3 Best PEX Manifold 2021 – Reviews and Comparisons

PEX manifold is a new technology in the market for making it easier for house owners. PEX plumbing manifold is a newly developed water distribution system that deals with distribution in the modern housing plumbing industry.

This new technology offers many advantages for homeowners and remodelers. This system is better because of its flexible control when compared to standard rigid plumbing.

PEX manifold convergence comes with every quality you want in the water distribution system. It is made from high-quality stainless steel that is corrosion-free and provides the highest durability. It works for every type from dorm rooms to luxurious bungalows.

This water distribution method is overgrowing globally, and most of the residential plumbing projects are using this method. It is easy to install, reliable, robust, and affordable compared to the traditional copper system. We spend hours and hours checking PEX manifold reviews and found some of the best PEX manifolds that you can buy.

What Is PEX Manifold?

PEX manifold efficiently delivers water to multiple plumbing zones in a house or building with ease. It gives you versatile control over the full plumbing mechanism which you didn’t get in traditional plumbing methods. A PEX manifold system consists of different chambers styled to distribute both cold and hot water lines.

Usually, manifolds are made out of copper, brass, and bronze, whereas PEX manifold is made from high-quality cross-linked polyethylene. The design of the PEX manifold is impressive and designed in a way to give maximum water flow to all ports.

It is defined as a plastic box where you can see a tubular chambered inside a definite number of connection ports parallel to water flow lines. The management of the PEX system is straightforward. Commonly it is mounted in a secured and accessible location such as a basement, garage, and ground level, etc.

Best PEX Manifold In 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and PEX Manifold Reviews

1. Viega 50243 Pex Manifold

Viega is the right manifold system for those who are in search of a sound system that covers all your water supply fitting needs. The Viega 50243 is what comes to your mind when you hear the words universal manifold. This manifold equipped with 24 ports divides into nine ports to carry hot water and 15 ports to supply cold water. These features make it one of the best for housing water distribution; this product also comes with poly-alloy port adapters that allow you to control the whole system more efficiently.

The Viega 50243 is constructed of poly-alloy materials, which makes it highly durable. The company ensures that Viega 50243 is 100 % corrosion-free. You don’t have to worry about the effect chlorine has on the different systems. It’s not that noisy as water runs into the system. Upon checking many PEX manifold reviews, we found this one and an ideal choice for you.

Viega 50243 1/2-Inch PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX Crimp Manabloc With 24 Ports - 15 Cold 9 Hot
  • Proven quality and non-corroding
  • Reduced flow noise
  • Excellent chlorine resistance
  • PolyAlloy port adapters
  • Homerun distribution manifold

All components of this system are located in particular areas to ensure that it functions as efficiently as possible. This system is highly durable even when it has to face very high hydraulic pressure. The lack of raptor does not mean you have to personalize the parts as you can easily find and purchase them online. You will also admire the acute nature of installing this product. This system is easy to install, so that it will save you a lot of time.

You don’t need a plumber to fix this system as it’s easy to install. You might need to keep a wrench ready while installing this as the tightening and adjustment are quite slow. The Viega 50243 comes with a good setup and use instructions for helping you to function it properly. An important factor which you have to remember that it requires three additional fittings. These fittings are broadly available and allow you to be comfortable when adding a device onto a supply line.

Important Features

  1. Poly alloy adaptors – This product comes with poly-alloy adaptors for the ports, which help in increasing its durability and also enable you to control the whole system more efficiently.
  2. Highly resistant – Viega 50243 is highly resistant to chlorine. Due to which your water distribution is safe and clean. So it keeps your family safe.
  3. Less Noisy – This system is one of the less noisy and best product among its contemporaries. This system effectively reduces noise produced while carrying and distributing water.
  4. Energy Saving – This system is so energy saving as it is simple to install and doesn’t take much time. This is the system on which you can rely on efficient functioning.
  5. No Corrosion – Its material prevents it from corrosion that protects your product and your water distribution.

Here we are going to talk about the pros and cons of this system:


  • It doesn’t take much time in cooling from heating.
  • It doesn’t produce excessive noise while water flows through it. So it won’t bother anyone.
  • Its material prevents it from getting affected by chlorine.
  • This product is corrosion resistant so that it will be highly durable, and your water will be safe.
  • This system is safe for water distribution as it’s doesn’t let anything contaminate it.


  • You’ll have to keep wrench with yourself as you’ll need to keep it while installing it.
  • It comes with just one year of warranty.

Our Verdict

If you want a professional-grade performance in your household, then you need a PEX manifold. I highly recommend the Viega 50243 Pex Manifold for your household. It will help you build a beautiful home and you can share your ideas through our ‘write for us’ submissions under home decor blogs.

2. Vivo Loop Pex Manifold

The Vivo Loop Pex Manifold comes in many models and many numbers of loops that give you enough water supply loads to fulfill all your needs. You can choose two-loop as well as hot and cold water or more extensive systems with 12 loops. The most popular use of Vivo PEX manifold is a radiant floor heating system. However, you can also use it for almost every plumbing system due to its minimal size.

It uses 1/2 inches connector, which is not its lousy factor as it can be adapted to fit different kinds of tubing. This PEX manifold is made from sturdy stainless steel material, so it is highly durable and the first choice of many consumers. You need an additional adaptor which can be compatible with your plumbing.

No products found.

This PEX manifold comes with its heavy-duty mounting brackets. It gets better as brackets are pre-installed, making it easier for you to mount and install your hub. This Vivo manifold package contains 2 PEX outlets as well as two built-in flow meter indicators. It comes with adjustable meters, which you can use to set the flow rate of each loop separately from all other ports. These features enhance the durability of the product.

