7 Reasons to Update Your Home’s Electrical Panel During a Remodel

When carrying out a home remodel, upgrading the electrical panel may not be top of mind, but it’s well worth considering. Understandably, it’s easy to focus on the aesthetic elements of a remodel, but your electrical system is the backbone that keeps everything running. Simply put, you avoid problems down the line by updating your electrical panel. Here are seven reasons to upgrade your electrical panel during a remodel:

Improved Safety

You might unknowingly interfere with the electrical connections when carrying out the remodel. Upgrading your electrical panel ensures that all the wires, links, and switches are properly installed and won’t come loose. It prevents electrical accidents and fires, which can be particularly dangerous during a remodel. An electrical contractor in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, will inspect the entire system and make sure it is safe for use.

Increased Circuit Capacity

An electrical panel upgrade will provide you with more circuits and outlets, allowing you to use multiple appliances simultaneously without overloading the system. It also gives you more freedom to add new devices in the future. This exercise is crucial if expanding or increasing the size of your home. You’ll prevent many issues, such as blown breakers and power surges. You also get peace of mind knowing you have enough power to handle all your electrical needs.

Increased Home Value

Upgrading your electrical panel adds value to your home and increases its marketability when you eventually decide to sell. It makes your home more attractive to potential buyers who don’t want to worry about the electrical system or make any upgrades and repairs.

Updated Technology

With the rapid advancement of technology, many electrical panels don’t meet today’s standards. Upgrading yours enables you to use the latest technologies, such as smart home devices and high-efficiency appliances. This will increase convenience and efficiency. An upgraded electrical panel also has built-in safety features, such as surge protectors and circuit breakers, that keep you safe from electrical shocks.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A properly functioning electrical panel helps you use electricity efficiently. You’ll consume less energy, which in turn will reduce your electricity bills. An upgrade also enables you to install energy-efficient appliances and lighting systems that use less power. You’ll save money on energy bills and add to the overall value of your home.

Easier Maintenance

When you upgrade your electrical panel, it becomes easier to troubleshoot problems and carry out regular maintenance. An outdated one may not be as easy to access or use as a newer model. The wiring in an old panel can also be outdated, making it prone to issues such as loose connections and overloading.

With an updated panel, all the wiring is organized and easy to inspect, making monitoring your electrical system and identifying any problems simpler. You also don’t have to worry about tripping circuits or overloading the electrical system.

Complies with Electrical Codes

Electrical codes are updated from time to time, and if your electrical panel doesn’t comply with the current regulations, it could be a safety hazard. It may also be illegal in certain areas, so replace yours with one that meets all the codes and regulations. The exercise is vital if you are upgrading other aspects of your home, as the Electrical Safety Authority may inspect it.

It’s a Crucial Exercise

An electrical panel upgrade is essential for any remodeling project. Not only does it make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, but it increases the value of your property and safety. Talk to a professional electrician about your concerns, expectations, and needs to get the best panel upgrade possible. They will ensure that the job is done safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all electrical codes.

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