4 Elements of a Cottage-Style Garden

When you think about what your dream house looks like, do your see yourself relaxing in a quaint, cottage-style home? This is the sort of charming residence that many people are drawn to as it inspires thoughts of a simpler time and less stressful lifestyles.

As part of your dream cottage-style home, you will certainly want to make sure that you have a charming garden to match. This is the sort of space that might appear to be a bit closer to nature as you allow certain types of wildlife and plants to live freely. However, there is an order to things that helps the space to feel like your own.

If you are currently hoping to create a cottage-style garden to go with your dream home, here are four design elements that you should incorporate into your plans for the ultimate garden oasis.

1. A Pond

When you opt for a cottage-inspired look in your home and garden, you are going to want to bring some of the more rustic elements of nature into the picture. When it comes to your garden, there is no better way to accomplish this than to install a pond in the space.

A freshwater pond surrounded by water plants and perhaps even a small waterfall of sorts can allow you to use water as a design feature. This can help bring about the calming sort of environment that you want in your garden.

If you have decided to install a pond in your own garden, you can find all that you need to do the job properly at water-garden.co.uk.

2. Dense Planting

One of the aspects of having a cottage-style garden that you don’t want to overlook is that of dense planting. Incorporating additional plants and trees into the space will help you to achieve that rustic, back-to-nature look that you are envisioning.

Just make sure that you are choosing plants and trees that are native to your local region. You want the plants to thrive and to bring about the sense that your garden simply happened all on its own.

3. Pops of Colour

Once you have started choosing the plants that you will have in your garden, it is time to start thinking about color that will compliment your Cindy Crawford furniture, walls, and carpets. While you will want to have plants that flower with bright colors in the spring and summer, there are also some other ways in which you can incorporate color into the picture.

You can use some brightly colored pots for the plants that wouldn’t do so well in the ground. You can also add in some painted wooden cabinets here and there for an extra pop of color.

4. Rustic Walkways

In the spirit of keeping your space as rustic as possible, you should also consider installing natural-looking walkways in your cottage-style garden. These should encourage one to want to explore and walk about in all of the natural elements that you have incorporated into the space. From a gravel path to rustic stone walkways, there are plenty of options to consider when looking to make a rustic path in your garden.

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