What Are The Advantages Of Steel Garage Door Installation?

Natural wood was all the rage when it came to the main material used in garage doors in the past. However, with the development in technology and mechanization, garage door manufacturers have moved on to use stronger and sturdier materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, composite plastics, and more to match Jeld wen windows and other luxury look.

As a result, steel has taken wood’s place as the most popular material used in most garage doors due to its many multi-faceted, superior benefits. So much so that many industry experts are highly confident that no other material will ever take steel’s place on the throne. Today, we dissect the reasons behind why steel reigns supreme and some of its biggest advantages.

Steel Is Highly Durable

One of the biggest and main reasons steel is such a popular material is its long-lasting durability. Compared to steel, no other materials will come close to unscathed during harsh weather and climate. Moreover, as it is a compound made with carbon and iron, the material is highly resistant to damage and has high tensile strength, which means that it can take a good beating before it breaks.

Additionally, it will not warp like plastic and decay or rot like wood, which is vital because you won’t have to replace it as often. Overall, you can spend little to no effort maintaining the garage door, and it will still do its job of protecting your garage from the elements.

Steel Is Affordable

You might be surprised to hear that even though steel surpasses wood in durability, strength, and practicality, it is still more affordable and significantly less expensive than the latter. In most cases, customizing a wood garage door can cost up to three times more than if you customize your steel door.

On average, a 7ft x 8ft wooden door can cost anywhere between $1,400 to $2,000, while a steel door of the same size has a price range of $700 to $1,140. In addition, while wood is a good natural insulator, its energy savings will not match insulated steel, which is more energy-efficient. So, overall, when you install a steel garage door, you save more in the long term while reaping more benefits than other materials

Steel Is Energy Efficient

Let’s dive a little deeper into why steel can be more energy-efficient than most other materials, such as wood. Most steel garage door installations are layered with polystyrene or polyurethane, which plays a major role in insulating your garage during the winter. This is especially important for extending the lifespan of equipment, materials, and vehicles that you store in the garage. The cold weather can cause the oil stored in your car to thicken up, put more stress on the battery and require you to spend more time starting up the gas in the morning. Additionally, this means you can spend less energy trying to keep the rest of the house warm.

Steel Is Customizable

One of the biggest benefits of steel is that it can be easily customized with the design, style, color, and texture of your choice, allowing you to create a garage door that can seamlessly fit with the exterior of your home. For example, suppose you’re a fan of the rustic and farmhouse style that wooden garage doors can deliver. In that case, you can choose accent wood tones or planks to give the illusion of natural wood without the hassle of decay and decomposition. But if you are not a fan of a rustic style but still a farmhouse style, you can still choose stainless steel with the style of a natural wood garage door.

Another popular design is the Mediterranean style, which fits homes with a stucco-textured exterior and tiled roofs. However, as many homeowners prefer not to deal with the maintenance of natural wood, many have used faux wood tones as a substitute. Overall, steel garage door installations have more versatility in terms of design and style, being able to fit with different themed exteriors.

Steel Can be Repurposed and Recycled

When wood from trees is used in garage doors, carbon stored in their sinks is released into the atmosphere, exacerbating the serious climate change issue. Likewise, when plastics are manufactured and used in garage doors, toxic chemical fumes are released into the atmosphere, contributing to the current air pollution crisis. In contrast, up to 80% of the composition in steel doors is made with recycled materials. If you already have a steel door and are looking to replace it, most of its parts can also be recycled and repurposed for making desks, cabinets, or wardrobes, making it a more environmentally responsible choice.

Steel is Safe and Secure

Compared to wooden doors, steel doors can be reinforced and made stronger to prevent theft and home invasions. It also acts as a form of deterrence against criminals trying to find weak spots in your garage doors, as they are more difficult to damage and are more break-resistant. Home fires are also very common in the United States; therefore, a steel door installation ensures that it won’t contribute to the fire. Generally, metals are good conductors and have a high ignition temperature, meaning that they won’t burn as easily as wood.

Why Choose Steel Garage Door Installation?

In general, we recommend changing your current garage door to a steel one, as it is more durable, affordable, energy-efficient, safer, and more secure than other types of material in the market. In addition, a steel garage door installation is a low-risk, high-reward investment due to the wide variety of applications it has in home exterior design. You won’t ever have to worry or wonder whether you are getting your money’s worth as steel garage doors are made to last.

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