VPN and Your IP Address

VPN, Virtual Private Network, people have many misconceptions related to VPNs functioning. Most of us are not aware of how it works. VPN has been an essential part of almost every one of us. Many of us use it quite frequently, while others use it occasionally. It has been a tremendous tool for us; the best part is that it is ever-evolving. It has many remarkable features like hidden search history and no tracking, and one of the best ones is changing IP with VPN.

This article will help you to understand and clear most of your misconceptions and will help you to make the connection between your VPN and your IP Address. For example, do people often ask how I can change IP with VPN? So this article will help you to do so, but we will be getting the proper knowledge of the relation between VPN and our IP Address.

What is a VPN

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that people use to ensure cyber security. It is an app we install on our pc or device and helps us keep our search and personal history safe from the third party. In addition, it keeps you in an encrypted connection, which means only you and your server knows what you are doing on the internet.

How does it work

VPN encrypts the communication between the user and the server. So, your device is a PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc. The VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the user and the service provider’s server. It changes your location and reroutes the way so that you can surf the internet without letting others know your identity.

Can a VPN change our IP Address?

So, as we all know, if we are on the internet, then we all have an internet Identity, which is known as our IP address, the Internet Protocol Address. It is a set of numbers with all the information, such as our location, internet service provider, etc.

So, VPN changes your identity and makes others feel you have joined the internet from a different geographical location. So, you have to install the app, open it, and select the location you want to choose for internet surfing. After getting connected, you are ready with a new identity. To verify, open any of your browsers and search “What is my IP,” and you will get the information.

Why We should use VPN

VPN is known as the must-have tool for safe and secure internet surfing. It keeps us safe from trackers, not just in the home network but in the public network. Many of us know that WIFI or Public WIFI is not secure, but people still use it for personal uses like payments and banking. That’s where this highly effective tool helps you to get saved from trackers and attackers. Furthermore, it keeps you hidden by giving you an unknown identity and lets you enjoy your internet surfing and your favorite content.

It keeps your search history hidden by stopping your DNS. This enables VPN to hide your search history, prevents third parties from getting to know about your habits, and stops them from sending you targeted advertisements and letting you enjoy your favorite content smoothly and without interruption.

It protects you from the trackers which always track your activity on the internet and creates your internet profile based on your internet habit. By hiding your identity, it saves you from these threats and attacks.


Always check VPNs’ privacy policy because not all VPNs provide these features, sometimes they say. Still, they don’t write it, so it is our responsibility to be responsible before using any of the VPNs.

VPN is an essential tool if you are on the internet. We must know all the advantages and disadvantages of it. We have to be aware of its necessity and importance. It has so many features that can help the user feel safe and secure on the internet, which is becoming unsafe daily. Many big companies are also coming up with their VPNs which will be more reliable for the users, and they don’t have to use any third-party VPNs.

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