Is PC Gaming Worth It in 2023? A Closer Look

The year is 2023, and there are countless different platforms that you can use for gaming, including:

  • PlayStation 5
  • XBOX Series X/S
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Nintendo Switch

There are plenty of others, too, but there isn’t enough time to go through them all.

The point is this: gamers are overwhelmed with choice! As a result of this, many of them are questioning whether PC gaming is actually worth it in 2023 anymore. After all, aren’t there better alternatives out there?

The truth is that PC gaming is 100% still worth it. This is why there are 3 billion active PC gamers around the world (Exploding Topics). Clearly, PC gaming has got that special element behind it that some of the other gaming platforms don’t — and we’re going to take a closer look right here.

Let’s run through some of the main reasons why PC gaming is worth it in 2023.

You Can Play Online Casino Games

The online gambling industry has exploded since 2020. Now, there are over 2000 online casinos on the internet — and you can only access these casinos via PC or mobile. Naturally, it’s better to play online casino games via PC due to the simple fact that you have a larger screen and can control the gameplay more easily.

If you’re currently on PC and are looking for new games to play, you should definitely join in the online casino trend by visiting Once you’ve chosen an online casino to create an account with, you can then play popular games like:

  • Online roulette
  • Video poker
  • Online slots

Remember, this is something that you can’t do on console, Nintendo Switch, and some of the other popular gaming platforms of today. Naturally, this gives PC users a major advantage.

Higher-Resolution Graphics

Due to the power of PCs, they can typically provide users with higher-resolution graphics. This is one of the keys to a fun gaming experience in 2023, which is why millions of people around the world are sticking with their PCs. When you play high-storage games like Red Dead Redemption 2, you want the best possible graphics. Thankfully, PCs can deliver them to you — no questions asked!

Better Customization

With PCs and smartphones, you’re very limited when it comes to internal and external customization. With PC, though, it’s the exact opposite. You have the freedom to customize pretty much anything you like, from the internal graphics cards to the mouse and keyboard. If you’re a creative individual who really likes to get tailor things to your own liking, then PC gaming will be right up your street.

Cheaper Games

Mainstream video games are typically cheaper on PC. This is because you can buy and download games from a variety of different digital outlets. For example, there’s the highly popular Steam platform, where games are made available to PC users at extremely affordable prices. In most cases, you’re going to save money compared to console users — and you can’t complain about that.

Jerome Smith

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