A Few Ideas to Make Your Dorm Room Cozy

You can hardly find a person completely satisfied with their student life who doesn’t want to change anything. There is always some room for improvement, especially when it comes to a dorm room you moved in a few weeks ago. College enrollment involves a high-stress level since too many things change, and all your life turns upside down. If you want to stay on track in the long run, you should create comfortable conditions for resting and studying. Of course, you can always turn to the write essay for me service and get your papers done on time, but it doesn’t change the fact that you will still have to cope with most assignments. Thus, it is better to take care of your dorm room beforehand to feel like home. Indeed, most dorm rooms represent faceless spaces that don’t evoke any positive feelings, and if you plan to stay there for a long time, it is better to make some positive changes. We’ll provide you with a few tips on how you can turn your dorm room into a cozy nest.

1. Take Your Time to Analyze Your Space

Don’t rush to move furniture or search for a rental apartment because the current place seems too dull. Instead, take your time to plan the arrangement of key elements that fill your room. Think about where you want to make your studying and relaxing zones by adding a barcalounger, place things you have brought from home, etc. Besides, dorms offer different types of accommodation, so if you have a roommate, you may have to discuss certain moments with them. The preliminary planning stage also involves creating a list of things that you miss to make your space cozier. We’ll go deep down this question later.

2. Add Light Sources

One of the simplest yet effective ways to make your room look cozier is to arrange proper lighting. Thus, if you want to bring relaxing and dreamy vibes to one of the zones, decorate it with string lights. You can visit Pinterest for inspiration since there is a wide range of pictures of how this small trick can change the atmosphere of your apartment. Some people also clip memorable postcards and photos between the lights. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone. A modern market offers different lights options, so if you don’t like old-school style, you can pick up some more original variants. Bear in mind that amber light is more suitable for such a purpose.

3. Decorate Your Room Walls

Dorm rooms always seem dull because all the walls are bare. You can change this situation by decorating your room with a few interesting elements that can make you smile or bring motivation. For instance, you can grab posters with your favorite comics characters or just beautiful pictures that match your emotional state. You can come across many interesting layouts on the internet that will help arrange your images more advantageously. Besides, you can utilize some nonstandard shapes of mirrors to decorate the entrance hall. Another great solution is using wall stickers since they are easily removable, so if you get tired of them over time, you will remove them without any issues. They come in various designs, sizes, and colors, depending on the theme you choose. It is a win-win option if your dorm policy forbids damaging walls in any way.

4. Take Care of Your Bed

A bed is one of the most important things in your dorm room, so you should pay special attention to it. First and foremost, check whether a mattress meets your requirements because a wrong option may deteriorate your back condition and not allow you to sleep tight. Sleeping schedule plays a huge role in student life, so you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the quality of pillows, a mattress, and bedding in general. Otherwise, your body will hardly rest during the night, and it will result in many health issues and lower academic performance. Talking about bedding, it is worth knowing your bed size correctly and opting for breathable natural materials. For instance, it can be cotton or linen.

Moreover, one more important moment that will change your room’s atmosphere is the bedspread. Choosing a suitable option, don’t forget that light bed covers will become dirty sooner, especially if you share your room with roommates who don’t mind arranging ‘small’ parties. Decorative pillows can also add a few scores to the general picture.

5. Resort to Smart Storage Solutions and Shelving

When you move to a new place and take about five years of life with you, the chances are high that your dorm room will be clogged with boxes. Therefore, you should leave a bigger part of your clothes at home or develop a smart storage system to keep all your stuff in a single room. Anyway, the modern market offers great organizers that will help keep all small things in order. Freestanding wall shelves can become a great solution as well since they don’t occupy much space. Moreover, they go in various designs and forms, so you will surely find something to your liking. Another fruitful way to store things is the utilization of decorative boxes. They will become suitable for dorm essentials like textbooks, stationery, and other little things. In addition, you can store them under the bed, so your room will look less clogged and much cozier.

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