What Colour Should Your Home Office Be?

During lockdown around 60% of people worked from home at least some of the time. Although that number has decreased, many of us still find ourselves working remotely. For this reason, a dedicated home office is a great idea.

Are you hoping to decorate your home office in a way that is both inspiring, and professional? Are you wondering what colour scheme to follow to make the most out of your new work space? If you are, this article will help. We are exploring lots of different colours and how they might impact your working environment.

Let’s take a look at different colours for the home office:


Red splashes in the office can be a useful way to bring the feelings of strength, power and colour. A little red book on the wolf cabinet, some red plant foliage – it doesn’t have to overwhelm the room. In fact, it is important you don’t go overboard with the red because it can actually cause eye strain and evoke feelings of anger and overstimulation.


Orange is full of optimism, warmth and self-confidence and it can also represent a feminine energy of creation. As it is a little less harsh than red, you can include more of it in your office. Orange scatter cushions, an orange beanbag in the corner – it’s a really nice bold colour to include.


Yellow is related to intellect, creativity and newness, so it is a great all-round home office colour to try. A pale yellow can look lovely as a neutral tone in the home office, or you can try being bolder and jazzing up some furniture from your cheap self storage unit by https://storing.com. It can be incorporated in many different ways and looks particularly cute with vibrant green office plants.


Green is on trend at the moment and can be used in multiple shades for an entire home office renovation or for boho dorm rooms. It promotes the idea of being planet-friendly, of being at one with the earth and of growth and new beginnings, so it makes sense to consider it as a great colour for your home office. Consider mixing and matching different textures to avoid an overall aesthetic flatness.


Blue is peaceful, serene and helps to create a feeling of space and calm. If used in a home office, it is a good idea not to go too heavy on pale blues, as to invoke the feeling of coldness. Go too heavy on dark blues and the feeling gets a bit more moody, which isn’t ideal either. Instead, think about mixing and matching teal, ocean blues, rich sky blues and perhaps some seaweed green too. The colours green and blue are incredibly popular at the moment so, if you want a modern office that has a very natural feel, blues and greens could be a good idea.


Purple is a highly imaginative colour that tends to bring about feelings of wealth, fantasy and a sense of opulence. It’s a bit too intense for an office because it’s quite spacy and the elements of red can be over stimulating. However, if it inspires you, more subdued lavenders can be a good choice for soft furnishings and accessories.


Pink is an on trend colour that looks absolutely beautiful in pastel and candy floss tones. It can be used as an alternative to a beige or grey neutral and works really well with natural materials and splashes of green in the form of big leafy plants (think pink and Monstera). When it comes to the emotions of pink, it can be very calming and healing for some, potentially alleviating negative emotional feelings. So, if you have a very stressful job, pink could be a great idea for the home office.

So, What Colour Is Best For Your Home Office?

Realistically, it is an individual choice as everybody is so different in their tastes and the kind of environment that stimulates good productivity. In most cases, for both functional purposes and to save money, the best thing to do is go neutral and then add splashes of colour in your soft furnishings and other decorations. That way, if you want to switch things up you can comfortably know that everything works with your neutral base.

Hopefully, with the right colour combination you can create a home office that works beautifully to boost your career aspirations and remote working routine.

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