Solatube Vs. Velux Solar Tube Reviews 2021

From our primary school education to the arhaus furniture in our homes, we always learn the concept of renewable and non-renewable resources. Since then, everyone has focused more on the usage of renewable resources rather than non-renewable resources because once renewable resources are depleted, they are straightforward to reproduce. Still, it is not possible in the case of non-renewable resources as they are adamant about reproducing once they got depleted. It took millions of years to reproduce them.

But in modern times, the main reason why we keep on focusing on the preservation of non-renewable resources when people are more educated and literate in comparison to earlier times? The reason is human needs are unlimited, and resources are limited.

When a human or an individual tries to satisfy his needs, he overuses the resources, which ultimately leads to the depletion of resources. But as we develop a lot in the field of science and technology, our researchers find so many alternatives to save the resources as well as our environment. Some of them were:

  • Use of Solar energy made up of sun rays
  • Use of tidal energy made up of wind
  • Use of cow dunk cakes
  • Biomass made up of organic plant material
  • Use of hydropower plants made up of water
  • Use of geothermal energy

There is an infinite number of alternatives that we can use to save our mother earth. From all the examples mentioned above, the most prominent one is solar energy, but at the same time, people are also inclined towards the skylights. There is not much difference between these two products; still, people prefer to use more of a solar tube. Let us look at the reason behind it.

Skylights are glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate windows set into the top of your home. They are generally rectangular and comprise of three fundamental segments. It is encircled by the casing and associated with the rooftop by glimmering into the rainy season, whereas Solar tubes are likewise called sun tunnels, light cylinders.


They are altogether fundamentally comparable. Acrylic or polycarbonate one arch introduced on the home’s rooftop gets the daylight, which is reflected down an unbending or adaptable sheet metal cylinder in the upper room before sparkling on the diffusing focal point in the room’s roof. They can be 10-inch, 14-inch, or more significant.

Fitting of Skylight is harder for the lookout window since it requires more carpentry work. For most sizes, in any event, one crossbeam should be cut, requiring the rafters around it to be multiplied. Indeed, even without cutting, the procedure will require cautious work completing within the room and introducing the glimmering 2 to forestall spills.

The regular recognition is that lookout windows are inclined to spills, which as a rule, happen considering ill-advised establishment, but on the other hand, fitting a solar tube is very easy. The entire fitting work can take as meager as two hours, however close to a half day.

The vault is introduced on the rooftop with the correct glimmering 2, and the solar tube is reached out from the arch to the room’s roof. The diffuser is then set into the roof without expecting to accomplish more than negligible inside completing work.

The more vitality productive of the two is the solar tube since light is caught and diffused into the home, in contrast to the immediate daylight of a lookout window. Skylight permits up to multiple times the immediate daylight than ordinary windows. This makes vitality misfortune through warmth gain, particularly throughout the mid-year and in hot atmospheres.

Skylights can be separated to chop down UV beams; however, the Solar tunnel or solar tube will be more viable since the UV beams are obstructed at the sun-oriented vault before entering the tube.

This is significant because UV beams can be unsafe for a home’s inhabitants and goods. These beams are liable for burns from the sun, eye harm, untimely maturing, and skin malignant growths, which implies that it is imperative to square them; however much as could reasonably be expected.

They can likewise blur texture, furniture, and fine art. Solar tubes are so viable at blocking hurtful radiation that experts suggest they be introduced on the southwest side of the home to catch however much daylight as could be expected.

Skylight and solar tubes can be utilized in both warm and cold atmospheres. Zones of the substantial day off, of course, will have no advantage from either type during the more significant part of the winter. A few stipends ought to be made for extraordinary temperatures.

An acrylic skylight is more powerless to harm and splitting when exposed to too high and shallow temperatures. Skylight is a definitive decision for these atmospheres. Zones subject to tropical storms ought to consider polycarbonate as a material for either a lookout win skylight or a solar tunnel arch to forestall breakage.

Apart from all those reasons mentioned above, others are skylight gives a new look to your room. It is very cheap in terms of cost. You can find it so many different shapes, as well as designs along with color. The choice depends on your taste and the space where you want to put it.

It also provides a magnificent view of the sky, as well. Having all those qualities, people still will not prefer it in a considerable number. Why? Because on cloudy days, it gains more heat. The UV rays which are emitting from it caused skin damage. In the long run, it needs more interior finishing at the time of installation, but there are no such issues in solar tubes.

As they gain power from solar energy or directly from the sun rays. Solar energy is essentially the light and warmth that originate from the sun. Individuals can tackle the sun’s rays in a couple of various ways i.e.

Solatube Vs. Velux Solar Tube Reviews

Photovoltaic cells convert daylight into power, and another one is Inactive sunlight-based warming, which can be as necessary as letting the sun radiate through windows to warm within a room. Both skylight and the solar tube have their advantages and disadvantages. We cannot stick to any one of the products.

But if we look at history, peopleused it a lot, but people are not much aware of it. But now, with continuous development, there are so many companies in the present time that are manufacturing the solar tubes. Some of the handpick companies are:

  • Moser Baer
  • Sola
  • Navitas
  • Renewsys India
  • Velux
  • Lanco
  • Sunoptics

Apart from all those companies mentioned above, there are so many other companies too who manufactures the solar tubes, but it might be possible sometimes that you must pay through your nose. So, if you are concerned about your budget, then always critically analyze all the products and choose the one according to your need. So, let us start a small survey to choose the best out of the rest.

