Easy DIY Home Improvements for 2023

With the new year here, you may be compiling your list of home improvement projects you want to work on in 2023. You can achieve an updated aesthetic in your home without costly and invasive renovations. Check out our list of top easy DIY home improvements for 2023.

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Dripping in design

Our first pick for easy DIY home improvements in 2023 is a fresh coat of paint. It may seem simple, but it can significantly impact the look and feel of your space. Get creative with your design choices by painting kitchen cabinetry, trim, furniture piece, or your walls.

Trending colors for 2023 are predicted to be rich in natural browns, rust, and pink shades. Select a color that is warm, inviting, and deep in tone. Think creamy caramels, dusty rose hues, and rich shades of oxblood. This color palette brings an element of nature and comfort into your space.

A fresh coat of paint is sure to be a home improvement project that only about anyone can manage on their own.

Closed closet

Next up on our easy DIY home improvements list is a closet refresh. It’s no secret that closet spaces tend to be junk collectors. It’s time to declutter and give your valuable closet space the moment and function it deserves.

To declutter, we recommend creating categories and placing every item in your closet into one. The categories include:

  • Keep
  • Donate or rehome
  • Trash
  • Take an image for memory, then donate or rehome

Once you successfully declutter, be sure you have enough space for each item you keep to have a spot. Have fun purchasing organization necessities like bins, baskets, upgraded and matching hangers, and turntables. Utilizing these will make your closet makeover feel luxurious and help keep you organized in 2023.

Create a statement

Creating a statement design in an understated home area is another great way to DIY a home improvement. Do you have a mud room or back hallway that gets lots of traffic but little love? Maybe it’s a powder room constantly used but lacking in design.

Whatever your “needs love” space is, try giving it a little tender love and care and see how it can upgrade your home in a big way.

Consider incorporating colored glass into your design (a predicted trend for 2023 design), adding fun and fresh wallpaper, or giving the space extra organization and function. Another noteworthy trend for 2023 is integrating more ornate designs into your furnishings and décor. Adding a more sophisticated look will bring your home into modern times as a nod to saying goodbye to the causal vibes the pandemic delivered.

Ann Turner

Ann Turner, a skilled contractor with a degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University, has enriched our content as a freelancer since 2022. Her 15 years in home construction and renovation provide a practical perspective to her home improvement guides. Her approach is to merge functional design with aesthetic appeal. Her expertise includes everything from basic repairs to full-scale renovations. When she's not writing, Ann volunteers in community building projects and enjoys woodworking.

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