4 First-Date Outfits That Will Show the Real You

Dating is an exciting process filled with mixed emotions, so being the best version of yourself is important. It will help you show the real you, overcome any fear and doubts you may have, and make you feel more relaxed when the moment comes. If you want to have a fun and interesting date, start preparing yourself. Choose the topics of discussion, the place where you want to go, and, most importantly, plan your outfit.

Wearing a great outfit during the first date will help you make an excellent first impression, hence increasing your confidence. In fact, 94% of women claim that dressing nice is very important for a first date. So, pick your outfit wisely and wear something comfortable, unique, and stylish. Also, check the latest fashion trends, and go shopping if necessary.

If you need some help to get started, read our four outfit ideas and draw some inspiration from them.

Wear (faux) leather

Leather, faux leather in particular, is making a triumphant comeback as more and more people start including it in their wardrobe. It is a strong, flexible, and versatile material made of polyvinyl chloride or PU, making it easy to wear. So, if you want to make a statement on your first date, pick a comfortable leather clothing piece and create a fun combination with unique shoes and accessories. For instance, you can opt for medium-waist red faux leather pants combined with a black retro sweet crop top. Choose pants with a crocodile-like texture to create a unique outfit. Complete the outfit with stiletto high heels, Akoya pearl earrings, and a colorful clutch handbag.

Little black dress

You cannot do wrong with this iconic clothing piece. If your date invites you to a fancy dinner, the little black dress is your go-to piece. It will help you show your sophisticated side and femininity. You can easily experiment with this dress and combine it with some unusual accessories. For instance, you can wear a bodycon or slip dress in combination with D’Orsay high heels with leopard print, a cluster necklace, and a gold watch, and finish off with a sling bag. This way, you will create a timeless outfit that showcases your simplicity and fashion sense.

Experiment with cargo pants

Cargo pants have become one of the biggest fashion trends in recent years. What makes them so popular is their versatility and ability for women to create stylish combinations with just a few simple clothing pieces. There are many types of cargo pants, such as informal wide-leg, high-rise straight utility, and nylon cargo straight-leg pants.

So, if you set up a date at a more laid-back place, like the local park or a coffee shop, choose cargo pants as your key clothing piece. Pick those that make you feel most comfortable and combine them with a colorful shirt or linen T-shirt with contrast straps. Complete the look with a denim jacket, white sneakers, and a baseball hat.

Boiler suit jumpsuit

A boiler suit jumpsuit is an excellent option if you are having a date by the beach. It has a waist cincher that points out the body curves and creates an amazing silhouette. It will showcase your sophisticated style and excellent fashion taste. This jumpsuit is very versatile as it can be found with deep pockets and minimalistic details like buttons and zippers.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can opt for either a sleeveless jumpsuit or one with long sleeves tied at the wrists. Whatever your choice, combine it with flat navy espadrilles, a wristlet handbag, and cat eye sunglasses. Make sure you feel comfortable with your choice as it will allow you to thoroughly enjoy your date lunch, but also it will help you make a powerful impact on your date.

Final thoughts

Dating is an interesting and fun experience as it allows you to meet new people, have captivating conversations, and share opinions on various topics. However, to make sure you enjoy the process, you need to prepare well. For sure, you want to leave a strong impact on your date, and wearing something unique is one way to do that. You can experiment, be bold, and wear something you never thought possible.

There are many options, like creating some unusual outfits by wearing leather clothes, or if your date night requires a fancier outfit, go for the iconic little black dress. Your outfit depends on the location you are going, so if you want to tone it down, you can always opt for cargo pants and a plain T-shirt. Whatever you choose, it should make you feel empowered, sophisticated and show the real you.

Dominik Sherman

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