Top 4 Colleges/Universities with Learning Disability Support

It is estimated that learning disabilities affect 1 in 5 Americans, with the specific disabilities ranging from ADHD to Dyslexia to the Autism spectrum. Thankfully, as a response to these now becoming more and more accepted today, some colleges and universities are responding to the needs of their potential students and are starting to ensure that all can access their facilities. So, here are our top colleges and universities, presented in no particular order, who are paving the way for learning disability support.

First Handling the Costs

Before we begin, we wanted to make it clear that we will not be discussing the costs associated with these colleges and universities, as each establishment will have their own specific costs, which will vary depending on the offer, so we highly recommend delving into this aspect in your own time for those you are interested in. Also, if you are worried about the financial impact of college or university, then we also recommend exploring private lenders for your student loans, as they may be able to provide you with a more desirable repayment option, allowing you to finance college tuition with a greater peace of mind.

Middlebury College

Established in 1800 in Middlebury, Vermont, Middlebury College is considered to be one of the top-tier liberal arts colleges and is no stranger to leading the way in social change, as in 1883, considerably earlier than other schools in its area, it became co-educational and welcomed female students into its programs. With inclusion and diversity being key aspects of Middlebury’s mission statement, they are one of the top colleges for all-round learning disability support, offering a comprehensive Disability Resource Centre and a range of confidential accommodations such as scribes, readers, and psychological health services.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Opening its doors in 1795, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) became the nation’s first public university, and secures it’s ranking as a top public research university even today. While also being an option every student may consider due to its acclaim, UNC is particularly noteworthy for those with learning disabilities, thanks to its Learning Centre. Through a variety of methods, including bookable appointments with support specialists and an annual conference discussing topics related to student life with learning disabilities, UNC strive to ensure that every student on campus is given the same tools to succeed. Also, for those who may be concerned with the threat of isolation during their studies, UNC offer support groups to allow those who need them to come together in a social environment.

Adelphi University

Located in Garden City, New York and established in 1863, Adelphi University is a private, non-sectarian university, with secondary campuses operating in Manhattan, Hudson Valley, and Suffolk County. Adelphi should be of particular note to students who are seeking a University that specializes in assisting those with Autism, thanks to its Bridges to Adelphi program that strives to provide dedicated and individualized academic, social, and vocational support to its neurodiverse students. They also employ their Learning Resource Program, which aims to pair educators and counselors with students to assess their needs and provide them with the necessary support.

Landmark College

Situated in Putney, Vermont, Landmark College is the first of our institutions on this list is specifically designed to offer schooling to those with learning disabilities. The support on offer actually kicks in before the first term’s start date, as Landmark offer a summer program that is intended to allow those who may be concerned or anxious about college life to transition comfortably with the support they need. Following this, student life consists of support services that are integrated into the curriculum and extra-curricular services to boost the mental health of their students, such as pet therapy programs.

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