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The company named Vaughan-Basset makes furniture for the bedroom and is based in Galax, Virginia. To design and manufacture specialist products that are unique to their collections, Vaughan Bassett has 700 skilled workers in factories. The entire furniture of Vaughan-Bassett is 100% American and manufactured within the nation. Well, in the United States of America, Vaughan-Bassett is the largest maker of wooden bedroom furniture.

Most of the furniture Vaughan Bassett involves wood veneers and wood solids. Various species that are primarily utilized in the collection by Vaughan-Bassett bedroom include Oak, Poplar, Maple, Pine, Birch, Beech, Ash, and Cherry. Vaughan Bassett claimed that their top priority is to offer their customers unmatched quality, value, and service. In other words, it can be said that they want to make everything easy for their customers by making them happy.

This article will elaborate on you completely about Vaughan Bassett furniture reviews, the kinds of furniture items they offer, the quality of furniture, and the warranty details of furniture.

By J.D Bassett and B.C Vaughan, Vaughan-Bassett came into existence in 1919. The company became famous in every household name in the last 100 years. The company faced various challenges, including economic depression, and fortunately, they survived. Today, the company has 1 million sq.—Ft. Manufacturing service in Virginia.

Vaughan–Bassett wanted to support the American dream, so the company is quite ardent about their work. The company stood rigid, while most of the top manufacturers shifted their manufacturing to China and other major Asian regions. Vaughan-Bassett believed that they could confirm their quality and, even then, make revenues. Then, a book named ‘Factory Man’ was launched, which elaborated on their effort and hard work in attempting to carry on the jobs of Americans and the business also. This book was a big success as it became so popular that it assisted in increasing the fame of the company.

Vaughan-Bassett focuses on keeping its customers always happy. They make their customers happy by making elegant hand build top quality furniture that is styled to offer grace and style to your place.

Kinds of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture

The company deals in bedroom furniture and offers four distinct collections –

  • Adult
  • Youth
  • Artisan and Post
  • Appalachian Hardwood

To provide a different look, these provide distinct and unique styles. These collections have different ranges that possess all the things to adjust your bedroom. You will find the below-mentioned products within these collections –

  • Chests
  • Mirrors
  • Beds
  • Storage solutions
  • Wardrobes and many more

Vaughan-Bassett is just refitting the entire room throughout a style and makes top matching bedrooms for your place.

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Quality

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture

The furniture offered by Vaughan-Bassett is created to last long. Most of the furniture is created from robust hardwoods, which creates it trust-worthy and long-lasting. Every item is much made by people who are experts in the field of furniture creation. Every worker is so expert and passionate about high standards regarding their job.

The company makes use of various techniques and top-quality materials. Cabinet and storage characteristics include –

  • Mortise and Tenon construction for long-lastingness and strength
  • Extra smooth Acrylic Finish on units’ interiors
  • Whisper close drawers with piston activated
  • Smooth running dual ball-bearing drawer guides
  • English Dovetail Drawer construction

The company put its specialization of 100 years into every product. The styles are different, and everything within these products is mainly made to hold the test of time and to be long-lasting, despite any wear and tear of the product. You can entirely depend and be proud of the result of the construction quality and American hardwood of the Vaughan-Bassett furniture.

Vaughan-Bassett has earned prominence for reasonable cost furniture in traditional, rustic, and contemporary designs. Well, there are various opinions of people regarding the products, so here are the Vaughan Bassett Furniture Reviews that will be beneficial for you before your furniture purchase.

Specifics of Vaughan Bassett Furniture

Vaughan Bassett provides an extensive range of furniture from online stores to in-store locations throughout the nation, where buyers can connect with supportive interior designers. The furniture provided by Vaughan Bassett is cost moderately having a focus on rustic farm-chic styles, European influenced, and Classic designs.

Most of the buyers say great things about the Vaughan Bassett Furniture review. They claim that the overall experience is quite helpful and is styled inspired when it comes to customer satisfaction and in-store shopping. In various cases, there are various mixed opinions regarding the perceived value and long-lastingness of the furniture.

