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Furniture styles and quality bring life to your interior design, and it’s a stubborn choice to settle with any of the furniture brands. It is essential for the particular furniture theme or finishes to fit flawlessly in the design and spacing of a particular room. Styling your room is all about the spaces you keep voluntarily and the spaces you fill.

What is the primary thing that fills n space? Your Furniture. So you will have to be very careful with the look, fitting, style, quality, and theme of the furniture you are purchasing to accomplish the elegance and class you want to achieve for your home.

Furniture transforms a space into a complete house and fulfills all your comfort and functionality needs. So you should only trust a furniture brand that has excelled in merging all the critical elements without compromising on the quality.

All the H.M Richards reviews have agreed that HM Richards is one such U.S based local furniture provider whose contemporary furniture is an effortless combination of comfort, style, and utility that is perfect for the modern age.

Let us take a glance at the uniqueness this brand provides that is sure to win your heart:

  • Their factory hires only the best of skilled artisans who know the art of designing quality furniture.
  • All their furniture pieces are locally produced with strict quality control checks.
  • They focus their attention on choosing an only quality and reliable local materials that make their furniture extremely durable.
  • This local furniture company produces stunning furniture pieces that are unique to their brand and limits carbon emissions and footprints to minimize environmental damage.
  • The HM Richards furniture reviews have hinted at the fact that they own verified network of dealerships to sell their products and never sell their products directly.
  • Their services are spread across the country, and they have a well-developed infrastructure for timely deliveries and shipment.
  • HM Richards offers you the broadest range of furniture pieces and stylish room accessories to complement the theme and space of your room.

Want to jazz up your living room’s décor? This local company is famous for their living room furniture, especially their elegant sofa collection that can be seen in many houses in the U.S

With any of these elements missing, your furniture won’t create the impact that you wish for your home. What is the main struggle while finding a suitable furniture brand? The massive range of choices provided by thousands of furniture brands we believe. We are sure you have hunted down every HM Richards furniture reviews by now to make a decision. HM Richards, with its 20-year-old history in premium quality furniture dealership, is undoubtedly your best pick.

What Does H.M Richard mainly aim at furniture?

HM Richards Furniture Sofa

Are you environment-conscious? Well, you should be! The value of this furniture brand is to mainly produce beautiful and high-quality furniture with the help of eco-friendly raw materials and processes. Don’t even worry about quality issues! They pay attention to every detailing and achieving unrealistically high standards by strict monitoring and controlling of their manufacturing process.

Are you worried about the consequences of any cheap, low-quality material used in your furnishings? This brand only uses superior quality materials like engineered hardwood frames, five-ply high-density foam cushions, and a coil spring seating system.

Be rest assured that H.M Richards furniture will even outlive you! Each of their pieces has a triple-layer cover with high-quality foam and fiberboard below a layer of superior fabric for high durability and tailoring.

HM Richards furniture reviews have stated that their retail distributors are high-class, best-pick retail distributors who are in charge of significant furniture stores across Canada and the U.S.A. Some of these retailers are leaders of the market in particular areas who provide an excellent professional level of service and quality.

Hm Richards Furniture Quality

Do you know why it is so difficult to find a reliable furniture brand in the U.S? It is because a lot of the big names in furniture production in the U.S export their products to Asia to lower their costs. This has led to the downfall of the quality of the furniture market in the U.S, and thus finding a reliable local company that doesn’t compromise with the quality is a great deal.

Extremely high-quality materials are crafted into a furniture piece by expert professionals:

Solid frames:

  • Laminated frames made of superior quality hardwood.
  • The corners of the frame are stapled and blocked and glued to make it extremely sturdy.
  • You will be investing a lot in your furniture, so of course, you would like it to last long! The frame is embroidered with another frame that has double back rails to enhance the durability.
  • The H.M Richards reviews hint that the mortise and tenon joints have been used to reinforce the joints of the furniture pieces.

Advanced Cushioning and Padding:

Have to sit on your furniture and work for long hours? H.M Richards furniture reviews have stated that 5 Ply cushion that has 1.8 cu. ft/lb core of seat foam whose top layer has low melt foam and the bottom layer is wrapped with 3 oz. The fiber layer made of polyester has been used for their furniture that is designed to give you prolonged seating comfort.

The cushion core is wrapped with low-melt, high-density polyester fiber that provides extra softness and brilliant height recovery. The bolsters at the arm and the back are filled with a completely non-allergenic, extremely luxurious fiber. The arms and the back are fully padded to give you all the comfort you deserve.

Want that premium level of comfort and softness along with durability? The top arm pad is layered with contour cut pure polyurethane that makes it very comfortable, soft, and durable and brings a uniform shape. Have a habit of completely leaning on the sofa? No worries! To give you excellent seating support, a machine tied coils unit is used.

Don’t worry about your kids jumping on the sofa! They use coil springs for their furniture instead of flat springs, which makes it quite flexible.The furniture is designed in such a way that there is the least stress on the frame so that there are no irritating squeaky sounds.

