6 Travel-Friendly Watch Cases You Should Buy

Even though the world is still experiencing a pandemic, traveling and shopping for furniture will not stop. We just have to follow some health protocols, like having a mask and being fully vaccinated against the deadly virus. Because of this, we need to be extra cautious and organized. The clothes or accessories we are wearing, particularly a watch, are one of the things that enhance our journey.

If you are a watch collector, picking one from the collection is hard, so you tend to bring two or more watches. But here’s the dilemma: collectors usually don’t want their collection just in their bag or luggage. The solution for that is a watch case. Are you still thinking that a watch case eats a large room in your bag or luggage? Do not worry, because here on this page, we will recommend seven small and travel-friendly watch cases.

Cheopz Travel Watch Case Single Storage Box for Wristwatches

We always want something that can fit inside our bag, and this travel watch case can fit inside even if it’s a handbag. The Cheopz Travel Watch Case Single Storage Box for Wristwatches is the go-to watch case for travelers. Besides its ‘doughnut’ shape, this travel watch case is hard-shelled and made from Ballistic 1680 Denier Nylon, which makes it crush-proof and spill-proof. Because it contains a zipper, your watch is safe. The compact shape makes it one of the greatest accessories for traveling, motorcycling, or wherever you are. It also features black soft plush velvet on the inside to protect the timepiece from scratches.

Oirlv Luxury Leather Travel Single Watch Case

If you want something fashionable, then you should get this Oirlv Luxury Leather Travel Single Watch Case. They created it out of quality leather and handcrafted it using automobile line craft to seem exquisite and noble. Because of its traditional style, this watch case will appeal to a wide range of people. This watch case is suitable for any type of men’s or women’s watch, whether high-end or ABC smartwatches on superwatches. Because of its rounded form, its interior will retain any watch securely in place without wasting any space. The watch case protects your watch by keeping it scratch-resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof.

WOLF Leather Watch Case

We have another leather watch case on our list! One watch is not enough, so with the WOLF Leather Watch Case, you can have your favorite watches with you. WOLF products are the perfect traveling companion for precious jewelry and watches. This watch case can accommodate three men’s or women’s watches. WOLF beautifully made this watch casing with top grain leather on the outside that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. It also features a watch guard and a snap clasp to keep your watch secure. Because of its watch-friendly form, the watch case has the edge over other typical watch boxes.

WATCHPOD Triple Watch Travel Case w/ Zipper

Buying just one soft watch case only supports the carrying of one watch, but if you think you’ll bring more than one watch, then selecting a soft case that can fit more than one watch would be a very sensible choice. The WATCHPOD Triple Watch Travel Case w/ Zipper is the best choice. Simply insert your timepieces in the compartments and remove them without undoing the bracelet or strap. Even with three compartments, it will be quite easy to pack in your luggage. This travel watch organizer is crush-proof, which has a hard shell and portable case with a quality soft lycra outer and inner lining, as well as a smooth, ergonomically designed zipper.

TAWBURY Vegan Leather Watch Case Travel

If you don’t want a round or bulky watch case, then the TAWBURY Vegan Leather Watch Case Travel is perfect for you. With Tawbury’s sleek, two-slot watch organizer, you can conveniently protect and care for your timepieces without having to lug around bulky watch rolls. There are elastic straps and velvet straps in each slot that hold your watches in place. There is also a padded velvet center divider that prevents collisions between watches. Your collection is important to you. That’s why Tawbury skillfully constructed this portable watch case from high-quality items, allowing you to keep your watches safe.

SONGMICS 8-Slot Portable Watch Box Travel Case

It is indeed the more, the merrier! If you can’t settle with one or two watches, you can bring eight watches with SONGMICS 8-Slot Portable Watch Box Travel Case. This watch box, which has a book-style construction, is very useful in everyday life and on business trips. Protect your favorite watches from damage and scratches with this quality black faux leather & MDF watch box. This watch case features faux leather dividers to protect each watch from collisions and friction. With this watch case, you will have enough spare timepieces.


Buying the right travel watch case is a must-have when traveling. Whether you bring one or more, our watch should be in a safe place. These recommended watch cases are worth buying. We know might miss your barcalounger but traveling light is the best option. Christmas is near, and a watch case is a perfect gift for a watch collector. You can find these recommended travel watch cases at Storables.com.

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