Arhaus Furniture Reviews: Does The Quality Match Their Designs?

Founded in 1986 by John Reed and his father Jack Reed, Arhaus is a furniture retail chain based in Ohio that is renowned for its elegant designs and high-quality products. The company has a fantastic creative team responsible for carefully designing the individual pieces that please the eye without compromising on the comfort factor whether it is your cabinet or sofa set.

The designs are manufactured by skillful craftsmen that ensure high-end finishing and promise the best value for the money invested. These factors have hugely contributed to the success of the company over the years.

Let’s examine how good and reliable the brand is?


Arhaus Furniture Review

The company has earned an enormous fortune through good quality designs and well-finished products. The key is to pay sheer attention to the details. Since the 30 years of its establishment, it has made immense name despite the expensive service.

The company itself doesn’t produce the furniture. It hands out orders on other manufacturing factories that manually produce and carve out all the tiny details of the furniture. These factories are dispersed around the country, but that doesn’t affect the quality as frequent checks are made to ensure authenticity and utility. Hardwoods, especially Elm and Cherry, are preferred.

As of the latest records, the company has over 70 retail outlets all around the United States and earns massive revenues through the same. Many of our clients have mentioned Arhaus furniture in the home improvement blogs.

The company claims to have resourced 50% of its raw materials through recycled materials and, thus, not harming the endangered forests.

Arhaus also sells relics or antiques procured by them after retouching or refurbishing them at newer rates. That way, the company is not merely limited to furniture and finishing.


Most of the manufacturing process takes place in North Carolina based factories, which ensure the use of good quality wood. The raw materials are attained from Sustainable Forestry Initiative Georgia Pacific wood.

The certified hardwoods come in from the Appalachian Mountains. The finishes are based in Tennessee and North Carolina, along with the cushioning and threading work. The assembly work is done in North Carolina.

The recycled tabletops and other furniture are retouched in a Mexican village by skilled coppersmiths. They also harvest tree roots and make beautiful chairs out of them. The idea is not to harm and scavenge the endangered rain forests of the world, and they stick to it by opting for recycled means. The produce speaks for itself in terms of essence ad quality.

Design Aesthetics

Arhaus claims to have forward-thinking, creative designers with the intent of making Arhaus your home. They come up with design ideas that can connect to the masses and catch the eye without being gaudy or tacky.

The idea is to make one feel at home. They take inspiration from the world around them to bring out the storyteller in them and serve the users with sheer class and charm.

They are fluid, and so are their designs, unique silhouettes breaking norms of rigidness that furniture generally falls trap too; with exuberant color schemes that pop and stand out, they serve art.

One of their main motives is to create practical furniture that is durable and beautiful without losing its purpose. Providing washable slipcovers and tables having hidden leaves and durability are some necessary provisions they made for the same.


Arhaus Furniture Desktop

The company has numerous outlets interspersed around the country serving the public with artistic furniture solutions. The outlets provide a better insight into the touch and feel of the finished products and hence an upper hand over the online website.

The biggest store is at Raleigh, North Carolina housing an immense collection of tangible and appealing pieces that leave the visitors awestruck. The cozy and warming vibe is very welcoming and hence attracts many homemakers. The broad genre of furniture with numerous options adds to the customer’s delight.



Arhaus Furniture Products

Arhaus furniture is laden with several genres of furniture designed to match the aesthetics of a multitude of space. Arhaus manufactures and sells an extensive range of home décor and furniture, which entails the local culture and flavors accordingly.

The company encompasses a full home furniture range:

  • Dining Room furniture
  • Living Room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Rugs
  • Tableware
  • Lighting
  • Media Centre
  • Chairs
  • Office ware

Arhaus Dining Sets

Arhaus Furniture Dining

Dining rooms are an essential feature of the house, harboring a majority of guests and making you feel at home. Arhaus has a substantial dining room collection adhering to various design aesthetics, so you get all the options you need.

There are the classical ones, the contemporary ones, the traditional designs, and the modern designs altogether to decide which one best suits the house and it’s calling. With over 35 collections to choose from, there’s quite some versatility and variety to pick the best one to fit into your house.

The company provides quite a few material options, too, including:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Walnut
  • Stone

They offer various unique finishes for every material ensuring longer life and even adding to the range. The pieces are a bit pricey, but the value for the money is incredible.

