What are the Benefits of Recliner Chairs?

Recliner chairs have been a favorite of livingrooms for decades now. And who can blame them? They are extremely comfortable. But is there more to them than that? Could there be any practical or health benefits to opting for a recliner chair? We explore in this guide.

Increased mobility

The main benefit of a recliner is that if you get the right model with the capability, they can be a great asset to those with mobility issues. If you find yourself groaning whenever you have to bend your knees, say, to get off the sofa, there is the option of getting a recliner. There are models of recliners out there that will guide you into a standing position with the controls, rather than just leaving you sitting and left to get up yourself.

Better circulation

And just like sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to your back, sitting for long periods of time can also wreak havoc on your legs and joints. If your weight isn’t evenly distributed, gravity won’t send enough blood where it needs to go. But a well-made recliner that will distribute body weight, will allow for even circulation across all your painful joints. There are even chairs that will optimize blood flow by giving you an ideal angle for body distribution.

Comfortable enough to fall asleep in

If dozing off in front of the TV is a habit, possibly even a lifestyle choice, you can invest in a recliner chair to make it a truly dreamlike experience. No more waking up with a crick in your neck or a dead arm from dozing off in a sitting position with no support. You can sit and sleep in comfort, fully supported by your padded recliner chair.

It’s a lifesaver, for example, for new parents having to feed in the night. If you feel yourself dozing off with the baby in your arms, you’re not going to wake up stiff as a board again with yet another reason for why getting sleep is a nightmare.

Lumbar support

Along the same lines, it’s important to point out that it won’t only be your neck getting support, but your back too. Lumbar support is extremely important in discount furniture, which is why every gaming chair features lumbar support and office workers have to fight for it. With lumbar support, you’ll avoid spinal cord alignment, improper posture and lower your risk of injury.

Pain relief

All this evenly distributed body means that you can sit peacefully, with less pain, but recliners have other tricks up their sleeves to ease more pain in your body than laying on the sofa. Some offer heat therapy and massage features that will target pressure points in your body and ease them away.

Stress relief

There are three categories of stress: emotional, mental, and physical, and they all tend to intertwine. For example, if you are in pain, you’re going through physical stress, which in turn will create emotional stress. If you’re in emotional stress, they can present as physical or mental, etc. A recliner chair can work on easing that physical stress while creating an extremely comfortable setting for you to relax and work on any emotional or mental stress.

Dominik Sherman

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