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If the living room is the heart of your home, then the furniture and the fitments inside it are the muscles that keep the heart pumping. Finding the right units for a perfect whole is not just exciting and compelling but also a challenging and demanding task. You will spend years assessing the choices you make now, so better be thorough than sorry.

While meandering on your expedition to find your dream couch, you must have come across this notable name, “Jonathan Louis.” With appealing sets of sofas, sectionals, ottomans, recliners, and what not, Jonathan Louis Furnitures has found its way in the world of furniture.

But because of a severe lack of information on the products and a little dispense of visual data, customers do not easily tie-up with the company. Once you get to know them, they might also end up becoming famous like the OYO flagship. So, for better insight, we are here with detailed Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews.

Jonathan Louis Furniture’s Company originated as a family business in the mid-1980s with the promise of supreme quality, durability, resilience, and aesthetic designs. The company seemed hell-bent on changing the standards of the Furniture building process and the quality of the products.

With QCs at each end and using genuine prima material, it seems to be the ideal hub for all your Furniture needs. But did the company stand up to its assurances? Is it the final spot for all your wooden amenities? Let us find out.

More About Jonathan Louis Furniture

Purchase Jonathan Louis Furniture Review

Jonathan Louis Furniture dispenses a range of fitments for your bedroom as well as the living room, which comes in a plethora of styles and designs. All the material is divided into different categories, which are:

  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Ottomans
  • Chairs
  • End tables
  • Beds
  • Storage beds
  • Headboards
  • Accent Chairs
  • Daybeds and Chaise Lounges
  • Cocktail Ottomans and Footstools

There is also an innovative category provided to you by the generous manufacturers in which you can design your furniture by selecting the options as desired. I know there is always a tint of dissatisfaction with the designs by the experts, and you go, “Maybe if this arm was a little more curved.” But not anymore. Why compromise when you can recreate the sofa of your dreams and make it yours in a click?

When we were digging more into the topic of Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews, the two most popular sections among the long list of categories seemed to be Sectionals by Jonathan Louis and Choices – Custom Furniture.

These two classes of products show more promise towards the stated goal of the company than any other product line. There are named collections like The Bingham Collection, The Cleo Collection, The Leonora Collection, and many more.

The Artemis Collection is my personal favorite. The contemporary design and voguish choice of colors like gray and charcoal make surfing enjoyable. Other categories also have some appealing units, but I am not sure about the quality of them.

After a great deal of research, I will advise you to reconsider your decision (if already made) of buying anything other than a sectional from the Jonathan Louis Furniture manufacturers. We will discuss the “why?” part further in detail.

Official Website of Jonathan Louis Furniture

Jonathan Louis Furniture

Browsing through the official website of Jonathan Louis Furniture is not precisely fun, as it might appear to be from the above discussion. The website has a slightly subtle tone, which has both its upside and downside.

It is easy to navigate, but it does not give a very professional feel. The design is kind of lousy, and the categorization of the products is not accurate. I visited the sectionals’ list and did get the desired results, and then I visited the sofas’ list, and again the sectionals popped up.

But it is the least of the problems. The website provides very little information on the product, and you cannot zoom in the images to take a closer look. The description below the pictures of the product is short and non-specific.

Nonetheless, some more data is listed under the heading “Collection details” below description, framing the following points

  • Style number
  • Legs type
  • Legs finish
  • Seat type
  • Back type
  • Pillow inserts

This is all you have on your plate, which, in my opinion, is not enough. But you must settle for the website because there is no software application available.

Website: https://www.jonathanlouis.net

How to Check the Quality of the Furniture?

Here are some tips to check your newly bought furniture for its strength and durability. These are not definitive but informative.

  • The sofa should not make any sound like a creak when you sit on it.
  • The sofa should not dig or sag when you move while sitting on it.
  • The upholstery must be tight with no creases.
  • The arms should not move more than half an inch when shaken.
  • Lift the cushions and check for any uneven surfaces. There should not be any protrusions or staples coming out.

Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews

Jonathan Louis Furniture Review

Not making you wait any further, let us dive into the reviewing of the Jonathan Louis Furniture.

Choices by Jonathan Louis

As I have already mentioned earlier, Choices by Jonathan Louis lets you combine the best features to make your brand-new personalized furniture.

The customization options are well directed. You can choose from:

Arm Style: Track, Dome, or Rolled.

Seat Cushion Type: Boxed or T-Cushion.

Base: Upholstered, Skirted, or Wood.

Fabric: Upholsteries.

All the joints are padded, and the products are made of hardwood. The company uses highly resilient foam core in reversible cushions with an inch-thick layer of polyester. The heavy gauge sinuous steel wire supports the framework and makes it highly durable (life of at least seven years).

Although some customers did raise concerns about the short life span of the furniture from the Choice category, most of them are satisfied with the overall quality.


  • Unobtrusive design
  • Customizable and personalized.


