Living On Campus: 7 Tips You Should Consider

Living on campus is a fantastic way to meet and connect with people, stay on top of your academics, and fully experience college life.

However, if you are planning to live on campus, the privilege of having semi-independence can be pretty challenging. But you can either welcome these challenges with a great sense of worry or with positive prospects.

Tips Worth Considering

The following are some tips that can help you prepare yourself for on-campus living:

Explore Your Options

Before you decide to pack your things, it is recommended to consider your options first. Campus housing options can vary between colleges. Moreover, it would be best to learn about many different residence halls at your college, like Campus Living Villages.

Take time to do some ocular inspections of your housing options and think about the pros and cons, especially regarding opportunities, convenience, and cost. If you choose to live in in-house dormitories, you have the benefit of being closer to school communities but will let you stay with a roommate.

On the other hand, off-school spaces can provide you more freedom but might require you to walk a couple of distances daily and have a bigger budget.

Be Mindful Of Space

Suppose you rent out a space of the right size and share it with a roommate. The space you both have is not too spacious or too cramped. Since you are living with a roommate, it would be best to be considerate of the things you will be adding, especially when it takes up a lot of space in your room.

Don’t bring along your ten by 10 ft computer table, your beloved kemper cabinet or your entire wardrobe if you want to get along with your roommate. Also, even if you think your room has a lot of space, make sure that you both have an equal share in order to avoid some drama. Being considerate is one of the things you should master when it comes to living on campus in order for you to enjoy the experience.

Get To Know New Surroundings

If you can visit the place before the semester starts, try to do it. Having an early visit can help you decide what you will need and how you can plan for your new routines. If you won’t have the opportunity to visit the place in advance, joining residence hall orientation events is recommended. Furthermore, campus kickoff celebrations are also a great way to get to know your surroundings and get your bearings.

Learn To Mingle

Moving away from home and into a sea of people requires a lot of patience. It is essential to know that not everyone you meet will be your friend or is willing to help you. Although this reality seems harsh, it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to do what is suitable for trivial things. This includes unfair circumstances, bothersome roommates, and even when a friend seeks your advice.

Sharpen your communication skills and learn to talk things out when someone or something is bothering you. It is a definite no to keep everything to yourself while living on campus. You will also need to engage in community activities if you want to have fun and survive the challenges of being in college and sleeping in boho-like dorm rooms.

Know The Rules

Whether you live in a university-managed apartment, residency hall, or any other type of campus housing, it is very likely to have some rules in order to protect the students. Most schools, for example, tend to ban drinking alcohol in residences that rent out to underage students. It is vital to know that a student who breaks the rules is at risk of academic suspension, eviction from a residence, or much worse.

Make Your Way Off-Campus

Living on campus can be fun. However, it is also lovely to spend some time off your school grounds. Staying inside the campus might feel like a bubble and make you feel claustrophobic. Spend some time in the city and find entertainment that might spark your interests.

Go and explore many different things. Try to look for a park or a museum you can visit, especially when you feel like you need to get away from school for a moment.

Stay Safe

This tip may be on the list, but it is very vital. It is recommended to employ basic tactics to keep you safe on campus. Below are some basic ways you can stay safe:

  • Lock your door always;
  • Never loan your room key to anyone;
  • Don’t let anyone you don’t know inside your room;
  • Travel with a friend during nighttime.

To Wrap It Up

Living on campus is an experience you will never forget. You will face a lot of challenges for being semi-independent. On the bright side, you get to connect with many people, engage in different community activities, stay on top of your studies, and so many more.

Jack Palmer

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