Skilled Tailoring:

  • The specialty of H.M Richards is that they use the “four-way match” technique both horizontally and vertically.
  • The skirts are lined with pelon so that the hang is straight.
  • The craftsmen have done the standard “7 stitches per inch” for sewing the seams so that no other furniture brands can beat it when it comes to strength.
  • The well-trained and highly experienced craftsmen of H.M Richards, according to the H.M Richards Furniture reviews, have stated that they are the best in the furniture industry when it comes to achieving perfection.
  • The end-result of the endless efforts of so many artisans who consistently strive to achieve a quality beyond perfection is their highly reliable, beautiful, and secure furniture.
  • Their furniture will last for years and will go beyond all wear and tear. It is assumed that you will be highly satisfied with the quality and feel of their furniture.

H.M Richards Sofa Reviews

Sofa from HM Richards

H.M Richards manufactures the broadest range of seating options for your living space that can oomph the “wow factor” of your interior. They have a diversified collection categorized into various price ranges so that you can choose your “best pick” within your budget.

They have the biggest range of styles of sofas:

  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Contemporary
  • Casual
  • Sophisticated Glamour

Each of these unique themes has a punch of twist to them to give an extraordinary look and vibe to your sofa. It doesn’t even matter whether your room is exceptionally spacious or has a tiny size! Their sofa designs cater to the needs of every room style and space. You will find so many options customized according to individual tastes that you won’t even need to change the current décor of your room.

The sofa pieces will just fit within the existing theme. You just need to find “the piece” that genuinely complements and gets well highlighted in your living room. Want to customize the fabric on your sofa? H.M Richards furniture reviews show that they provide a lot of options in upholstery, each with a separate fabric that gives each piece a unique feel.

Want a fabric that feels extremely comfortable and durable?

Simply go for leather! It is excellent for traditional-styled sofas and adds a touch of elegance and class. Want to have fun with the shades along with the style and fabric? You can even pick from a wide range of colors, starting from pastel and neutral hues to popping, bold options. Their sofas come in various sizes so that you can place them in any corner of the room you wish.

Now let us take a glance at their top-two sofa collections:

Woodrow Stationary Sofa

  • This sophisticated style sofa piece with its charm and exuberance will bring a touch of luxury ambiance to your living room space.
  • It has a traditional design accent like the rolled arms that is softened with the curved lines, and the wooden feet look decorative.
  • It has intricate detailing as per the H.M Richards furniture reviews like welt cords, fringe, and nailhead trim. It features a stationary sofa, cocktail ottoman, chair chaise, and ottoman, which will furnish your room with elegance.
  • It has a deep seat overflowing with reversible boxed seat cushions and plush pillows that will hug your body with its resilient comfort.
  • This stunning piece has a double toned fabric that is sure to grab some eyeballs.


Width: 95” W

Height: 38’ H

Depth: 45”D

Style: Traditional

Fabric: Bella Pecan-10%, Polyester Throw Pillows, Chariot Godiver 61%, Rayon 39%, Polyester Evitalane Bluestone 44%, Polyester 36%, Cotton 20%, Rayon Velvet Quilt Nut 51%,

Double Seater Skirted Sofa with Rolling Arms

  • This is a traditional piece with a touch of elegance that will forever be in style.It has a touch of classic accents like a webbed fabric skirt sewed with a welting cord and rolled arms
  • It has cushions with a premium blend of feathers like that of a duck and non-allergenic natural fibers with a high-density foam core that is designed to give fantastic comfort.
  • This piece, according to the H.M Richards furniture reviews, has frames that are specially padded so that you can shift the furniture wherever you want. It still looks visually stunning, and there is no compromise on attractiveness.
  • This sofa piece is an excellent option if you are looking for recliners or sofas where you can sleep.


Width: 94” W

Depth: 45” D

Height: 36 “H

Style: Contemporary

Fabric: Plush chenille upholstery with a soft butterfly touch.

H.M Richards Warranty Policy on Furniture

HM Richard

Are you concerned that just a few months after the installation of the furniture, something might go wrong? Don’t! H.M Richard furniture provides a long-term warranty on their furniture if any kind of defect arises due to the workman’s skills or quality issues of the material. Your warranty period will ultimately depend on the furniture piece that you are purchasing. This is so because different dealerships deal with every other furniture piece. Always check details and the warranty period provided by a particular dealership for assurance.

H.M Richards has become a popular name when it comes to furniture, and this brand has earned the trust of a lot of homeowners over the years has made a special place in the home improvement blogs, of which you be a part too. Their prices are not ridiculously high and quite affordable for the middle class. Overall, as per the H.M Richards furniture reviews, their products are the right combination of quality, style, and affordability and would be a decent choice for your home.

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  1. I recently purchased a pre owned H. M. Richard’s slip covered sofa. The cover is denim blue and very faded.
    SKU 10167206
    Ser. 3865149
    Style I6720-03
    Fab K6710-03
    Desc Sofa
    Prod date 08/26/13

    I know it’s old but do you still carry slip covers for this?

  2. Hi, my name is Tracy and I have bought two of your couches approximately 10 years ago. They are still wonderful but I would love to recover them. Can you please direct me where I can find the slip covers for the two matching couches I have. I have a reg number NC 393(ms)
    Or a barcode
    HMRI 16715-03
    I would really love to keep theses couches. 10 years later, two kids and they are still in great shape.


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