Moser Baer

Moser Baer

Moser Baer India Ltd. is one of the leading innovation organizations in India. They are designed to create ideal vitality from daylight and can withstand the most unpleasant of conditions. They are intended for adaptability in applications appropriate for private, business, and modern purposes.

They utilize high proficiency multi-crystalline silicon sun-based cells. Utilization of top-quality glass, EVA, and Back Sheet guarantee power, inflexibility, and execution of modules. Moser Baer utilizes an inline, flat, fabricating line, which is equipped for conveying modules in different cell setups. Moser Baer’s absolute limit at current effectiveness levels is of 250 MW.

The organization has two auxiliaries that attention on the sun-based business and these auxiliaries are Moser Baer Solar Limited (MBSL) and Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Limited (MBPV). Both of their auxiliary organizations serve clients everywhere throughout the world through items and administrations that are top-notch. Sometimes, the price may differ according to the location.



The Solatube tubing is 99.7% intelligent because of its Spectra light tubing structure. This identifies with less lighting lost and assimilated in transit down the tube, and a more brilliant outcome for your home and family.

They permit the most significant measure of light to go down them with, and the most light gets into the room. The more normal methodology is to utilize an adaptable passage. These are for shorter separations and permit you to worm your way around past any deterrents in the manner.

The adaptable solar tunnel will reflect less light so that it will be more obscure. Solatube has built up their item, so it works better for the client. Little changes and transformations have made it more helpful, i.e., Solatube has extended its item run throughout the years and refined the innovation extensively.



Navitas Solar is the most recent endeavor into a sustainable power source by a gathering of organizations that have a rich history of more than four decades in building and assembling exercises. Navitas Solar set out on a necessary arrangement to fabricate its business in sun-powered vitality.

Furthermore, they intend to accomplish this by assembling best in class monocrystalline and multi-translucent sun powered PV modules that gracefully supportable sun oriented electric capacity to both on-framework and off-matrix private, business, and modern foundations.

Navitas Solar likewise gives a total lifecycle of sun-based force arrangements. Their mastery currently incorporates creating, introducing, and developing sunlight-based force. They have a 200 MW introduced creation limit. Also, the organization plans to come up as one of the biggest sun-powered board makers in India as well as throughout the world.



RenewSys India is the sustainable power source arm of the Epee Group, which is an enhanced worldwide aggregate with a legacy of more than 55 years of assembling greatness. RenewSys is the principal incorporated producer of sun-oriented PV modules and their essential parts, Encapsulants (EVA and POE), back sheets, and sunlight-based PV cells.

Starting now, the organization’s absolute solar tube creation limit is 280 MW, and of the leading ten sun-powered board makers in India. It is the first to dispatch the creation of 5 BB sun-based cells. They have a plant in Bengaluru that makers EVA and POE encapsulants with a 1.2 GW limit and PV back sheet film with a 1.8 GW limit.



Velux has been working for more than 70 years, fashioning the route forward for an ideal situation. The Velux bunch acknowledged quite a while in the past that 90% of the average individual’s day is spent inside.

They see how significant characteristic sunshine is and the need to bring that inside. During this time, they have been driven by their enthusiasm for making and improving living situations for individuals all around the globe. They have various solar tunnels, and you can pick between the unbending or adaptable assortments.

Both are made with cutting edge plastics and strengthened paned glass to permit in the light. They offer them in a scope of sizes with the goal that you can discover the sun burrow, which like all the necessities you need.



Lanco Solar is an auxiliary of Lanco Infratech Limited, and this organization centers around exercises, for example, the creation of sunlight-based items and frameworks, PV module fabricating venture improvement, and EPC for sun-oriented force plants.

During late years, Lanco Solar has taken impressive steps in the sun-powered industry in incorporated assembling; housetop sun-powered EPC and venture advancement. Also, it is the organization’s essential means to convey reasonable, inventive, and financially savvy arrangements over the whole sun-based force esteem chain.

Their introduced capacity is 75 MW. Also, the organization has consented to significant arrangements with rumored associations and work in a very eco-friendly manner.

While looking at all these companies, I would like to choose the one between Solatube and Velux Solar tubes. The reason is Velux solar tunnel outer material is around 98% intelligent, and their general lumen yield is marginally lower than the Solatube lookout window.

The principle explanation behind this is the Solatube tubing is 99.7% intelligent because of its Spectra light tubing plan. This identifies with less lighting lost and assimilated in transit down the tunnel and a more brilliant outcome for your home and family.

Both organizations are notable for their sun passages, and the two of them have some noteworthy items added to their repertoire. Velux has significantly more assortment of items outside of their solar tunnels, while Solatube is a lot of concentrated on the one thing. It is maybe consequently that Solatube wins out over the competition.

While the procedure for Solatube and Velux is the equivalent, Solatube has built up their item, so it works better for the client. Little changes and variations have made it more helpful than the Velux partner. Sola has four key product offerings:

You might have read or written home improvement blogs but it’s we start including tips to save mother earth as well. Each of these has an alternate use and keeping in mind that the Brighten Up arrangement is ideal for little living arrangements. So, if you are searching for a solar tube, at that point, Velux has some incredible alternatives; however, Solatube is undoubtedly the best approach.

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