Luxury Kitchen Designs That Are Sure to Impress

Luxury kitchen design combines durable functionality with beautiful, high-quality construction materials, appliances, and technology. The look and feel of these kitchens are primarily modern or contemporary, with sleek edges, adaptable surfaces, and plenty of open prep space. If you’re considering a custom kitchen remodeling project in the near future, you’ll need to reach out to an experienced kitchen design firm. Kitchen design experts can help you learn more about how you can implement the appearances and functionality of a luxury kitchen in your home without going way over budget.

When you’re drawing up a few design ideas for your new kitchen space, you’ll first need to begin by assessing the quality and practicality of your existing kitchen. Consider first which functional features are the most valuable for you and your family and which aspects require significant improvements, before imagining brand new features. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as not having enough cabinet space or storage options. In other cases, it might be that the location of the sink or refrigerator is inconvenient relative to the rest of your kitchen triangle.

Once you’ve reviewed and identified a few of the functional upgrades you want to make in your remodeling project, you’ll be ready to begin working with a custom designer to plan the layout aesthetics and appearance. Custom kitchen design gives homeowners many opportunities for transforming their kitchen with luxury designs, building materials, and new functional features. Ready to begin your next remodeling project? Here are a few of the upgrades you can make within your kitchen that will make the entire space a luxury.

Dynamic Kitchen Islands

The centerpiece of the modern kitchen is the island and its overhead lighting. Building a kitchen island requires considerable space with a countertop and cabinets, but the end result is a room that feels considerably more open and accessible. In many newer homes, the kitchen, living room, and dining room are connected spaces, with zones rather than dedicated rooms. The kitchen island is usually the most flexible space in the entire kitchen for everything from food preparation to serving.

Seating along the outside edge of the kitchen is a common feature, allowing individuals to spend time with people in the kitchen without disturbing its central workspace. Kitchen islands are also an opportunity to implement more cabinet and storage options. Ready to step up the quality of your kitchen island to make your kitchen truly modern? Double island kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and are a fantastic design solution if you have enough space.

Range Hoods

If your kitchen’s range is situated on one of the walls, a designer range hood is a trending kitchen design feature that might fit your space. The metalwork and details available for these hoods implement more custom craftsmanship that draws the eye and is sure to impress visitors. In addition, a high-quality range hood makes ventilation concerns within the kitchen minimal and keeps your space looking and feeling clean. Range hoods are often accompanied by backsplash tile designs, making it a centerpiece feature for your new kitchen.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets occupy a considerable portion of your kitchen’s visual space, and for this reason, it’s important to spend time getting the color right. Cooler blues, greens, and greys are popular choices that give the space a refreshed appearance and will maintain a timeless appeal. Brighter, warmer colors, on the other hand, rarely fit kitchen cabinets. While they might be trendy at the moment, their appeal will fade over time. Luxury kitchen designers use color boldly but are always careful to create a palette that will continue to look modern for several years down the line.

Gold and Silver Fixtures and Finishes

Metal fixtures and finishes within your kitchen are always an opportunity to integrate luxury design elements into your space. Usually, this begins with the kitchen faucet and the cabinet handles, which occupy the most space visually and are also most likely to draw a viewer’s attention. Bright gold and silver metals are frequently referred to as “kitchen jewelry”, and serve as flashy design elements without going over the top. The color you choose to work with depends considerably on the color of your countertops and your cabinets. Gold pairs well with blue, for example, but would look tacky with lighter green or grey.

A Versatile Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is a central component of your basic workspace triangle, but in older, less modern kitchens, their functional value is often lesser in importance. Galley sinks are a popular choice for luxury kitchens, and develop this kitchen zone into a multi-tool for everything from food prep to clean up.

Galley sinks typically feature a wider basin, with sliding panels that stack along one or both sides of the sink. These panels usually include a cutting or serving board, a drying rack, and a colander. The design is traditionally from a sink on a ship, where space concerns would typically be more pressing. However, the functionality of such a design is a luxury item for both commercial and residential kitchens.

Lighting Decor

Overhead task lighting is an essential practical feature you’ll need to consider before beginning your kitchen remodeling project. However, these lights are frequently an opportunity to add a few statement decorations to the center of the kitchen. Bold, unique lighting elements are one of the first features that your guests will notice when entering the kitchen even before your sofa from ikea. The metals colors available with a modern, luxury kitchen lighting framework can also complement the other fixtures and finishes of the kitchen, so the metal itself becomes a unified decorative element.

Conclusion- Luxury Kitchen Designs That Are Sure to Impress

Before beginning your custom remodeling project, speak with an experienced kitchen designer to learn more about how you can upgrade your kitchen space with luxury design appeal. A custom range hood, galley sink, or new set of artistic lighting fixtures will improve the decorative appeal and functional value of your space, transforming the kitchen into the true heart of your home.

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