The pieces are available in every size ranging from 3 seater dining table set to 12 or more depending on the customer’s requirement. The tables have coordinating chairs and accessories, which can be modified accordingly and promise a sophisticated look to the whole space. The color and texture options are plenty and attractive. The stores are all in all a great solution towards a beautiful home interior.

Arhaus Living Room Sets

Living room furniture is an essential contributor in uplifting the aura and feel of the space. Living rooms are a quintessential part of any habitat with a significant amount of time being spent on the premises, and a massive influx of visitors call for an aesthetic and pleasing vibe.

Arhaus provides a lovely collection of seating spaces and tableware to ornament your living rooms. There are countless options to choose among:

  • Sofas
  • Loveseats
  • Chairs
  • End tables
  • Ottomans
  • Sectionals
  • Benches
  • Coffee tables
  • Console tables
  • Chaises

All these pieces adhere to several styles and patterns, be it traditional, contemporary, or modern, to answer to a relatively large number of people. Different size and style options are available with lush color and texture alternatives.

The sets include intricate and extensive features that define each set as an individual. Some have square arms while others have rolled arms and so on. The cushioning includes leather and fabric varieties comprising a unique microfiber attribute to protect the piece against any wearing and tearing and spillage. The durable leather options add durability and hence increase the life of the piece.

With Arhaus, quality is a promise. Well furnished, sophisticated, and durable sets catalog the brand perfectly. There is a provision of less expensive products too that serve well to their price and stand up to the name too.

We advise you to visit the nearby store and get an idea of the sizing to fit into your space. The dealers give a better insight into which unit fits best in a given space. The units all together transform the look of the house, and it is thus necessary to choose them wisely.

Arhaus Bedrooms

Arhaus stands for class and quality, and the bedroom designs are right marvel pieces. The bedroom sets are a treat to the eye and body as they check both beauty and comfort. The unique designs and textures catch the eye instantly, and the color schemes cast a binding spell.

The varieties and options make everybody feel at home, and thus, the collections are a huge hit. The smaller sets are also very well made and finished, with heavy-duty performance to last for extended periods and stay true to the name.

Custom Furniture

Arhaus also has the provision of letting the customers demand a custom-made furniture set or unit to match and fit into their households. They allow full-fledged options and designs according to their client’s demands.

The fee is substantial, but so is the final product. The customer service has generally received immense positive reviews as the designs are spot on, and the quality manages to enchant the client in no time.

Arhaus provides customized furniture within a wide range:

  • Sofas
  • Beds
  • Sectionals
  • Chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Ottomans
  • Dining Benches
  • Outdoor seating
  • Bar and Counter Stools
  • Outdoor Dining Chairs

Arhaus Outdoor Sets

Arhaus Furniture Desk

Arhaus also has a fantastic collection of outdoor furniture. The sets are varied and match lush lawns or even beaches with any given backdrop to add to the richness of the space. The finishes differ according to the requirement and setting of the furniture and can be modified on the client’s demand. The set includes:

  • Chaises and Lounges
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Dining tables and bars
  • Coffee and accent tables
  • Dining chairs and barstools
  • Umbrellas
  • Pillows and pouts
  • Replacement cushions
  • Fire pits and tables
  • Furniture covers
  • Ottomans and benches

Arhaus Home Office

Since its inception, the company has grown many folds and expanded its area of expertise over time. The idea of a home office was glorified, and classy furniture was designed to go with it. Recent times of pandemic calls for such a space and thus would result in a massive rise in this particular sector and sales. The collection includes:

– Desks

– File cabins

– Modular storage

– Office chairs

– Bookcases and shelves

– Tableware

The designs never fail to impress with Arhaus. And it stays true to all its collections and ventures.

Warranty Policy

Arhaus Furniture generally provides a lifetime warranty over their products to the relief of their customers. The skin that is the leather or cushioning is not covered under warranty and must be taken care of accordingly.

The motors have a warranty of over two years, while the recliner mechanisms are warranted for three years. The spring systems and frames are also covered under specific warranty. Any material defects and artistry mistakes are also covered.

Reviews and Complaints

Arhaus Furniture Sofa

Arhaus Furniture has developed a strong fan base over the years with a loyal customer following who fell for the high-end designs, excellent quality end product, and excellent durability. The price factor affects the consumer banks with only the lesser fraction of well to do people being able to afford it.

But then, those who buy it have no complaints. Most of the consumers are very happy with what they get and leave positive reviews and feedbacks. Most praises are about quality and designs. And most criticisms are about the cost. With the price you pay, you expect high quality, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if that’s the case.

