How to Decorate Home Theater in 2022 – 7 Pro Tips

Home theaters have become very common in the past few years because of COVID norms. As a result, more and more people are turning their spare room, basement, or creating a new space into an ultimate home theater. Isn’t it the best feeling that you can enjoy amazing movies comfortably at your home after unwinding from work? So, make the place even more welcoming and cozy barcalounger with appropriate decor. So, here are some best tips to decorate a home theater in 2022.

Let’s have a look!

#1 Give it a Cinematic Feel With Exciting Wall Arts

Give your home theater a cinematic feel and character with wall arts. The wall arts like canvas, posters, etc., look outstanding. You can cover both adjacent walls with wall arts of your favorite movie, heroes, or some famous dialogues. If you don’t want the bright colors to mess up with your movie screen, you can opt for beautiful nude wall arts. Wall arts like canvas especially look good as lightweight, versatile, durable, and ready to hang. In addition, they have all kinds of illustrations, sizes, and styles.

Some of the tips are:

  • Hang framed canvas at fixed intervals on both of the adjacent walls. Always mount them at eye level, which is 57 inches from the ground to the center of the wall arts.
  • Also, you can create an ultimate grid of canvas or poster on the back wall. As the movie theater walls are generally dark, you can use light color wall arts, like cream or black ad white. Ensure even spacing between all the pieces of the grid.
  • Also, to make it minimalistic, you can hang three or four wall arts on long elongated walls.

#2 Make it Comfortable and Pretty

Comfortable seating like a kivik sofa is the primary goal of any home theater. So, make it more attractive with lots of pretty cushions and throw blankets. If you have recliners, place comfy cushions on them. In case you have couches provide comforters and stunning pillows. This will upgrade the seating of your home theater drastically.

#3 Create an Ultimate Movie Gallery

Do something out of the box and display your passion for the cinema. To create an ultimate space-saving movie gallery, you can try these methods:

  • On a wall with an area, which can be back or sidewall. Create vertical racks of wood or any material. You can DIY or ask a local carpenter for it. Now, place cinematic albums, movie CDs and pair the rooftop rack with house plants and attractive cinematic artistic showpieces.
  • Another way is to extend the TV screen and create racks surrounding it. Place movie CDs, display your cool gadgets, collocations, and magazines. It will be the most accessible and stylish storage.

#4 Correct Lightning Will Enhance the Decor

A correct lighting system will bring the best out of the decor. You can go for concealed automatic dimming lights. Also, floor lights look awesome and give freedom to walk during movie time. Also, Look for green, blue, red LED strip lights. You can switch it on during pauses. The effects of these lights will make your home theater feel like an original theater.

#5 Layer the Floors

One of the best ways to avoid falls during movie time is to layer the floor. In addition, the floor will feel super comfy and look good. You can carpet the entire room with cushioned anti-skid carpet. Another great way is to place soft, attractive, patterned rugs under the couches. You can also sit here. Layering the floor is indeed necessary and looks incredible.

#6 Invest in Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

Fiber optic star ceilings are trending and look out of the world. You can buy it online or offline. You have to measure your roof and order accordingly. It’s a DIY project where you have to paste the fiber, and a remote operates it. Under illumination, it feels like you’re sitting under the open night sky. The light is perfect, and the view is amazing. It’s trending in home theater roofs as it is a perfect balance of dark and illumination.

#7 Place a Small Refreshment Unit

A small munching corner with drinks can be as large as your home theater room allows. You can create a countertop with a small basin, fridge, and snacks. Also, you can invest in a cute cabin, a refrigerator filled with drinks, and some munching items. Paste a movie poster or canvas near it and pair it with a nice indoor plant. It will be the most thoughtful decor idea for any home theater. You don’t have to rush to the kitchen anymore for in-movie cravings. So, find a place for this corner for sure.

Bonus Tips

Designing and decorating a home theater is the most exciting task. So, go through the ideas mentioned above and pick your favorite ones! Then, make your movie theater as functional as you can. Go for blind drapes and invest in comfortable seating. Also, consider the screen directions and set up a neat audio and video system. An attractive and functional home theater will make you watch more movies. At last, Hide all the wires with a cord manager and have a thrilling time at your home theater.

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