12+ Creative Halloween Costumes for Best Friends to Slay Together

Halloween is a festival of sorts that is celebrated each year. Besides setting up decoration on Waypoint cabinets, the best part of the same is the enjoyment of wearing impressive costumes to wear for trick or treat.

So, why not list some ideas for costumes wearing which you will be able to slay with your friends.

These ideas are sure to make you stand out and probably even help make you the best kid in the block in terms of costume.

So, without any further ado, let us begin with 15 creative Halloween Costumes with which you and your friends can stay together.

Creative Halloween Costumes Ideas

1. Smurfs

smurfs Halloween Costumes

Who has not heard of the Smurfs? Fun, little blue blobs make you remember your childhood, with the constant singing and the wicked old Gargamel.

You and your friends can dress up as the Smurfs by using body paint and wearing a white vest on top, with a white sock acting as the cap worn by them. In case you are a girl, you can even wear a pretty dress on top, which will make you look like the lead Smurf.

One addition that you can do is choosing a Smurf based on your personality and wearing accessories. For example, if you like reading or have glasses, why not become brainy Smurf.

2. Farmer Family

Farmer Family Halloween Costumes

In case you live in the countryside or liked the mid-west in the ’80s, why not try to look like the typical farmer family.

An easy costume, wherein you need to wear a flannel shirt and jeans, with some additions like a straw hat and set. Your friends can wear the same, and you all can look like the typical farmer from the older, simpler times.

3. Sheriff Gang

Sheriff Gang Halloween Costumes

Another one of the mid-west costumes is for someone who wants to look like a tough guy. Wear a half-shirt on top of your dress, get a hat like the ones found in the 80s and get a star to wear as a sheriff’s badge and, you are set.

You can face off with your friends wearing the same and give them the old’ stare from the movies, which can be quite iconic if captured in a picture.

4. Among Us Costumes

Among Us Costumes

If you want to get creative and keep up with the trend, you can try out the Among Us Costume. Take a sweater with a cap or a hoodie and wear it oppositely.

If you have an old hoodie, it would be better as you would have to cut some holes into the cap to make the surroundings visible. Once you are done, take a regular surgical mask, apply it on top of the holes, and wear the hoodie and make the holes your eyes.

Now, you can see everything and look like a character from Among Us, which will surely beg the question “Who is the sus for looking the best” and the answer to that will be you.

5. PUBG Costume

PUBG Halloween Costumes

Another one of the game-based costumes is from the popular game PUBG or Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. This costume will be easy, where you must wear whatever you are wearing and apply a helmet on top.

This may not seem much, but the players in PUBG do the same thing, so you ought not to worry much. One addition could be wearing a small bag on your waist, which would indicate that you are a medic.

6.  Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Halloween Costumes

It is a hilarious costume that represents friends are forever. One of your friends can dress up like a peanut and the other like butter.

Symbolically showing, they stick to each other with a strong bond as friends do. You can use paper cutouts for peanut and butter and stick them on your costumes.

7. Maleficent Costume

Maleficent Costume

The maleficent godmother costume, along with the crow in hand, would be a super hit. You can dress up in a black gown, two horns for the head, and a magic wand in black. The makeup as a crafty godmother will give a super look to you.

8. The Wicked Doll Costume

The Wicked Doll Costume

You can dress up like a wicked doll. Dress up in a white frock dress with some bloodstains. The makeup should be scary, with blood dripping from the mouth.

9. The Avatar Costume

The Avatar Costume

The blue avatar costume with your friends will make a great team Halloween costume. You need to be dressed in blue and paint yourself blue, attach long drawn ear colored in blue.

10. Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter, with his magic wand in round glasses, will be a super look. You can also add a magic broomstick. You can be in a black and white dress. You can also draw a thunder sign at the corner of your forehead.

11. Snow White (But Dark)

Snow White is a story quite well known to each kid. But what if Snow White turned a shade and became evil? Meet Dark Hail. She is an evil witch who commands her seven dwarves. Dress up as Dark Hail and add a spooky touch to a classic show.

12. Aliens

aliens costume

While this is a very basic costume, why not go to a party with your friends wearing a green costume that makes you look like an alien. Try to talk in a made-up language, which will surely spook your friends and others into believing that the alien uprising has begun.

13. Poison Ivy and Bat Woman

Poison Ivy and Bat Woman

In case you are a fan of the DC franchise, you know about Poison Ivy and Bat Woman. You can wear a dark black dress (preferably glossy) and black heels to look like Bat Woman, while your friend could wear a green dress with prop ropes on her hands to look like fake snakes.

14. Green Arrow

green arrow costume

If you want to look like you mean business and showcase the not right side of yourself, why not dress up as the green arrow.

Wear a green hoodie with a mask (face mask-black color) and add a quiver of sorts with a toy bow and arrow set to your back, which will make you look like the caped crusader.

15. Salt and Sugar

Salt and Sugar

If you do not wish to showcase your evil or dark side, how about dressing up as shakers of salt and sugar with your friends, based on your personality.

If you are sweet and kind, dress up as sugar and, if you are silent but caring, dress up as salt. This will add some sweetness to your Halloween experience.

This concludes our list of 15 costume ideas that will help you and your friends slay. We hope this has been helpful and you have found the perfect costume for your Halloween trick or treat. As we mentioned earlier decoration is also equally important and if you think you are pretty good at it, write for us and feel like a blogger.

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