Art Van Furniture Reviews – Danish Furniture Quality and Complaints

A house with empty rooms is transmuted to a home with a little love and loads of furniture. This concept was very well understood by Archie Van Elslander, who established an eminent store chain based on modern and Danish-style furniture, known as Art Van Furniture, in 1959.

With first footing in East Detroit, the company has now expanded internationally because of the excellent Art Van Furniture quality. Today The Art Van Furniture Inc. runs 140 company-operated stores all over the U.S. and an additional 45 freestanding bedding stores. The headquarters are in Warren, Michigan, U.S.

A Brief History

The Art Van Furniture (formerly known as Art Vans Furniture) was founded 61 years ago in Eastpointe, Michigan, by a man named Van Elslander. By a year, he managed to open four stores without any employees or partners. But in 1963, he took his three brothers as partners in his business.

The company bought a headquarters in Warren, Michigan, in 1973 and stepped outside Detroit by 1977. Under the administration of CEO Gary Fazio, the company became word of mouth worldwide. In 2017, the company was purchased by THL (Thomas H. Lee Partners), which is a Boston-based private equity firm.

The company, for a considerable amount of time, dispensed high-quality contemporary and Danish furnishing at an affordable price while many were busy comparing Kemper cabinets. They provided high-class movables and fitments while walking alongside their middle-class customers.

The Art Van Furniture became the face of the Furniture Revolution, uniquely when they were named “Furniture Retailer of the Year” by renowned Furniture Today magazine in 2009. Art Van Furniture became distributors more than manufacturers in later stages.

Sadly, the Art Van Furniture is now defunct on March 5, 2020. The company stated that they’d file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. But the stores had to close early because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Furniture Collection

Art Van Furniture Michigan

Art Van Furniture Inc. has a plethora of furnishing options, and all types of categories are available for you to choose from. Not only the indoor and outdoor collections, but the company also takes care of your flooring. The furniture is divided into categories and further subcategories to give their customers a user-friendly, mess-free experience. The categories are:-

– Dining Room

– Living Room

– Bedroom

– Accessories

– Mattresses

– Kids and teen furniture

Because of this compartmentalization of the items, finding the furniture that aligns with your aura is no more a struggle. Except for the kitchen, you can find all the chattels for your home in a single place. Art Van Furniture also has an exclusive collection of mattresses. They are one of the leading companies in manufacturing high-quality rugs and mattresses for homeowners. The company referred to themselves as no. 1 mattress and furniture store in America.

Art Van has experts scattered all over the world that brings data on modern styles, including regional and traditional styles as well. So, if you are looking for furniture that matches your taste and tradition, you don’t have to go far. You can get readymade furniture, designed by specialists, delivered at home in no matter of time. With a unique mix of style and culture, Art Van believed in giving the customers the house of their dreams.

A place where people could feel comfortable and warm along with modern and stylish.

As the company is very particular about the Art Van Furniture quality and customer satisfaction, they have set up various screening processes and item standard check services at various levels to ensure pre-eminence. But still, before buying anything, be careful about the non-American manufacturers, as breakages and damaged products are prevalent in such cases.

As the Art Van Company has factories in different places, the grade of the product may vary. In my opinion, deflect from involvement in overseas transportation because if you are, in any case, not pleased with your order, then it’d be a whole lot of toil to get a refund or replacement. But if you are from the U.S., Art Van Furniture is one of the best options to start with.

It is said that the living room collection of Art Van Furniture Inc. is the highlighting feature of the whole stock. They have the best dining tables and chairs of all times. Let’s have a more in-depth look into it.

Living Room Furnishing

Art Van Furniture Sofa

The living room is named so because it has the most activity going on in it. This room is the heart of your Home Sweet Home. People visiting your house directly enter your living room, which makes the first impression that lasts the most.

The seating of your living room can sometimes tell the whole story of your apartment to your guests. Noticing this fact, Art Van designed various sets and pieces to fill your living room with and to give it an aesthetic appeal. These items can be divided into subcategories under the category “The Living Room.” These subcategories are:-

– Loveseats

– Sleepers

– Sofas

– Chairs

– Ottomans

– Sleepers

– Sectionals

You can select any of the above according to your requirement and but the most common and sensible choice is a sofa. However, if you do try something different make sure you are mentioning the same in your home improvement blog. But I don’t have a blog, don’t worry we got you covered – Click here now. Modern convertible sofas are feature-rich and comfortable. As the living room is the heart of the home, the sofa is the heart of the living room. But you always have other choices if you are not the one for regular and boring. After all, each one of the above has its purpose and essence.

