Why Laminate Flooring So Popular? Here’s 9 Great Reasons

Rock and tile flooring is one of the most breathtaking types of flooring that you can have, except for a lovely wood floor with naturally swooping grains. Even today, with all the new advancements within the flooring industry, these types of flooring can be expensive. So costly, in fact, that many people opt to go with vinyl or carpet.

However, the great thing with technology is that types of flooring can be made that combine all the best that the flooring producers have to offer. At the same time, maintain a great appearance over the long haul. That is where laminate flooring comes into play. Let’s take a quick look at why laminate flooring is so popular by looking at these 9 great reasons.

  1. High traffic – One major problem with basic types of flooring is that they cannot handle a ton of traffic. Over time they will show excessive wear and tear. Laminate flooring will hold up to high traffic, even in the entranceway to businesses.
  2. Durable – Laminate flooring combines four different layers of materials, which are heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit to fuse the layers together. The first is the backer paper, then the HDF board, then decorative paper, followed up by the overlay. This combination makes this type of floor very durable and reliable.
  3. Water Resistant – Laminate flooring is produced to be water resistant from top to bottom. You must realize, however, that the core is wood and the bottom layer is paper. This means that it cannot be submerged in water, but because of the top protective layer, it is virtually stain-resistant.
  4. UV Resistant – The sun beating down through the windows and skylights is extremely damaging to flooring. Laminate flooring can come with a UV-resistant layer that will protect the decorative layer from fading or cracking.
  5. Affordable – Real wood, stone, marble, and other types of tile can cost a substantial amount of money to complete a room. Laminate flooring gives you the same look for half the price or less. It may not be the real thing, but seeing the difference it will have on your pocketbook will be good enough for most.
  6. Easy Install – The snap-and-go technology that laminate flooring offers to the installer makes it so simple that any DIY person with some tools and a little bit of knowledge can install it. There are only a few rules to follow, which you can ask about when you buy it or check it out on Youtube.
  7. Eco-Friendly – Not only is this type of flooring eco-friendly, but it is also human-friendly. Since the combination of materials does not take any chemicals to combine them, there are very few allergins that can cause issues with allergies or asthma. It may cause minor problems with extremely sensitive people, so if that is the case for you, check it out before installing it in your home.
  8. Scratch resistance – Because of the high durability of laminate flooring, it is virtually scratch-proof. For circumstances that involve basic wear and tear, this flooring will prevent scratches from occurring. Still, dragging a heavy piece of furniture across the floor may cause scuffing, scratching, and tearing.
  9. Simple maintenance – If you like to regularly clean up, laminate flooring will be a simple maintenance project, with a detailed cleaning occurring occasionally. Use a dry brush to do a quick sweep of the floor. That is all that is needed until it is time to deep clean it.

Laminate flooring is becoming one of the most popular choices for flooring because of how well it holds up, how affordable it is, and how great it looks. As technology advances, the designs and durability of flooring will continue to improve, offering even more benefits than what you can find today. The bottom line is if you are looking for a great floor that you can install on your own, laminate flooring will be one of the best options available.

Joan Parker

With a background in construction management and a degree from Texas A&M University, Joan Parker started contributing to our platform in 2020. Her expertise in flooring is evident in her 18 years of experience in both residential and commercial flooring projects. Joan’s articles offer insights into the latest flooring trends and installation techniques. Her years of experience in selecting and installing various flooring types inform her detailed guides. She is passionate about sustainable building materials and enjoys hiking and nature photography.

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