7 Highest Paying Careers for College Graduates

Students joining college or those working towards their degree know that owning a college degree pays well and living in a dorm room with cool wallpapers is still dream of many. In many countries, a college degree is prestigious, and the government intervenes by helping the needy with grants to pay college fees. Most college degree holders are paid more than high school diploma holders.

However, salaries for college degrees vary widely. There are some degrees that make the most money, while others don’t. They also demand a high entry point for students who wish to pursue various courses. It is crucial to look at the college careers list and find the highest paying degrees, especially if you have a school loan. Our expert Klara Czerwinska sheds light on the highest-paying careers for college students in Poland and beyond.

Investment Banker

In recent years, investment banking jobs are not plentiful like they were due to financial crises that have hit the world. However, the career ranks as the most lucrative for fresh graduates. Investment Bankers work for long hours in their first years and are trained to work under intense pressure. Students who wish to pursue the course are advised to be bold. It is not a career for those students who value leisure time. It is a course for those who are willing to make big bucks from $112000.

Software developer for online games

The undeniable smart career choice is one of the highest paying majors in the world. The career fits in any job market, especially the rampant growing gambling industry. The iGaming industry has used technology to bring convenience to casinos. Online casinos are rising, and casino operators need software engineers to establish a competitive gambling platform. The number of iGaming jobs in Poland increases, as Poland’s gaming market is on the rise.

Software giant companies such as NetEnt and Microgaming compete to release new casino games every year. Graduates can work at gambling institutions, gain experience and create their casinos. A software developer earns about $93000 per year

Online casino dealer

Today it is challenging to undermine the growth of online casinos. The casino industry has overtaken many online industries ranking third in the world. Online casino dealers are on-demand as they enthusiastically introduce gamblers to the rules of the game.

These experts deal with cards, spin wheels, and announce winners. They also research topics and discuss with the audience inside casinos. Qualified online casino dealers are responsible for supervising updates and amendments in the game.

The career is very lucrative, with great opportunities to climb higher positions in the casino. Polish students can check some of the games that require live dealers by analyzing online casinos reviewed at online kasyno.


The course is very competitive among various industries but demands excellence in sciences and mathematics. A degree in engineering is suitable for multiple branches such as civil, chemical, and nuclear, to mention a few.

Graduates should try to acquire some excellent communications skills to fit into prestigious jobs. Employees require adequate technical language and the urge to tell people that engineering doesn’t involve driving a train. Successful engineers can bag around $72000.

Network systems administrator

The growth of technology has created new careers, and network systems administrator is not exceptional. Companies in the world are searching for network systems experts to maintain and troubleshoot complex computer networks.

Experts in the field are up to the task of ensuring networks run smoothly. In addition, they are responsible for securing networks through firewalls. Although the career is very desirable for good pay, graduates should be ready to work hard and gain technical knowledge to compete with other qualified applicants.

Internet marketer

Ever since the internet set its foot in 1960, it has developed various career opportunities for many. Today internet marketing is critical for the success of every business. The field is involved with search engine optimization, email marketing, and blogs to promote businesses. The space has expanded and changed, providing many opportunities for graduates with a background in business and current technology. Internet marketers are skilled with writing SEO content that helps firms and products rank high on Google.

Web designer

The world has shifted gears to turning their businesses online. Successful companies have ranked high since they hold a website. Web designers are responsible for making appealing websites for various companies and enterprises. Today, websites are used to brand and drive sales creating the need to have web designers.

Having a college degree is a privilege and Online casinos require an update of games and the installation of a customer support system pursuing the above careers leads to a brighter future.

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