New EICR Rules; Electrical Checks Become Mandatory In London

In the past few years, the ratio of housefires in Britain has witnessed a drastic increase. There were about 37,000 house fires reported last year in the country, and surprisingly, about 70% of the reported tragedies were related to faulty electrical installation and devices. Looking into this, the government felt it necessary to introduce certain regulations that could control this ever-increasing toll and ensure the safety of its citizens. Therefore, with the addition of new laws relating to household safety, several pre-existing rules have been enforced under the new legislation. One of them is the EICR report. Previously a recommendation, now it has gained its legal status as a mandatory check to ensure tenant’s safety. Anyone not complying with the new rules shall face a hefty fine and a penalty.

What is an EICR report?

Known as the Electrical Installation Condition Report, EICR is a legal document issued by a qualified electrician after thoroughly assessing your household electrical installation. All the fixtures, hidden or visible, are checked for any sort of faults that could threaten the dweller’s safety, and are recommended to fix within a certain duration.

What are the new rules?

According to the new legislature, Here are some rules you must keep in mind regarding the EICR report:

  • Every Landlord is required to have their EICR done before a new tenant moves into the property.
  • The report will stay valid for up to 5 years. The landlord must renew it after the specified duration.
  • The landlord must provide a copy of the report to the tenant and local housing authority within 28 days.
  • The landlord is bound to fix any fault detected in the process within 28 days of the issuance. However, if the problem is critical, the landlord has 7 days to fix it.
  • If the faults are not fixed within the specified duration, your tenant has the right to inform the concerned authority.
  • The authority has the right to enforce rules. They will resolve the problem and receive the costs from the Landlord. They can also find you up to £30,000 upon repeated negligence.
  • If your tenant repeatedly refuses to conduct EICR testing, it’s the Landlord’s responsibility to keep a record of their statement as defence, should any unpleasant incident take place.
  • If any tragedy happens, subject to the fact that the landlord show negligence concerning EICR testing, he/she will face a serious penalty.
  • A copy of the report should also be handed over to the next electrician while conducting the next EICR report.

Who to hire for EICR?

As the EICR is purely meant for the safety of your tenants, you must hire a highly qualified electrician for the process. The mentioned professional should have a lot of previous experience in his respective field and must have carried out assessments of the same nature in the past. A newbie will leave a lot of boxes unchecked, which in turn, will not only cause you trouble but a lot of extra money as well.

What if the property fails the checks…

If your property fails the safety checks, you are required to conduct repair work within a specified duration, as per the newly specified rules. Commonly, the repair work needs to be undertaken within 28 days of the report, until immediate repairs, where the duration shrinks to 7 days. You must hire a highly qualified electrician for the repairs and then receive a confirmation once the work is done. A copy of the confirmation report should be handed over to the local housing authority, attached with the EICR report. If you fail to comply with the aforementioned rules, the authorities have the full right to enforce the rules, as previously mentioned.

What is being checked?

The electrician will check for the following things during the test:

  • Overloaded installations
  • Faulty electrical installations
  • Outdated electrical installations
  • If the earthing is proper
  • Any exposed wiring that could cause threats like electrical fire or shocks

What is displayed in the report?

There are three kinds of codes visible in an EICR report:


Indicates the danger or risk of enquiry


Potentially hazardous faults; detailed inspection required on immediate measures


Further enquiry required


Improvement required. This means everything is good. The improvements mentioned are formal and optional

Rules for EICR in Scotland and Wales

For residents of Scotland and Wales, the rules are a bit different and they are required to carry out both EICR and PAT testing, both lying under a single term electrical safety inspection. The appointed electrician should be registered with NICEIC or must be a member of the Electrical Contractor Association of Scotland. Additionally, the conduct of EICR testing isn’t covered by legal legislation that might enforce it. However, Landlords are still obliged to conduct an EICR every 5 years to ensure tenant’s safety.


How long does EICR testing take?

Although it takes 3-4 hours generally, the duration of the testing depends upon the number of circuits and the size of your property. Keeping that in check, it can even take from several hours to a complete day.

Can a tenant move in with an unsatisfactory EICR?

As the remedial work recommended in the report should be conducted within 28 days, you must fix the specified before the tenant moves in. This will save you from a lot of trouble, should any unpleasant occurring take place.

How much does an EICR cost?

It depends upon the size of your property and the number of circuits checked. Generally, a single circuit check will cost you around £10 to £50 depending on your service provider.

Do I need an EICR to sell my property?

No, you don’t. However, having an EICR will be one of the major trust builders between you and the buyer. It will give the buyer extra peace of mind knowing that the property is completely safe.

Who can issue an EICR certificate?

Only a highly qualified and certified electrician can provide an EICR certificate.

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