC East while also making them strong contenders for the Super Bowl this season.

3. Davontae Adams

Arriving from the Green Bay Packers, Adams is now the lead wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders, his arrival has ensured they’re being tipped to beat the LA Chargers in the NFL week 1 betting odds. He has a history as one of the best in the league in recent years and provides the Raider Nation with a new hero to get behind.

4. Kenny Pickett

The 20th pick of the 2022 NFL draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pickett is walking into one of the toughest conferences in the league. Having played for the University of Pittsburgh he understands football in the city and comes in as a backup to Mitch Trubisky. His association with the city has given him great backing from the fans before he has even played an NFL game.

5. Tom Brady

After announcing his retirement at the end of last season, Brady couldn’t stay away and returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another season. Fans have scrambled for what could be the last time Brady takes the field and all want a jersey with the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) on the back.

No matter who is on the team, some jerseys have just been popular for their design like some of the furniture from CrowdyHome. Fans of the league who don’t follow a specific team often enjoy buying the best designed jersey as it becomes more fashionable to wear an NFL jersey.

The NFL is not just a sport to people worldwide, they use their jerseys in day-to-day fashion with the cooler designs being made by different teams. They see their favourite singers wearing the jerseys in music videos who often dictate fashion, especially amongst young people.

  • Cincinnati Bengals

One of the favourite jersey designs goes to the Bengals. With the striped design on the shoulder in orange over black, they are cool and fashionable, while the team has some of the most exciting players in the league which boosts the demand even further.

  • Los Angeles Chargers

The powder blue uniforms have the sunshine gold lightning bolt on the sleeve and is one of the most iconic in the league. The bright look and sleek design coupled with the popularity of quarterback Justin Herbert, there will be a lot of Chargers 10’s jerseys being sold.

  • Las Vegas Raiders

Raider merchandise has been popular with NFL fans for years, they have been one of the most popular around the world. The colours are known worldwide, the Black and Silver are legendary and moving from LA to Vegas has added more fans to the club and more jerseys are being sold before lying on the sofa.

  • Dallas Cowboys

America’s Team has some of the nicest jerseys with the Dallas Star on the shirt sleeve. The Cowboys have a huge following over the world, while being one of the most supported in the States.

  • Baltimore Ravens

Like the Raiders, the cool yet simple design is what draws the attention of the Ravens jerseys. The black jersey with purple trim is sleek and cool and easy to look good at a game or at any time.

As with every other season, many jerseys will be sold once again this year. The choice people make varies from the team they support, the player whose name they put on the back, or just how good they look.

Each NFL team has a huge following and the league itself is popular all over the world. As international games are scheduled and NFL teams play in cities like London, even though they are far from the United States the stands will be filled with supporters. Almost every person in the stadiums will be in a jersey from across the league.

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