How to Upcycling Clothes, Especially with Custom patches and Metal Tags

In this modern world where, how you look is very important. What you wear, how you wear is also essential. In short, we can say that fashion sense is essential, but the way fashion is changing day by day, and every next week, new fashion trends are in the market. Therefore, it is very important for us to walk at the same pace. Experts have given a term to this phenomenon- Fast Fashion. Keeping this in mind, we keep on buying many clothes just to be a part of the trend, and we somehow forget that we already have many clothes in our wardrobe.

This article is going to help you with what to do with those used or old clothes. As you got the idea from the title, this article will give you ways to upcycle your clothes.

If we observe fashion, then brands don’t change much. They just use creativity to make old clothes into trendy clothes.

1. Custom Patches

Yes, you have read right. These stickers are available in different shapes, sizes, and witty comments, and even you can buy stickers of your favorite cartoon, TV, or even movies. So, go make your clothes or your sofa say about you. Why spend extra on branded merchandise when you can customize your clothes by yourself only. These stickers are available in two different ways; one is stackable, and the second which you have to stitch with the help of needles and threads. So, search online or offline, buy some funky or even custom patches, and make yourself look trendy.

2. Metal tags

A painter always signs his masterpiece. In the same way, a designer should give the name or signature to his masterpiece. Even if you are new in this field of upcycling or are a craft man of leather or any fabric, a signature of yours should be on your masterpiece. These tags give you confidence and the feeling of ownership and make you feel good for the hard work and time which you have spent to create the product. Who knows that you can be the next name of a brand like GUCCI? So, think about your goals and design your own signature. It can be a logo or representation or anything that attracts people to your product and gets it for yourself. Many online websites and companies are selling custom metal brand tags for emerging brands or people, and they can even help you to design your own tags. So, don’t wait. Just go, search and do it for yourself.

3. Painting

Painting is one of the best art forms. This you can use anywhere, from your wall to your clothes. Painting on clothes is not just a new trend. We have been painting clothes from the day when we started stitching fabrics and started wearing clothes. Ancient Asia has the oldest history of painting clothes. In many parts of the world, people do not just paint their clothes; they even paint their handkerchiefs, bedsheets, curtains, etc. So, take out your brush and get set go.

4. Sewing and Cutting

The basic of tailoring is sewing and cutting. Scissor, thread, and a needle can transform your old, used clothes into something trendy. We all have done fitting of our loose jeans, pants, or even T-shirts. Even I remember that we used to have a sewing machine at our home, and I have done my upcycling of my clothes. So, you can go with these essential tools to make your clothes look trendy on you.

5. Think out of the box

A trend is not what is the same for the time; a trend is what you do creatively to make it popular. There is only one rule of creativity which is no rule. There is nothing like we have to wear only pants under our coat, we can’t wear this color with that color. We have seen people and celebrities wearing jeans or shorts under their coats, wearing completely contrasting colors too. We have Cannes as an example of creativity. If you see the fashion through a keyhole or with a narrow mind, then it will not be possible for you to come up with good ideas, so you have to make your view vast like using creativity on your cabinets. All is to give a try to odds for upcycling your clothes. We all like a garden with full of different flowers more than a garden with a single type of flower. So, do mix the colors and clothes with each other and come up with your own brand and trend.

So, these are the five unique ways to do upcycling of your clothes. Upcycling will not just help you to use your old clothes it will also help you give your contribution to saving the environment. Tonnes of clothes are in the garbage, and the production of these clothes has a total contribution of 10% in global carbon emissions. So, by doing upcycling clothes, you are saving your money and mother earth as well.

Henry Gibson

Henry Gibson holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Berkeley and has been the part of the arts and crafts community for about 16 years. He joined our editorial team as a freelancer in 2021, bringing a creative and thoughtful approach to DIY projects and artistic expression. Before this, Henry was an art teacher and a freelance designer. He is known for his community art workshops and his hobby of birdwatching.

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