7 Garden Design Tips For a New Pool

Garden design is an important aspect of creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space. It involves carefully planning and arranging elements such as plants, hardscape features, and furniture to create a cohesive look. With the addition of a new pool, garden design becomes even more crucial as it helps integrate the pool into the overall landscape.

In this article, we will discuss 7 garden pool design tips specifically for those who are considering adding a new pool to their outdoor space. These tips will help you create a harmonious and visually appealing combination of your pool and garden.

1. Start with the basics

Before getting into any intricate designs, start by identifying the basics of your garden such as its size, shape and location in relation to your pool. This will help you determine the best layout for your garden and ensure that it complements your pool. It is better to decide on these details before you get to any styles or decorations, to save time and money later on.

2. Consider the style of your pool

The style of your pool should be a key factor in shaping the design of your garden. For instance, if you have a traditional rectangular pool, a formal garden with straight lines and geometric shapes would be a perfect fit. However, if you have a freeform pool, a more naturalistic garden design with curves and irregular shapes would work better.

3. Incorporate focal points

A focal point is an important element in any garden design as it draws the eye towards a specific area. In the case of designing around a pool, it could be a water feature or a seating area. Be creative and think about what would work best for your space.

4. Choose the right plants

When selecting plants for your garden, make sure to choose ones that are able to thrive in the conditions around your pool. Plants that are tolerant of chlorine, heat and humidity are ideal choices. They should also be able to provide enough shade and privacy for your pool area.

5. Add texture and colour

A garden with a variety of textures and colours adds depth and interest, creating an inviting space around your pool. Consider using different types of foliage, flowers, grasses and hardscaping elements to add texture and pops of colour.

6. Create a functional space

Your garden should be both beautiful and functional. Consider adding walkways, seating areas, and even an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area to make the most of your poolside experience.

7. Don’t forget about maintenance

Lastly, keep in mind that your garden will require regular maintenance. Choose low-maintenance plants and hardscaping elements to save yourself time and effort. Incorporating an irrigation system can also help keep your plants healthy without too much effort on your part. Keep an eye out for any signs of leaks in your pool, discolouring of the water etc and always try and keep up to date with regular maintenance.

Tips for maintaining a garden with a pool

Regularly remove leaves and debris from your pool to prevent clogging and maintain water quality.

  • Monitor the pH levels of your pool water to keep it safe for both plants and swimmers.
  • Prune plants regularly to keep them in good shape and prevent overgrowth.
  • Consider using mulch around plants to retain moisture and reduce weed growth.
  • Use non-slip materials for walkways and poolside areas to ensure safety.
  • Regularly check your pool’s filtration system and clean or replace filters as needed.
  • Consider hiring a professional pool cleaner for regular maintenance tasks.

With these 7 tips in mind, you are ready to design the perfect garden for your new pool. Remember to consider the size, style, and functionality of your space while incorporating your own personal touch. Happy designing!


Ivan King

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