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Furniture completes a home. It brings together several elements in a household, without which it remains unable to accent the personality of the homeowner. People living in a house mold their lives inside their houses, and a house should always reflect the homeowners’ likes and dislikes.

A major decision for a homeowner is to decide on the furniture that they want in their house. Although the furniture can be changed with décor and renovation, for the significant part of a person’s lives, they prefer long-lasting and durable furniture that matches their personality and style.

According to the décor of the house it can be modern, traditional, contemporary as well as edgy. Furniture is required in every room of the house regardless of the time to be spent there.

With the plethora of companies offering world-class furniture services and products, it becomes tough for homeowners, renovators, and contractors to decide the brand to order from and the type of furniture that suits their requirements best.

One such world’s best furniture company is Wood-mode Fine Custom-Made Cabinetry. They have been providing furniture products and related services for over 75 years through several showrooms and retail chains all over the United States of America.

With their varied design options for American Classics, European Inspirations, and Contemporary Expressions, the Wood-more Cabinetry provides several cabinetry options as well. Their cabinetry catalogs range from door styles, wood species and laminates, finishes, architectural elements, storage and conveniences, construction features, and integrated lighting options for their cabinets. Everything that you require to mention in your home improvement blog, you can find it here.

Since Wood-mode Fine Custom-made cabinetry is mainly about cabinets, it is safe to say that they cater specifically to the kitchens and bathrooms of the household furniture requirements. However, cabinets can be used in studies and libraries as well, and therefore, are a significant part of the furniture present in a house.

Cabinets are mainly used for storage purposes – important files, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, and miscellaneous items. For this purpose, they need to be sturdy and durable, along with a detailed look and appeal.

Brookhaven custom-made cabinet line

Brookhaven Cabinet Reviews and Complaints

Wood-Mode prides itself on being a supplier and manufacturer of some of the world’s most famous cabinetry products. Brookhaven is a semi-custom line of the Wood-Mode brand, and the Brookhaven cabinet reviews posted on various forums and platforms by customers are nothing short of only praises for the items and products.

Unlike Wood-mode, Brookhaven does not provide the customers with the level of flexibility in selecting the size, finish, trim, colors, etc. However, customers can still find their perfect looks and specifications from their wide range of products highlighted in their catalog.

There are two semi-custom Brookhaven lines – Brookhaven I and Brookhaven II that ensure decades of services and products that do not have any significant complaints by customers.

Their exclusive features include

  • Stained finishes for their cabinets that are applied in an 8-step process,
  • Adjustable and removable shelves that work on a click-and-lock feature,
  • Extra-wide cabinet opening with components constructed of furniture-grade particleboard with an option of upgrading to plywood,
  • Heavy-duty solid maple dovetail drawers with full-extension slides mounted under the drawer for a more expansive interior storage space,
  • Frameless or traditional famed custom construction cabinetry door design facilitated by furniture grade plywood, high-density furniture board, and natural woods.
  • They also provide a lifetime warranty on drawer slides and hinges.

Brookhaven, I am designed to keep in mind the middle price range customer base that has homeowners looking for high-quality right products without burning holes in their pockets. They have modest yet chic models with quality furniture categories.

Brookhaven II is the premium range designed for customers who can afford top-of-the-range models with exquisite and exclusive features. The cabinets in this line are equipped with the most durable and stylish materials, providing optimal products to the higher class customers who prefer luxury and aesthetic appeal for their houses.

Brookhaven cabinet reviews highlight the functionality and quality of these products, making it a handy and much-appreciated line of cabinets by Wood-mode.

Brookhaven Cabinet Sizes and Construction

Brookhaven Cabinet Reviews

The Brookhaven Cabinets line features several construction specifications that cannot usually be found in even the most reputed and branded products by other companies. At comparable prices, the two Brookhaven lines offer the best quality without making it seem like the company is digging gold from the customers’ pockets.

The Brookhaven I cabinets line features-

  • The tops and bottoms of the cabinets are made of 11/16″ thick particleboard or plywood are dowelled and glued into the cabinet sides.
  • The cabinet sides are made up of 11/16″ thick particleboard or plywood.
  • The cabinet backs made of 1/4″ melamine, wood-grained or white backs.
  • Full-depth cabinet shelves and clips made of 11/16″ thick particleboard or plywood.
  • Finally, the cabinets feature a toe kick, which allows more convenient access to the work surface.

The Brookhaven II cabinet line has the same basic features as the Brookhaven I cabinets line; however, there are some specifications changed in the second line like –

  • The solid wood cabinet front which has dimensions of 1-1/2″ x 3/4″
  • The cabinet sides are 5/8″ thick and made up of particleboard or plywood.
  • The cabinet tops and bottoms that are 5/8″ thick and made up of particleboard or plywood.

Brookhaven Cabinets Styles

Brookhaven custom-made cabinet line

Brookhaven cabinet line is a semi-custom like offered by Wood-mode Fine Custom-made Cabinetry. As the description suggests, customers can personalize the various styles, finishes, and colors for their cabinets according to their requirements.

For instance, the Brookhaven cabinets have an option of upgrading from particleboard structure to the plywood structure, which is more durable, long-lasting, and has a more refined appearance as well.

