How to Level up Your Bedroom Design in 3 Easy Steps

Do you dream of designing your perfect master bedroom? A master bedroom is a place where you can relax after a hard day. You can make your master bedroom a comfortable place where you can unwind, read, or just relax in your own privacy.

Many people want to remodel their bedrooms to create the private sanctuaries they desire for various reasons. Sometimes, you just want to make a change or need more space. No matter what reason, this guide will help you design the perfect master room that meets your needs and is a place you will love to retire to at the end of a long day.

You can start by creating a focal point for your design, such as a bed, a window or fireplace, or even a piece of furniture. Where should my eyes focus when I enter the master bedroom?

To coordinate and tie the rooms together, you can use different textures and colors. You should decide what mood you want, then choose accessories and colors that will enhance this mood.

Here are just a few suggestions to help you create a relaxing, personal bedroom retreat.

Select Your Palette

Choosing colors that are soothing and evoke a peaceful feeling, which is what you want for your bedroom. You’d want to be more comfortable in a place where you rest.

For a more soothing appearance, tone down the colors. Paint walls in soft colors like peach, pale yellows, or light blues to go for that soothing look. Neutrals in the shades of gold, cream, grey and gold work well together generally, so you can also incorporate it in your design. You should limit the palette to neutral shades, and avoid busy patterns.

Add a few accents to dark furniture that highlights wood textures, if your motif is leaning into modern minimalist wood design. For light bed linens, you can go for dark brown borders and patterns. On the other hand, floral curtains in colors that complement the walls and bedding soften the look and pull the palette together.

Use complementary colors in brighter colors to create vibrant elements. Vibrant blues, shades of orange or strong greens can be used for throws, pillows or wall art. Both the vibrant and soft shades can be echoed in upholstered chairs and footstools. You can also add color to your space by adding accessories such as carpets and lamp shades. A boldly printed rug can add an exciting touch to your bedroom. Mirrors can be used in a variety of ways to enhance light, create a focal point or make a space appear larger.

Modulate Light

For natural light and a bright environment, you may want the sun to shine in your bedroom at all times of day. So you need to consider your windows and the amount of light that comes into your bedroom.

Sometimes, you may need to block the light to get restful sleep or change the mood. Window dressings can complete the room’s look. If you’re not content with what you see in the room, you can spice things up with curtains.

You can modulate light with layered window treatments. For a decorative touch or to soften the light, you can install sheer fabric curtains, Roman shades, or wooden blinds near the glass.

Heavy curtains made of thicker fabrics like blackout curtains should be hung towards the interior. Open them during the day to let in light and air. Close them at night to keep the room darkened and private.

In the summer, heavy fabrics can be used as a thermal barrier and in winter, it could prevent cold drafts so it is a great choice when you’re looking for versatile window draperies. Many fabrics like velvet, brocades, linen, and wool are great materials for this kind of curtain. Add some flair to your curtains by adding tie backs, poles or hooks.

Strategically placed light fixtures can be used to provide ambient lighting, mood lighting, and task lighting. The best designers look for old fixtures that can be reused at garage and flea markets. For a nostalgic look, you can convert old gas or kerosene lamps into electric pendant lamps, wall lamps or table lamps.

A chandelier placed above the bed creates a focal point for light and ambient light. Crystal drops are not required for chandeliers. Whimsical fixtures can feature motifs like flowers or birds made from wrought iron, steel, or any other metal that can be painted to match the space’s color scheme. Pendant lamps create a different effect. For a rustic look, cover a pendant lamp with burlap.

Table lamps that match the sides of the bed can be used to create symmetry. You can make table lamps from almost any material. Crystal or glass will give your table lamps a soft, elegant look. You can add color and interest to your home by using textures and other materials. A bedside table with chrome desk lamps can be adjusted to direct light onto a book. Lamp bases can be made from wood, ceramic, and porcelain. A shade can also be added to enhance the look.

Remodel Furniture

Furniture can be remodeled and modified to make them more attractive and chic. All that is required to transform furniture is paint, new hardware, and your imagination.

For example, you can add curtains on your King-size bed. Hang curtain panels on a four-poster or double bed. To match the panels, update the bed skirt and other linens.

A padded headboard is also a great option if you enjoy reading in bed. You can choose a solid or neutral fabric for your headboard, and you can even explore leather if that is what you want. Bold patterns and bright colors are great for highlighting the space. Leather, velvet, and satin are all great options to give a new look to the headboard.

You can paint other furniture in colors that match the decor, or remove old varnish to reveal wood. An old nightstand or dresser can be given a new look by changing some of its parts. You can also paint wicker or cane chairs then add a colorful cushion in a pattern or colors that harmonize with the rest of the room.

Create a Cozy Nook

Many people love the privacy and peace of their bedroom, which is a great place to write and read. To maximize the feeling of being away from the world, some have removed all electronic devices, such as televisions and computers.

You can create a comfortable space for your favorite hobbies. You can use a remodeled table as a cozy nook where you can write letters, keep track of personal items and trinkets in the house, or even store them on a shelf. A comfy chair, side table, and floor lamp make a relaxing reading area.

Let your personality and style shine through by leveling up your bedroom design. Follow these easy steps and you’re all set to create your own private sanctuary. If you allow your imagination to explore, even a limited budget can’t stop you from making your dream room a reality.

How would you level up your bedroom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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