This also means that this leaves little room and tolerance for mistakes in the service and delivery whatsoever. When people pay so much for any service, they expect the best, and hence little errors at the company’s hands earn them a handful of criticism.

All in all, the company has many satisfied consumers through impeccable designs and high-quality products.


Arhaus is a great solution if one is privileged enough to afford it. The quality is top-notch, and there is something for everyone. The design aesthetics are superior and vibe with most of the masses. The raw materials used are good quality, and not much harm is imposed upon the forests as half the composition is generated out of recycled materials.

The craftsmanship is unmatched with all the intricate and elaborates detailing to carve out the best to create tasteful, tangible, and high-end furniture. There are numerous storefronts interspersed all around the United States offering top-class services.

The warranty game is strong, as is expected by an expensive brand. There is immense variety and sizes to suit any given household and upgrade it into a rather sophisticated and classy one. At Arhaus, furniture is not just inanimate objects of wood; they’re art. And when you can afford it, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to!

6 thoughts on “Arhaus Furniture Reviews: Does The Quality Match Their Designs?”

  1. Can you get your hands on an old warranty from the mid 90s for furniture, specifically replacement of core cushions due to normal wear. I purchased a sofa from Arhaus in the early to mid 90s with a lifetime guarantee for frame and cushions. I have had replacement cushions delivered over the years as they have worn down from use free of charge as stated by their warrantee as recent as 2019. Now they refuse to replace the core cushion stating that the warrantee is only good for manufacturer defect, and from a photo I sent them, they can tell the cushion is flat from normal usage as opposed to a manufacturer defect. Apparently their warrantees have changed, but they should not apply to me as I should be grandfathered in. They have conveniently lost my records from before 2003 when they upgraded their technology, but do have records of core replacements I received from 2003 up to and including a replacement in 2019. They refuse to acknowledge this blatant disregard to their warrantee, and cannot locate any warrantee prior to when they upgraded their technology. Unfortunately, I am unable to locate my original receipt. My only option is to purchase a new core, which I refuse to do.

    • So you have a 25+ year old sofa, and they have replaced the cushions incessantly. And you still want free cushions. You know they support you and go flat, right? Holy cow! This is the limit of cheapness and free hoarding. This is why this country is in decline because of people like this!! What else do you want for buying a couch for them? Them to sign a few stores in your name??

  2. This is an update to the complaint above: I have found my original receipt as Arhaus requested, so they could honor the warranty from that time period (purchased in 1994) and forwarded them a court of proof of purchase, they have back tracked and said the proof of purchase is not enough. They need a copy of the warranty on the back of the receipt. While more recent receipts from early 2000 do have their warranty on the back side of receipt of purchase, receipts prior to that do not. They initially stated that if I could produce mu original receipt they would send me a copy of the warranty from their archives, they note State unless I now produce that warranty they will not honor it. They know it is not on the receipt. They are corrupt. They keep changing the rules and language to keep from honoring the original receipt.

  3. Arhaus is just expensive but very poor quality. Our Paxton sofas were purchased in November 2019. We were told the sofas would last 20 years. Said cushions were of highest quality after we told them our current sofa (different mfg) had gone flat within 5 years. No, that would never happen with their cushions the Manager of the store told us.
    Well 15 months later our cushions are flat to the frame. The Manager, Barb, will not return our repeated requests to call us. Initially I wanted to know how to replace the cushions and also to complain how sorry they were.
    I then emailed Corporate customer service and have heard nothing from. Called Corporate customer service and no one answers.
    Don’t believe the assessment of Arhaus furniture above. The quality of their upholstered furniture is ridiculously horrible compared to its price and their empty words on quality.
    Don’t waste your money!

  4. Beware doing business with Arhaus. We placed a substantial order in February – only to have the order continue to slip. July was the absolutely positively delivery date. When July came, and the furniture did not, my wife inquired and was told that it was now October. While the sales representative was cordial, the store manager refused to return several calls. I don’t care what the website says, this is not a customer-focused organization. By the way, their website has no way to contact about problems of this type.

  5. I have purcahsed several pieces from Arhaus, a media cabinet, two tables and a bed.
    All are beautifully designed, well made, and were delivered with care. The delivery guys were pleasant and efficient, I wish more were like this.
    All in all, I’ve always been happy with Arhaus furniture, and will buy more, as I am rich and can afford the best. Do not believe what others say about Arhaus. Buy today!


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