4 Reasons to Choose a Sit-Stand Desk

Uncommon but equally ergonomic, sit-stand desks are the best alternative to traditional desks. This type of office offers many significant advantages. Discover through this article the good reasons to equip yourself with this type of desk.

The sit-stand desk, what is it?

The sit-stand desk is a desk that raises and lowers using a crank or electric control.

The height-adjustable desk makes it possible to adapt to the user’s height. He can now work while standing or sitting.

There are many variants according to the technical characteristics, but basically, they are separated into two main categories according to their operation: manual or electric.

The height-adjustable electric desk

Similar to a classic standing desk, the legs of this type of desk have an electric adjustment to place the desk at the right height according to your position.

Essential for health

It is well known that physical activity is essential for your health. Only the sitting position could be more optimal, especially if you have to keep this position for several hours. When you work at a desk, it’s normal for your muscles to get tired and your posture to change. This is no longer adequate, creating the muscle pain often encountered by desk workers. On the other hand, the standing position will protect you from these ailments and prevent you from becoming overweight while passively eliminating calories.

In addition, the standing position promotes better blood circulation in the body and, at the same time, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Alternating between sitting and standing positions will preserve your body while fighting a sedentary lifestyle and provide a healthier work environment.

Better productivity

Changing positions when you work will make you much more productive, and here are the different reasons why:

· Standing up has been proven to stimulate your brain and give you up to 20% more efficiency. You will therefore be faster and save time on your work.

· Concentrating after the lunch break, during the digestion period, is more complicated. This is when working while standing will benefit you and prevent you from dozing off.

· Another positive point, working standing up will encourage you to move around to talk to your colleagues. It is an excellent way to communicate more between collaborators.

Suitable for everyone

Height-adjustable desks adapt according to the height of the person using them.

· For tall people who have to bend their backs, unfortunately, do not always have an ergonomic position on traditional desks. Raising their desk to the ideal height is an excellent way to overcome this problem.

· People with reduced mobility will also be satisfied because they can adjust the desk height to the appropriate height.

A profitable investment

Prices for sit-stand desks can indeed be high. Only we must remember that this is a high-end product. Here are other points justifying the price of this type of equipment.

· Sit-stand desks are very sturdy because they are mostly made of steel, wood, or metal. They can support a load of 80kg, which is more than enough to have your computer station there.

· The electric motor makes adjusting the desk’s height effortless.

· As seen in the video, the handling is straightforward. Press the dedicated button to adjust the desk

· This type of desk can change the design of a room and be used as a high table for small group meetings. It’s a way to vary the look of your workspace.

· A high-quality product, this desk has superior ergonomics to conventional desks.

· There is a wide variety of products in different colors. In addition, the desks are large, an advantage for organizing them properly and storing your supplies.

Sit-stand desk: what does science say?

Although the “standing desk” phenomenon is still little known in France, it is the subject of numerous scientific studies abroad.

Several studies have looked at the health benefits of the stand-up desk. The Take-a-stand project (2011) looked at sedentary occupations and their prolonged sitting. The study results are conclusive: the participants reduced their sitting time by 226%, and their lumbar and cervical pain dropped by 54%. Participants also reported better overall well-being. Other studies have emphasized calories burned, fighting drowsiness, and boosting the immune system. If you wonder why to choose a sit-stand desk, science answers you!

The health and wellness benefits are already enough, but the sit-stand desk is also a productivity booster. This was demonstrated by a study conducted by the Health Science Center School of Public Health (AM University, Texas). During 6 months, the study evaluated the efficiency gains of the “standing” position for employees of a Texas call center. The study concluded that sit-stand desk users:

· Made 23% more successful calls in the first month;

· And 53% after 6 months.

Scientific literature has long demonstrated the correlation between well-being at work and productivity. The sit-stand desk demonstrates this.

Dominik Sherman

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