Since most living rooms have a sofa by default, let us talk a little more about these in-demand movables that come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. In the Art Van Furniture, you can find six different styles of sofa:

– Classic

– Modern

– Traditional

– Contemporary

– Rustic

– Urban

The Art Van Furniture quality and approach are ultimate. You’ll find a universe of new models and designs. One can buy a sofa to try something new and out of the box but can also select one to fit one’s existing decoration and furnishing style.

Not only can you choose your sofa style but can also choose the fabric that’ll be tacked with it. There are more than 100 fabrics available in over 15 to 20 different colors. You can customize your sofa according to your furbishing plan, and that, too, is an inexpensive manner. You can either browse their site or visit a nearby showroom for a better experience.

Art Van Reclining Chairs and Outdoor Furniture

Reclining Chairs

Haven’t you heard of it? Not possible. Reclining chairs are a revolutionary invention that took comfort to another level. Be it cars or cinema halls, the presence and absence of a reclining chair can make or break your experience.

These chairs are trendy and are present in most of houses, especially in the U.S. And why wouldn’t they be? Do you want to sit? It’s a chair. Do you want to sleep? It’s a bed. There are even subcategories to the Recliners as well. These are stated below:

– Casual

– Modern

– Contemporary

– Rustic

– Traditional

What is impressive is that you can choose your recliner function along with the type and color of the fabric. Most people prefer leather as it is very durable and gives a classy look. You can choose from the following recliner function options:

– Push back recliners

– Swivel chairs and

– lift chairs

– rocker recliners

Art Van Furniture’s quality has never failed to amaze us. Its recliners have high-density polyurethane foam cushions and convoluted seat springs to give you the expected comfort and support.

Most of the people suffering from lower back pain prefer recliners over regular chairs. One can order according to their size by checking the specifications of the recliner. For more information, you can visit a store and talk to the employees.

Patio and Outdoor Furniture

This is a lesser-known fact that Art Van Furniture Inc. also designs and manufactures outdoor furniture like fire puts, seatings umbrellas, etc. Unlike the above-discussed items, most of the outdoor products are little out of the reach of the working class.

Apart from this, every facet of this furniture is remarkable. The Art Van Outdoor Furniture is made to provide that extra comfort to the privileged class and is sold in five categories:

Dining: Dining outside under the stars? Who needs to go to a restaurant anymore? Art Van Furniture has an exclusive collection of beautiful outdoor dining sets that are perfect for family gatherings or a candlelight “under the stars” dinner. The set includes tables and chairs.

The no. of chairs can vary according to your requirement. The sets are either aluminum made or could have a wooden look. Though the wooden ones were very common, they are more cliche now, so the youth is preferring the aluminum-made outdoor dining sets.

Seating: In my opinion, you can use most of the indoor seating in outdoor settings as well, but The Art Van Furniture also has its range of outdoor seating options like loungers, loveseats, ottomans and of course, the chairs. The company adds its touch of a beach feels but keeps the design sophisticated enough to go with any decoration style.

Fire Pits: A cold night out is never complete without a fire pit. Are you jamming with friends? You need a fire pit. Truth and dare with cousins? A fire pit. A cold romantic night with your other half? A fire pit again. So, it’s a no-brainer that a fire pit is enough to give you a party vibe along with warming your hands and feet. Art Van Furniture has a unique collection of Firepits.

Umbrellas: Umbrellas can give you that beachy feel anywhere and also protect you from those hot rays of the sun. You can anticipate that Art Van would have used every bit of creativity to make these umbrellas beautiful and colorful. They have both types of umbrellas, the hanging ones as well as the upright ones.

Outdoor Accessories: There are also some outdoor accessories manufactured by Art Van Furniture. These are:

– Lava rocks

– Gazebos

– Firepit furniture sets

– Propane tank covers

Art Van Furniture Repairs

The Repair policies are the same as any other company. If your product is under warranty period, then you will get a free repair. Otherwise, you’d have to pay for it. So, check your warranty card and see if the furniture you bought from the company is under the warranty period or not.

Call customer care to know more about your options. If your product is out of warranty, then you’d have to pay the company for repairs. You can also go to a local furniture repair shop, and sometimes this is a better idea.

Since the Art Van Furniture quality is excellent, it is highly unlikely that the product will have any natural malfunctioning. But if it does, customer care is always there for help.

Art Van Furniture Reviews and Complaints

Art Van Furniture Reviews and Complaints

Most of the customers walk away with a smile on their faces after shopping with Art Van Furnitures, but some do come back with an angry face. The only inconsistency is in the quality of the products. This is due to less investment in ethical manufacturing and harboring low-cost labor.

This blend of slag has proved to be unpleasant for the company and has contributed to its declining popularity. Though the company has a few negative sides, it has made stylish home decoration possible for many families. That being said, Art Van Furniture is a very reputable company that has spread joy in many lives.

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