  • One cannot decide what is going inside the cushions. So, a big sigh for all soft cushion lovers.
  • Non- removable covers.
  • A limited number of the pieces available.

You can choose the size of the furniture according to the size of the room so that it does not take all the space and fit in with other stuff. Make sure that the design of the sofa is in line with the living room and the things already present in it like the TV and the table, and so on.

Strength and durability of Choices by Jonathan Louis are quite good for a mid-range product. But there are a lot of complaints from authentic buyers that extreme wear and tear occurs in a brief period.

Though the company provides a modern design and comfortable seating at a great price, durability is not it is the most vital attribute. The primary issue is seen with the upholstery and not the frame. The fabric quality is not up to the mark, and the cushions go flat.

Moreover, many customers are happy to have at least one company that is giving freedom of customization at such a reasonable price.

Sectionals by Jonathan Louis

Here is a shortlist of Jonathan Louis sectional range:

Modular Sectionals

These allow customers to rearrange the components. Some of the sectionals that come under this:

  • No-cushion modular Belaire
  • Caso
  • Noah
  • Remy.


  • It can be rearranged as desired.
  • Special sections like the wedges, cuddles, etc. are like the cherry on top.


  • There could be an increase in movement between the sections because of smaller components

Non-Modular Sectionals

Some of the sectionals that come under this:

  • Pia
  • Trenton
  • Matthew
  • Caitlyn
  • Blissful.


  • Larger components are used, which gives flexibility to the designer for a better Furniture construction.


  • Limited or no customizability.

Note that if you have decided to buy a sectional online, then plan the complete room furnishing. The sectional will take up much space in your living room, so a smart choice would be to be prepared for all the resetting and positioning of the stuff.

While researching on the Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews, it turns out that the quality of the sectionals is quite impressive. Customers are happy with the purchase and recommend this company to others as well.

The sectionals also use heavy-gauge sinuous wires and springs, high resilience foam cushions, and channeled blown fiber for increasing the life span of furniture.

Sofas by Jonathan Louis

Purchase Jonathan Louis Furniture sofa

The sofas from the Jonathan Louis Furniture are not very popular, primarily because of their low quality. Some people are satisfied with the service, but the majority will advise you against the purchase.

Tips for Planning the Setting of your Living Room

If you are ordering furniture from this site after reading and evaluating the Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews, or for that matter, any other site, then first set the plan for your location.

You should always assess the technical and mathematical aspects when setting up a room nad if you end up learning a lot, share the same with others through our ‘write for us’ program. Otherwise, water will spill over all your efforts. Here is some advice on what to keep in mind while planning on furnishing your living room:

  • Your table should at least 1.5 ft apart from the corner of your sofa to give space for knee bending and leg crossing activities.
  • Place all the sitting arrangements together so that people may not feel aloof when sitting alone in a far-off chair.
  • Make space for people to comfortably walk around the furniture and take a seat without hitting their knees on something. There should be at least 2.5-3 ft left for on foot wanderings.
  • The height of the sofa or sectional should be opted according to the average height of the family members. Tall people might get uncomfortable on low seated sofas with short back support. Pia or Matthew might be the right choice here
  • Know where you must keep your stuff like TV, Ottomans, and other bauble and trinkets in your living room. And measure what space is left for your sectional after placing all the other accessories in position. This will give you the perfect size of the furniture which you can order.

Warranty of Jonathan Louis Furniture

Maybe they lack somewhat in the quality of the products, but they do not even flinch when it comes to the warranty of the furniture.

  • Seven years warranty on all wooden frames.
  • Three years warranty on seat cushions with foam and springs.
  • One-year warranty on the Fabric material.
  • One-year warranty on all other parts of the furniture that are not mentioned above.

Jonathan Louis Furniture has a solid warranty plan set up for you. This could be a significant point while thinking if to buy or not to buy that sofa.


Jonathan Louis Furniture is a USA based company with its 300 thousand sq. Ft. facility in Gardena, California. It has a plethora of designs of different types of furniture made, particularly for your comfort and style.

The company supplies medium quality items in a considerable price range, which is a good deal for the middle-class society. The top category of products is the sectionals and choices by Jonathan Louis. Ottomans and Sofas are less popular but not worthless.

The Jonathan Louis Furniture Reviews are not sky-high but are not low as well. It is an average company with one or two impressive lines of products, which can be a reasonably good deal. The Jonathan Louis sofas are not worth the hustle, but the sectionals do catch your eye.

With both natural and vibrant colors and stain-resistant polyester fabric, it is hard saying no to them. Plan the living room set up well before buying the furniture for getting the desired outcome.

Also, check the warranty status. Overall, if you have a good range of budget, then go for a better Furniture Manufacturing Company like Ashley Furniture or IKEA. But if you are low on budget and looking for customizable furniture, then Jonathan Louis Furniture can be your spot.

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