Weekdays or Weekends – What is Better When Hiring a Long-Distance Moving Company?

When you are approaching a long-distance or cross-country move, there are multiple factors you have to consider. This can be as small as how you will choose to label your boxes and as large as where you will end up purchasing your new home or renting your apartment. Scheduling your move date also depends on when you locate your new place, where you are going, when you need to get there, your family’s needs, etc.—choosing your date and confirming that on the schedule can be a stressful event that sometimes requires compromising comfort with practicality.

Some believe that moving on a weekday makes things go a bit smoother than if you were to move on a weekend – others require weekend moves due to their work schedule. Regardless of the requirements, this has long been a debate of whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. Long-distance moving companies have long been a part of this process. They, too, have to deal with the scheduling needs of their customers and make compromises to ensure the convenience of those clients. The best day of the week for cross-country moving in Colorado depends on so many moving pieces it can be challenging to navigate. That is why weighing out your needs, the relocation specialist’s availability, and general reasoning will assist in your decision.

Weekday Moving

Weekdays are generally associated with the work week, so you may also be needed on the job site while your moving company is moving. You may see more affordable rates, but there is always a downside to what can benefit your satisfying experience and scheduling our move date. On weekdays you will see the following:

  1. Lower Prices – You will find that moving anytime Monday-Friday will be accompanied by lower moving rates. If you need to prioritize savings (like most of us), making your move on a weekday may be best for you. The downside is that you are losing an entire workday, and if you are an hourly employee – this can be challenging.
  2. Low-Stress Levels – When you are making a move on a weekday, you have access to your kid’s usual babysitter – AKA school. You can send the kiddos off to school. This decreases stress and increases overall productivity. This can also allow additional time for packing, unpacking, and organization before you return to work or begin your new position!
  3. Easy Access to Changes – Long-distance moving comes with a lengthy to-do list. Typically, you must deal with utilities, internet, heating & cooling, etc. When you need to cancel your utilities and begin a new service – this is much easier to complete on a weekday as many businesses have limited hours or are even closed on the weekdays. This makes the moving process less stressful and provides the added benefit of getting more things checked off the list on a weekday.
  4. Limited Assistance – While you may be using professional movers to help you through your cross-country moving process, there are still things to complete outside the moving logistics. If you finish everything on a weekday, reaching out to friends and family can be challenging because, chances are, they are working. You may not have as much help as you would if you choose to move on a weekend.

Weekend Moves

Everyone is always waiting for the weekends to do things they enjoy and simply to relax. When you are relocating, it may seem like common sense to get your move date scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday, but this is not always the best move. Weekends can feel more overwhelming than weekdays, and if you are considering scheduling your move on a weekend, you can expect some positives and negatives:

  1. No Work & No School – If you are making your move on a weekend, you do not have to miss important events like work and school. Most people have a regular work week and don’t want to use PTO during the move or miss essential classes. This won’t disrupt your weekly or children’s schedules; everything stays on track.
  2. No Traffic Jams – Even when working with a moving company, you must travel to your new location. Whether driving all the way there or simply driving to the airport, you won’t run into the weekly traffic jams. This makes the day less stressful and makes you more productive on your moving day.
  3. Movers Are Busy – Weekends are some of the busiest times for any moving company, making scheduling difficult. Since they are busy, you will also see higher moving rates on weekends, which may affect your final decision. If you have to plan around the mover’s availability, you may want to book your move as far in advance as possible.
  4. Unpacking Can Be a Problem – Moving during the weekend gives you an open day for packing and unpacking but also puts a time limit on things. You have to push yourself to get everything done so that you are ready and prepared for the work week. Everyone has their way of packing and unpacking. Still, many of us cannot ignore boxes throughout the house, and seeing those adds unnecessary stress and anxiety to your new home and environment.

Moving Companies Will Always Make It Work

Considering everything is vital, and it is crucial to make sure that you are thoroughly consulting with your local moving professional to find the most suitable date and time for you and your household. Moving dates are very personal, and to determine what feels best for you and your household, be sure to check out any possibility. The less stress associated with long-distance moving, the easier the entire process will be. To create the most optimal moving experience – you will want to team up with the best local moving professionals.

Denver Moving Group is a family-owned and operated moving company offering premium local, cross-country, long-distance, and interstate hauling for residential and commercial needs. Their experience sets them apart, and whether your move date is scheduled for a weekday or weekend, you will reap all the benefits of affordability, comfortability, and functionality. Working with experts allows you to minimize any kind of negative emotions or feelings and maximize the excitement you have around your relocation. Moving is a significant life event, and when traveling cross-country to a new place, prioritizing yourself and your happiness is always in your best interest!

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