Important Features

  1. Vivo loop PEX manifold comes with automatic eliminators and air vents.
  2. It comes with a sturdy manifold, which makes it the best for the radiant floor heating system.
  3. The diameter and cap mechanism make sure that the system fills up or drain with ease.
  4. It comes with two outlets and flows meters. These adjustable meters help you to control the flow.

Here we’re going to talk about its pros and cons:


  • This PEX manifold is made of stainless steel, which makes it highly durable.
  • It comes with pre-installed heavy-duty mounting brackets, which makes it easier to install the system in less time.
  • It has drain valves for draining the water quickly.


  • It comes with a limited warranty of 1 year only.
  • This manifold is not compatible with Sharklite fittings.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a PEX manifold with excellent performance, affordable price, and broad applicability, reliable, then you should go for it.

3. Apollo Pex 690784CP Manifold

Apollo 690784CP PEX manifold comes with 16 ports, which helps in maximizing your options and ensure the highest possible distribution through the entire system. You will face no difficulties, whether you connect it to a hot or cold supply line. This product affiliate with a different kind of water distribution or radiant system. These devices promote more efficient discrimination through your whole system.

The 1/2 inch ports can be adapted to fit broader or narrower pipes and can directly connect with any supply line. When you face any compatibility problems on the inlet ports, you can adapt them to your piping by the use of barbs. The controls for shutting the valves are located at the central point, so it’s easy to shut off the valves. You can quickly turn off the supply to one pipe without compromising water flow to the whole system.

Apollo PEX 6907984CP 16 Port PEX Manifold (3/4-inch Inlets, 1/2-inch Outlets) with Shutoff Valves
  • 16 Port PEX-B Manifold
  • Allows individual hot and cold lines to be connected directly to each fixture
  • Creates a single point shutoff for all home fixtures
  • Each manifold has an equal number of hot and cold outlets - Outlets are 1/2" PEX barb shut-off valves
  • Inlet sizes are 1" MPT - Each manifold comes with a reducing adapter to 3/4" PEX barb

This is the system on which you can rely without worrying about problems, and this product is highly durable too.

Important Features

  • It comes with 16 ports, which makes it convenient for hot and cold.
  • This product comes with independent valves closure on each line.
  • Its base made of steel and valve body is made up of PEX plastic construction.
  • This PEX manifold is easy to use and easy to install, and it also comes with instructions.

Here we’re going to talk about its pros and cons:


  • Different lines – This product has two 1 inch MPT lines. In which one line is for hot water while the other one is for cold water.
  • Switch lines – You will not face any problem whether you connect it to a hotline or cold line.
  • Secure and Reliable – This PEX manifold is very reliable and easy to use and install.


  • Costly – Apollo PEX is one of the most expensive products. So it won’t be suitable for people looking for cheap products.

Our Verdict

This is one of the best manifolds for people looking for the right product, high in performance and durability. You should opt for this only if you’re willing to spend some extra amount.

Things to Consider While Buying PEX Manifold

When you are opting for PEX manifold, you have to keep a lot of factors in mind, and some of them are mentioned below:


While choosing PEX manifold, its size becomes one of the significant considerations. You have to look for the space you have got for installing the system. Maybe you choose the wrong product, then the whole process will fail, and all your efforts will go in vain.

Proper measurements of the space available for installation will make this process easier. These estimations will allow you to find a product that perfectly fits in the available space.

A lot of manifolds in the market come with a slim and trim design that will fit in between two walls or inside insulation paneling. They come in different designs, such as short or long. Before choosing your final product, please make sure that it will fit into your available area.


Looking for several loops is another essential factor to keep in mind while buying a PEX manifold. You will get approximately 2 to 24 loops on the manifolds that you’ll find in the market. So it becomes essential to check how many PEX connections you need to opt for a perfect option.

Apart from coming with a different number of loops, it also comes as hot or cold water loops. These products fit the technical specifications of the different plumbing systems. You should check for ensuring maximum compatibility.


PEX manifold usually features three different kinds of material in their production. These materials are copper, stainless steel, and plastic or polymer-based option. The most popularly used material is copper. This metal is a brilliant choice for buyers looking for simplicity efficiently. Copper prevents your product from rusting and coating from water sediments.

Stainless steel variants are more durable and reliable when compared to other PEX manifolds. But they are expensive than other options. They can last for decades with negligible issues and less corrosion, so water that passes through your plumbing remains safe.

Other alternatives you can find in the market are polymer or plastic. These devices work within proper pressure limits, and these are less durable compared to stainless steel and copper ones. Plastic-made PEX comes at an average price.


Manifolds come in different sizes and featured ports. These different sizes of these products allow you to check different levels of compatibility. Some PEX manifold comes pre-installed, while others do not.

The radius of your piping can also can change your preference for a particular product. This incompatibility may create a lot of difficulties for you and may force you to buy additional high-pressure attachment joints.


Different products and retailers offer different types of warranties on their products. Warranty is a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. Famous brands mostly offer a limited lifetime warranty. These are the best brands because they come with service guarantees. This is one of the most important factors while purchasing a product

Wrapping Up

So here we have included the best PEX manifolds to the best of our knowledge. However, we advise you to check PEX manifold reviews before choosing anyone.

Let us know in the comment section which one you like the most and why. However, Viega 50243 is one of the best Pex manifolds for your household. If you liked this article, please comment on your opinion.

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