New Year — Fresh Start

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time for some self-criticism, letting go of bad things, and preparing the ground for good ones. Making New Year’s resolutions sets us up for productivity, while some good house cleaning and organizing helps get the last year’s junk out of our homes (and heads) and enjoy a fresh start in the new one. We asked maids from a New York City cleaning service to share their best New Year cleaning practices, and here is what they advise.

Start from scratch via deep cleaning

Even if you gave your home a good scrub before the holidays, it might be in a miserable condition again thanks to all those crafts, gift packaging, and merry kids’ activities. Not to mention the dirty kitchen, which had to endure so much cooking during the holiday season, and the mess left by oh-so-dear people you had around for holidays.

Now your home needs a clean reboot again. So since January cleaning becomes almost irresistible, take it as a perfect opportunity to clean all those nooks and crannies you postponed for ages. Your carpets and appliances saw better days, so include their deep cleaning on the list too, but also, do not forget about disinfection.

Normally, deep cleaning should be done approximately once a season. Ladies from the Manhattan home cleaning agency swear by deep cleaning being the best option for busy people who don’t like (or don’t have time) to clean much. The “deep-clean effect” makes subsequent regular cleanings a breeze because maintaining it clean is always easier than cleaning it from scratch.

However, such top-to-bottom deep cleaning can take much longer than one day. It is a good practice to not try dealing with all the mess in one day. Instead, make a deep cleaning list, divide your house into sections, and deep clean them one by one at a tempo that makes you happy.

The idea is to enjoy the process of creating this fresh start. So if you are not into cleaning, it is absolutely normal to rely on professional deep cleaning services NYC. While the maids will be deep cleaning your home, you will have enough free time to look for new organizing and home improvement ideas to implement in your house.

Put your stuff straight

A clutter-free and organized home sets you up for a more productive and focused year! So if you want to get out of that procrastination track that kept you from fulfilling your objectives in the previous year, decluttering and organizing your home are the best remedies. The process is not difficult at all. The idea is to find a place for every item in your home and then stick to this “geography”.

Collect all the loose things and items you no longer need or didn’t use during the last year. Then divide the pile into three groups (bags): garbage, donate, and keep. You know what to do with the first two bags. As for the third one, so far, labeled boxes (or containers) have been the easiest way to organize and store one’s stuff. So unless you are an organizing freak with your own intricate system, do not complicate your life and use boxes.

Rethink your priorities

January is a perfect time for taking a small “screen detox” break to tune in to your inner self and check with your priorities. Holiday time is when too much is happening around us, and social media make our informational sphere oversaturated.

Leave aside all your gadgets for a day and enjoy some informational silence. Ask yourself if your life is what you want it to be. Do you like how you spend your time? What would you like to change in your home? Should you look for new approaches?

By the way, whenever you want to change your cleaning routine so that it takes less of your time and energy and allows you to live a more fulfilling life, you can always rely on a cleaning service in NYC.

Open up your mind to changes

Not all of us can afford a new, better home now, but all of us can make our current homes look “new”. Think about repairing what was broken or damaged a long time ago, redesigning a room or the whole house, buying a new piece of furniture, or at least rearranging the furniture.

This helps refresh the way you see your life generally and sets you up for more far-reaching changes. It is a brain trick. You change something in your home, it works great, and it makes you believe that you can cope with everything and bring positive changes further, beyond your home.

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