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An international service for house sitters, Caretakers & home minders since 1999.

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House sitters

Find house sitters, house carers and home minders
for short or long term house sitting in London, France, Italy, Spain, Europe, USA, Canada, America, Australia.

HOME OWNERS - A FREE service for home owners looking for house and pet minders.
Home owners may place a FREE sitters wanted ad
or search through the lists of available registered sitters
 for carers that are available in their area - search here.

HOUSE SITTERS - Home and pet minders may register for housesitting in all areas -
Short term or long term housesitting, international, abroad or local.
FREE registration as available for sitting in UK, USA, Canada for short time
Just place "Special" in payment section.
( A fee still applies for Europe and Australia )

Sitters wanted for Caretaker and Home minding jobs in UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, London, Paris, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Canada, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand.
- one listing for as many areas as you like for a full year !

Most owners do prefer to use registered sitters
and pre-select who they think will best meet their needs at the time they start looking.
This also allows them to retain full control over who knows they're going to be away.
So please, do take a little care over what your description says about you.
Present yourself along the lines of what you would look for in a sitter for your own home, including any relevant experience or skills with home minding or pet and garden care.
Remember, owners choose who they think will best meet their needs.

I registered with HousesitWorld on March 9th thinking... is this really possible... sounds too good to be true! is possible.........on April 2nd I was contacted by a family in Vence, France and now...I am off to France for 1 year!!!!!
Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!
I Will check back in a year. Au revoir pour maintenant!
Mary, housesitter from Canada to France

Burano, Italy, whilst housesitters looked after our home and pets

House sitting

An international house and pet sitting service for all city and country areas.
International travel options are huge with so many places to visit, things to see and experience, and with modern-day travellers having a little more time to enjoy each area, short term or long term sitting has become a two-fold benefit.

Travellers can look after someone else's home as an affordable means of accommodation, giving them potentially longer to explore and enjoy an area at a more leisurely pace.

And, while they're away, having a sitter live in their own home gives home owners the peace of mind so necessary for a happy holiday - the pets are being looked after in their own home, the mail collected, lawns mowed and that lived-in security maintained.

Housesitting can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the home owner and the carer with sitters wanted in both city and rural locations all around the world.

We also welcome feedback via Facebook 

Hint - Don't get buried in the crowd - help your ad stand out
by including some example city and area names for each country.
More owners will see your details and consider if you meet their needs when they pre-screen from the lists of registered sitters.
Also comment on any experience you may have with home care and looking after gardens and pets.


House sitters Available

  • Sitters available for housesitting and pet minding
    Home Owners, search here for housesitters registered as available for sitting
    Find registered sitters ... who are available to look after your home and pets in any country, all International areas, both short term and long term.
    (Housesitting Australia has a separate site).
    Home owners may place a FREE sitters wanted ad.
House sitters Wanted
  • House and pet carers needed by owners
    Sitters may check for sitters wanted ads from owners for all International areas.
    (Housesitters Australia has
    separate lists for each state on it's own site).

    These are ads from home owners needing carers to look after their homes or pets.

    most owners do prefer to use registered carers and will usually find someone suitable at the time they start looking, only needing to place sitters wanted ads if they cannot find anyone available for their area.
Owners are welcome to place a free sitters wanted ad
Owners - List a sitters wanted ad for free,
including your dates needed, city/area and country names, and a little about what you're looking for, eg a family, couple, or single, active or retired, etc.
Do include whether your home is a farm, residence in town, apartment, close to beach, public transport, shops, facilities, etc. how many pets and what types and if you have a large or small garden.
Generally give the sitter an idea of what you are looking for and offering in return.

Sitters - To register as available for housesitting jobs
Register for housesitting
One listing for ALL areas Worldwide for 12 months.
But please, do list example places you are available for as your profile will then be viewed by many more owners rather than buried amongst all the others that say 'anywhere'.
No fee to change or update your details or availability.
(We do operate on a non-refund basis once your details have been listed).

Why Register?
Registering as available lets owners know who is actually available,
giving carers the opportunity to write a little about themselves and why the owners should select them for caring for their home and pets.
Some owners are happy to place sitter wanted ads however many prefer to use registered sitters and will find someone suitable from the list of those registered as available.

Important - Ensure more owners see your details.
Even if you are available for anywhere, do include several example city and area names for each country - the more example city / area names included, the better, as your ad will stand out from the crowd.

London, England - time to see all the sights

Had a great time!
Repeat housesitting in London for 6 weeks allowed us the time to see the sights at our leisure . . . took bus trips in different directions most days or stayed local as the mood took us . . . and having a sitter looking after our home in Australia meant a worry free holiday . . .
G and A, Australia to London, two years running.

A leisurely holiday San Francisco USA
More Testimonials from both owners and home minders

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Our few moments of fame on TV - Video here

Mobile: Google sites - Home sitting
and house and pet sitters

Paris France - with time to enjoy all this great city has to offer.

International Housesitting
Thanks to the universal reach of the internet, we are able to cover all international areas without having to open a physical office in every city. We've had successful sitters from New Zealand to London, Scotland to South Africa, Canada to Portugal, Italy to Greece, USA to Spain, France to Costa Rica and lots of house minding jobs in between.

From one week to several months to a year or more, home minders can gain free holiday accommodation or extra time to immerse yourself in an area and culture. Or time and space for home renovation, work or study interstate or simply to help save for your own home.
One registration for house and pet sitting in all areas Worldwide.
For whatever reason, sitters can save $1,000's by living rent free!
Feedback from home owners and housesitters.

Are your home and contents safe?
Leave your pets in their normal home rather than going into kennels.
Have the lawn and garden maintained
Housesitters can provide that 'lived in' appearance, collect or forward your mail, exercise your dog, and keep your garden under control

What is Housesitting
How does it work
What are the costs
Home minders responsibilities
Duration of house-sits?
All these questions and more are answered here

Register now so owners know that you are available register
Or check our info pages for
home minding London and all UK or
Housesitting Europe which covers France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland.
House minding Canada and
Housesitters USA as well as
Central America,
South America,
Housesitters Australia
and also
South Africa
or any
International housesitting destination.

Travel Insurance

Sydney Australia, one of the worlds most beautiful harbours

House minding Experiences
Many housesitters and home owners have given feedback on their experiences as a lifestyle choice or simply for a unique holiday experience.
Feedback from home owners and housesitters.
From sitting in Italy to two years all over Australia, or International sitting from South Africa to Scotland to USA, or Europe from Switzerland to Italy. From a home minder in Tasmania and Canberra to experiences in Sydney Australia.
Feedback from home owners in Brisbane and Colorado USA as well as a sitter from London to Montana House minding USA.
Housesitters with 10 Years experience
in UK, Europe, USA, Canada and House caring USA, Canada, Switzerland by international house-sitters.
Three years sitting around Australia and House minding London where an Australian couple house sat in London two years running.
Housesitters Australia and Denver, Colorado, USA.
Home sitting Western Australia - from both minders and home owners.
An Australian home owner reports on successful arrangements made for carers from UK to Australia.
Argentina and Australia - reflections on Home minding by an experienced international traveller.
House minding over 4 years from New Zealand to Perth Australia and feedback from both owners and carers on Housesitting New Zealand to Sydney.
Short notes from long term
Housesitter Australia.
12 months Housesitting France from Canada and also family experiences  House minding France, Italy by carers from Canada to France & Italy.
And finally, repeat Housesitters New Zealand to Australia who have developed great friendships and more contacts than they can handle.

Ten years of home minding
Marg and Donal, from Melbourne Australia, recount some of their experiences from home minding all over... England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, America and Canada.



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