How Does Insufficient Ventilation Cause Your Roof to Rot?

The roof is the main building block of a house. It is important for providing shelter and maintaining the house’s ventilation during different seasons. A good roof can last years without getting damaged. But if the roofing is not proper, it can get damaged in a few years.

Mostly, roofs are ventilated to keep the house warm during winter and cool during summer. However, if the ventilation is not done correctly, it can cause many problems in the exterior and interior of the house. Also, if the ventilation is not sufficiently done, you have to spend a lot of money on maintenance. This is why it is best to have a local roofing contractor like Roof Plus who has the expertise and dedication to get the job done well from start to finish.

This article will get complete information regarding insufficient ventilation and how it causes the roof to rot. Also, if you need to find a roofer we will discuss how house ventilation should be done to prevent the roof from rotting.

Effects of improper ventilation:

Usually, people think that if the roof is not maintained, it will cause issues like damaged shingles, leakage, and blocked gutters. But, insufficient ventilation can cause more major issues in your house roof. So, if you don’t give attention to the roofs, you can have a big loss which might include your beloved sofa.

If your house ventilation is not working correctly during winters, the indoor heat will move into the shingles and causes problems like ice dams, condensation, rooting, and many more. Similarly, poor ventilation can result in high energy consumption and roof rooting during summers.

Below are some major issues that come after poor ventilation.

Ice dams:

A layer of snow can form on the roof shingles after a heavy snowfall during winters. This is because the lack of proper ventilation releases the heat from indoors into the shingles and causes the snow to melt. This melted snow then gathers in the shingles and forms ice dams.

These ice dams are very damaging for a roof. If the ice dams are not removed with time, they cause leakage in the walls of the roof, resulting in removing the paint from the walls. Also, if there is any wooden work on the walls, it can get badly damaged.

Thermal shock:

Another consequence of improper ventilation is the increase in heat during summers. Proper ventilation prevents your house from getting heated up. But, if there is insufficient ventilation, the heat from the sunlight will transfer into the house unless you have solatubes or solar panels

It will increase the temperature indoors, and your air conditioner will work more to maintain the temperature causing a lot of energy consumption. Also, when the shingles get heated, they have a high chance of getting broken or damaged.


Our roof shingles are made of a little bit of metal. The nails that join the shingles with the roof and the flashing are metal. Due to the formation of moisture during winters, these metal components are at high risk of getting rusted.

Also, during summers, these meal components get heated up, increasing their temperature. It can also affect the shingles. Proper ventilation will maintain the indoor and outdoor temperature and save the shingles from rusting.

Pest and mold buildup:

When the ventilation is not sufficient, a temperature difference between outdoor and indoor produces condensation—this condensation of water results in the rooting of the shingles and the roof.

Over time, this condensation produces pests and molds in the shingles. If the shingles are not cleaned with time or the pests and molds are not sprayed, your whole roof can get damaged badly. Therefore, even you need to contact a professional to replace your roof. If you spot any pest infestation, consider using pest control supplies like Self Control Pest to protect your roof from bugs and insects.

Importance of ventilation:

House ventilation plays an important role in maintaining the temperature of your house. Proper ventilation is necessary during all seasons. Due to house ventilation, you can enjoy a cool atmosphere even during summers.

Similarly, during winters, proper ventilation helps you get warm even if there are minus degrees outside. Also, ventilation increases the lifespan of a house roof and prevents it from damaging.

If you think you cannot do proper ventilation, it is better to contact some professional house ventilation companies. Of course, they will charge some money, but the result will be worth the cost.

Instead of doing insufficient ventilation and then spending money on the maintenance of the roof, it is better to spend money at once. You can easily find such professional corporations on the internet or nearby.


Insufficient ventilation can lead to many issues. It can cause rusting, mold buildup, ice dams, and many more. These issues can damage the roof, and you may have to replace the whole roof.

That’s why proper ventilation is necessary to have a secure and lifetime roofing system. After reading the above information, we hope you are clearer about the importance of ventilation.

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