15 Amazing Boho Dorm Room Ideas to Make Everyone Jealous

A College Dorm Room has enough space to accommodate one or two persons in a room. Now, if one of them is a trendy student and wants to decorate the room in Bohemian style, we have come with many ideas to turn your simple dull room into an attractive boho room in easy steps. After all, we can all agree to the fact that your dorm room is no Oyo room that will make you feel good without putting in the effort.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the trendy and comfortable ideas to turn a simple room into Bohemian Style.

If you are a trendy and up-to-date person living in a large vacant dorm room for your college and want to make it a beautiful and attractive space to live in, you have come to the right place.

We will discuss 15 such ideas that will help you decide on a nice bohemian look for your dorm room and make your roommates a little bit jealous.

Boho Dorm Room Ideas

Fairy Lights

Fairy string lights are often used as the right product in converting a dorm into a bohemian style room. These fairy lights come in various colors, and you can choose any of the colors according to your room color.

Fairy lights are straightforward to set up, and plugin and the pros of plugging fairy lights are that there is no need for batteries. All you need is a plug and board to turn the lights on. Also, there will be no limits as there are no batteries, you can switch off the lights whenever you want.

You can also stick your pictures and notes on the strings to give it a more fancy and trendy look and make it a pure bohemian dorm room. The main thing is that all this setup will take significantly less time.

These lights are cheap, trendy, stylish, and gives a classy look when plugged in a room. The most iconic feature of these string lights is that you can choose the color according to your dorm room color.

Motivational Posters

So, another best bohemian dorm wall décor idea is to use motivational posters. A motivation poster can be found online, or you can purchase them from any nearby store as they are readily available.

These are removable posters that you can remove whenever you want. You can also change these posters from time to time according to your need and the new designs that you may start liking after some time.

Wall Clock

A wall clock is an excellent choice to put on the wall to add a bohemian style to your room. You can use a large circle shaped wall clock in the top middle of your room that will give a perfect touch of a bohemian style.

You can purchase any wall clock online or from any store along with string lights, clip-on lights, and other decorative items that will add beauty to the classic bohemian style. Also, you can purchase table clocks to give the room a trendy look.

A Photo Frame

A photo frame that comes in a set of four to five frames, all in one, is a creative boho dorm wall décor for a college student. Everyone likes to frame their most memorable pictures, their most enjoyed moments in a frame to remember those days.

Also, a photo frame is less expensive. Thus, you can easily purchase a set of four to five frames and paste all your pictures of college days together. This will give your room a nice bohemian look and, at the same time, add a little bit of nostalgia.

So, for a college student, a photo frame will be an excellent choice for bohemian dorm wall decor. It will turn your simple dull dorm room into a nice and classy bohemian dorm room.

Circle Mirrors

The circle mirrors are one of the creative choices to turn a simple room into a bohemian room. Also, these mirrors are large enough that they can cover a lot of space on the wall. More so, mirrors add extra beauty to the rooms.

The pros of having mirrors in your dorm room are that they can cover a lot of space on the wall. There will be a little space left that can be decorated with wall hanging items such as a small light jar, a bonsai, and other such things.

The mirrors can be cleaned quickly and hence are an excellent choice to be kept in a dorm room.

An Art Piece

An art piece is an excellent and creative choice for a bohemian dorm room. There comes a variety of art pieces that you can choose for your room according to your room size and the items in your room.

Another thing about the art piece is that they do not take much space to easily be placed on the wall to add beauty and elegance to a bohemian style room.

Bohemian Carpets

Bohemian carpets can easily be purchased online or at any store that is located near you. This is because the bohemian carpets are trendy and thus readily available. Moreover, bohemian carpets cover a circular range on the floor.

These carpets are beautiful, full of elegance, and the craftwork is so nicely done that you will fall in love with the look of these carpets. These carpets must be present in a room that has a bohemian style.

Bohemian Table Runner

A table runner of bohemian style and coverage will give a perfect bohemian look to any dorm room. Everyone has a table in their room for dining purposes so that a bohemian runner will be an excellent choice for a boho room.

Another feature of this table runner is that they are a bit expensive. Still, they are worth their price, and every boho room must have a bohemian table runner. This will give your simple room a nice and trendy touch of a bohemian look.

Bohemian Wall Decor

There comes a variety of bohemian items that can be used to decorate your room with a bohemian look. All these items are affordable and attractive enough to make your roommates jealous.

You can purchase such bohemian wall decors online or from any nearby store as they are readily available and handy. These do not take time in decoration and turning a dull room into a comfortable space to live.

Wall Art

Wall art is the creative choice to decorate your room in Bohemian style. Also, wall arts are less expensive and readily available that can cover a good range of wall. It can simply turn your room into a bohemian room in no time.

Wall arts are cheap, trendy, and fashionable to convert a room into a bohemian room. These do not damage the wall.

Wall Pediments

A Wall Pediment is another right choice that can be used as a decorative item to give your dorm rook a boho look and style. The most important thing about wall pediments is that they are less expensive, beautiful, and elegant enough to attract attention.

Wall pediments quickly catch attention and are a perfect fit to give a dorm room a fancy and trendy boho look.

Handmade Air Plant Hanger

Another best thing that you can put in your dorm room is a handmade air plant hanger. The most iconic feature of a handmade air plant hanger is that it can keep more than two plants at a time, and this will be a perfect fit for a bohemian room.

These handmade air plant hangers are less expensive and beautiful and give a slight touch of a boho look in a dorm room.

Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are the best creative boho dorm room décor items that can be used by any college student to decorate their room and turn their simple room into a happy place to live.

These wall hangings are readily available, less expensive, and beautiful enough to turn a simple room into an elegant boho room. These can be found online or can be purchased from any store near to you.


Bohemian curtains are the best choice that can be used as a decorative item in your room. Curtains are essential for every room so, why not purchase a boho style curtain to give your room a bohemian touch.

The most important feature of these bohemian curtains is that the curtains’ craftwork is handmade, and the quality of the fabric of the curtains is good. Also, these can be easily washed and comes in different sizes according to your room window.

In the end

In this article, we have discussed many things about how to turn your simple room into a boho room.

We have discussed many simple yet classy styles to add to your room to look nice and trendy. If you have more ideas, showcase them by participating in our ‘write for us’ program.

All these ideas that we have mentioned can be done in less time and with less efforts. We hope that you find these ideas helpful.

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