New Trends Explained: Moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento

Since the world pandemic, one relocation trend has become so obvious — Californians are moving to Sacramento. Well, not only Bay residents who are worn out from fog run to sunny areas, but many inhabitants of “The City of Angels” are moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento too. Of course, they should have a solid reason for leaving the dream city. Let’s see what Sacramento offers to magnetize people from California and the entire country.

Los Angeles vs. Sacramento

The Mediterranean climate is one of the reasons families relocate to Sacramento. Mild winters and hot summers cooled by the breeze from the American River and the Sacramento River passing throughout the city represent an important factor for moving to Sacramento, CA. In fact, the city is just a short drive away from San Francisco with its urban-driven lifestyle and Napa Valley, a renowned place for wine connoisseurs.

Food. Fresh, natural, and delicious — directly from the farm to your fork. While Los Angeles features top-notch dining places, the best chefs from all over the world, and cuisine to fit all tastes, Sacramento is simply “Farm-to-Fork Capital”. Naturally, you may find premium restaurants and cafes but some of the best places are family-owned small restaurants and bakeries, the cabinets filled with tasty delights.

Environment. Trees are everywhere in Sacramento — natural parks, alleys, and green canopies from trees and bushes. Sacramento is proud of its green look; trees help to maintain the air quality, filling it with oxygen.

The air quality in Sacramento and Los Angeles differs tremendously: trapped in traffic jams, Los Angeles can’t be proud of the pollution level, while Sacramento allures with its urban but natural spirit.

Cost of living. When you are in love with California, but Los Angeles is way above your budget, Sacramento might be the right choice: the median home price in Sacramento is $300k — $350k. Expressed numerically, the cost of living in Los Angeles is more than 45% higher than in Sacramento. Yet, Sacramento is the state’s capital and the average living cost is still over the national average by 21%. Earning around $90k may ensure comfortable living in this city. The good thing is that the average salary in Sacramento is around $135k, which is explained by the continuously expanding employment market represented by large national and international corporations.

Education. The California State University, Sacramento, is one of the oldest higher education institutions in California renowned for its high-achieving alumni. Besides, Sacramento is home to over 30 other colleges offering a variety of majors. Families with younger kids should have no worries as the Sacramento City Unified School District has high-ranked schools, both public and private.

The chart below illustrates the major aspects of living in Sacramento and Los Angeles:

Sacramento Los Angeles
1-bedroom apartment rent $1,590 $2,305
Population 0.49 million 4.04 million
Average salary $4,020 $5,820
Unemployment rate 11% 8.7%
Public healthcare Yes No
Commuting time (average) 26 min 290 min
Median home price $430,000 $1 million


Costs of Moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento

In recent years, many tech specialists have been moving to Sacramento from larger Californian cities looking for a less tense lifestyle, more affordable housing, and gorgeous natural parks Sacramento is famous for. That is why movers in California were pretty busy.

If you consider moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento, the choice of a company like a moving franchise might become a crucial factor in how stressful relocation would be for you and your family. The optimal and least stressful solution is to hire a dedicated moving company.

Actually, all of us tend to save as much as possible on relocation. However, choosing movers that offer the lowest rates isn’t always a good idea. Definitely, there are DIY options for transitioning to a new place but both truck rental and PODs containers require plenty of time to pack and load the stuff resulting in backache and frustration. Portable containers might be a great solution when you need more flexibility for a schedule and storage.

When a family relocates with kids and pets, movers will perform all required tasks, like packing and loading much faster and more efficiently. Pros are trained, experienced, and fully equipped for executing the taskwork.

To reduce the costs, you can filter your stuff and throw away unused and broken things. Some items in good condition can be even sold online or given to local charities. This way you reduce the moving size and moving costs.

Another way to reduce expenses is to avoid peak dates. The moving industry has its high and low seasons: most families prefer relocating in summer, so rates are usually high during June, July, and August. The lowest rates are typically in February, March, and April. The end of every month and weekends are also in high demand, so rates can be higher than during the business week and in the middle of the month. Hence, if your schedule allows, select the date out of the peak days — you may save some money with lower rates.

The approximate costs of moving to Sacramento, California, from LA are as follows:

Size Costs
Studio $900-$1,150
1-bedroom apartment $1,100 – $1,550
2-bedroom apartment $1,400 – $1,940
3-bedroom apartment $1,900 – $2,350
4+ bedroom apartment/house $2,200 – $2,800+

The price may vary significantly because it depends on the actual size of every move (moving a fully packed with heavy furniture apartment will cost more than a scarcely furnished one).

To avoid scams, do online research and verify that the chosen company is fully legit:

  • Get free quotes from at least three companies.
  • Ask friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Read online reviews on third-party platforms.
  • Check the company’s license and registration. Check the company’s rating on the BBB platform.
  • Track records on the FMCSA website by the company’s USDOT number.

Final thoughts

Once the movers have unpacked your belongings, have a relaxing moment with a cup of excellent espresso or latte of your choice at one of the best Sacramento roasters. After moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento, you have a chance to enjoy mornings with the nation’s best-handcrafted coffee, be it mocha or flat white with oat milk.

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