However, there are various styles to choose from and personalize as cabinet specifications. The customers can choose from a variety of door styles, wood species and laminates, finishes, architectural elements, and cabinet types:

  1. Pull-out utility cabinet – These kitchen cabinets are specially designed for tight-fitting spaces with storage facilities in tight areas.
  2. Magic corner – These kitchen corners are made for modular kitchens with chic cabinets.
  3. Corner Turnout cabinet – equipped with state-of-the-art pull-out corner fittings.
  4. Double Waste Basket Cabinet – Extra-large and wide cabinets than can store two wastebaskets.
  5. Tray partitions cabinets
  6. Mixer cabinets
  7. Aluminum Tambour cabinets
  8. Cleaning Supply cabinets
  9. Pull-out spice cabinets
  10. Bi-fold door cabinets
  11. Pull-out base tray pantry cabinets
  12. Swing-out spice cabinets
  13. Base pull-out cabinets
  14. Pull-out towel cabinets
  15. Rotating shelves cabinets
  16. Base Tray cabinets
  17. Tray partitions and wine rack cabinets
  18. Lateral bi-pass doors cabinets
  19. Corner carousel cabinets
  20. Base tote storage cabinets
  21. Wire tray partitions cabinets

Brookhaven Door Styles

There are three options of door styles available for these cabinets –

  1. Inset doors – with over 25 designs in inset doors, the Brookhaven cabinet line features traditional inset doors in plywood and particleboard options.
  2. Overlay doors – These doors feature over 50 designs and styles for the Brookhaven overlay door style.
  3. Specialty doors – These include the frameless and traditionally framed doors with glass or aluminum panel options.

Brookhaven Wood Type and Finishes

The several wood finishes and varieties available are as follows –

  1. Oak type wood
  2. Maple type wood
  3. Cherry type of wood
  4. Hickory type wood

There is an additional option of veneer or laminate finish in each of the wood types. Brookhaven cabinet line also offers its customers the chance to choose from over 200 designs and styles, ranging from modern to traditional.

Cabinet finishes options to choose from –

  1. Stain finish
  2. Opaque finish
  3. Design color palette finish
  4. Distressed finishes
  5. Custom finishes

The customers can choose the coloring of their cabinet finish from the broad range that Brookhaven has to offer. Options range from light, medium to dark finishes, which are all designed to bring out the natural color of the wood. After finish, the wood is sealed to protect the surface from wear and tear.

Brookhaven offers the customers to choose from a variety of options that accent their furniture likes and dislikes. Clients can choose from complimentary colors, finishes, styles, panels, etc., creating their perfect outcomes according to their specific needs.

However, for those who want a ready-made product with certain fixed features and outlooks, this semi-custom line also offers such cabinets. In such cases, all the customer must do is decide on a finish and a color.

Wood-made Fine Custom-Made Cabinetry has various local stores and showrooms that supply their products on retail. Visiting these stores gives a better description of the products as the material can be inspected through touch and real-time viewing.

Brookhaven Cabinet Reviews and Complaints

Brookhaven Wood Type and Finishes

The company’s custom-made products are one of the best items on the market in the furniture industry that can be found at comparable prices. Brookhaven cabinet reviews have created a lot of buss on several forums and websites where customers and homeowners review furniture that they have used.

Although customers can also lodge complaints against the companies and their products on these platforms, Brookhaven cabinet reviews do not have many negative tones to them. Customers are filled with appreciation towards the Brookhaven cabinet line, which is proved by their enthusiastic testimonials recommending these products to other homeowners as well.

The customers have often complained about the wearing and tearing of the products’ finish and chipping of the plywood with regular use over time in Brookhaven cabinet reviews. Still, these can be easily fixed with repair mechanisms.

“The finish comes off or has spots all over them. Even used what was suggested in the manual that came with them.”

A Brookhaven cabinet review has a customer complaining about the finish and the instructions in the manual. It might seem very frustrating when the cabinets do not stay brand-new for long. Still, according to the low to mid-range prices that the company offers its services at, the Brookhaven cabinets have proven to be more efficient and durable than most others. However, most Brookhaven cabinet reviews by other customers have lively tones to them, with realistic expectations of the products and the company services.

“Brookhaven cabinets are quite good! They are practically identical to the genuine cherry cabinets that I had previously owned and do a far better job resisting scratches and dents than the ones made of real wood did.”

Another customer review about their installations with the Brookhaven cabinets is shown above. However, it is always advised to be careful with the “more affordable” products because companies often cut corners to make the products available for cheaper than the market prices. This may lead to low-quality brittle, and less satisfying products that will still take a toll on your budget.

In the case of Brookhaven cabinet reviews, there does not seem to be a divided audience about whether the products are right or not. The census comes in favor of the company, with most Brookhaven cabinet reviews being on the positive side.

They are cheaper than alternative brands with a lot of options for styles, doors, wood types, finishes, and cabinet styles, which are generally not offered by other brands. This semi-custom line provides the customers the freedom to get their specific needs fulfilled for a lesser price.

The Brookhaven cabinet reviews suggest that the company needs to work on the longevity and durability of the products, especially the finishes and the particleboard structure.

Although Brookhaven cabinets may look aesthetic and chic from the outside upon arrival and installation, they should also retain their appeal even after more prolonged use, which is not in line with the present scenario.

Apart from this, the company has managed to keep its fame and name in the top-rated cabinet and furniture brands with their hard work and perseverance, which is a lot to say for a company offering such low prices.

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  2. I am in need of a color repair kit or wand to redo nicks and chips i could provide photos of some blemishes and scratches and wear from door handles


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