Quality of the Material

One of the significant differences in products offered by Vaughan Bassett is that their offerings are manufactured in America. They claim that excellent long-term quality is offered by their furniture items. The wood of Vaughan Bassett items makes use of rigid wood construction having more significant profiles.

The company provides higher-end customizable options and synthetic fabric in upholstering options. In general, people say good about the utilization of materials in the furniture. However, there are some mixed sentiments related to construction in various cases.

Top Picks of Vaughan Bassett Furniture

There are various famous requests by customers that they make related to the Vaughan Bassett Furniture Review. Here, you will get to know the top picks of Vaughan Bassett Furniture and consider the advantages and disadvantages of their products.

Sofas and Sectionals

This is the first thing that buyers want to try their hands on. Sectional or sofa from Vaughan Bassett comes in various styles and designs that have traditional designs offering muted color palette options such as blue, grays, and beige in synthetic blends.

Moreover, the company provides several options for fabric customization in different prints, patterns, and material selections (like velvet, tweed, and chenille). There are various complaints raised regarding the durability of the product in various cases apart from the fact that most of the buyers like the style and design choices offered.

Advantages – Wide variety of fabric options are available. Vaughan Bassett offers traditional and classic sofa looks.

Disadvantages – Some differences of opinions are there regarding long-lastingness in various cases.

Coffee Tables

Vaughan Bassett Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are also among those products about which people are excited to buy. Majority of the designs offered by Vaughan Bassett provide solid construction and high-end wood elements.

With the choice to change color palettes in various cases, their designs and styles differ from distressed and rustic to different traditional varnished varieties. Most of the buyers say good about these coffee tables in terms of material quality and selection in general.

Advantages – Great selection of options is available in coffee tables in traditional and contemporary designs.

Disadvantages – Little complaints regarding cost in various cases.

Beds and Bedroom Sets

Beds and Bedroom Sets

This is another primary product that buyers considerably want to include in their homes. Just like the other items offered by Vaughan Bassett, beds and bedroom set styles provide robust wood construction, which implies bed frame offerings and more massive dressers.

Having various upholstered accents at times, these offer both rustic farmhouse designs and different traditional refined offerings in robust wood, and these range from $699-$4649. Customers say great things about these in general. However, there are some mixed opinions regarding cost and long-lastingness in various cases.

Advantages – Powerful and rigid bed frame offerings along with wood dressers. Top-notch designs.

Disadvantages – Some differences of opinions regarding cost and long-lastingness in various cases.


This is a different category for buyers that they love. Having customizable upholstering options, the collection of armchairs incorporates both traditional upholstered versions and modern styles with wooden frames or lower profiles.

Most of the chairs cost moderately, which begins from $600 with more than 150 options to select from. Customers say great things related to this product; however, some have mixed opinions regarding cost and long-lastingness in various cases. 

Advantages – Both modern and traditional styles are available in wide accent chair selection.

Disadvantages – Customers claim of cost and durability in some cases.

Dining Tables

Vaughan Bassett Dining Tables

Dining room furniture is the last category that people love in the Vaughan Bassett Furniture Reviews. The collection of dining tables incorporates robust and rigid wood construction having massive profiles. These dining tables have some distinct designs incorporating modern ascetic, traditional refined, and farmhouse options.

For a small round choice, their designs begin to cost at $749 and can reach more than $5000 for customizable, more extensive choices. In general, buyers resonate significantly with the styles and say great regarding the materials with some minor issues about the cost in various cases.

Advantages – Extensive range of dining table designs having a great collection of finish customization choices.

Disadvantages – Mixed opinions regarding cost in various cases.

Bedroom Reviews of Vaughan Bassett

Vaughan Bassett provides a beautiful number of distinct selections for customers to pick from. There are more than 18 distinct designs to select from that incorporate different woods and colors in each of their ranges. They can fit in any home as the collections are available in modern, transitional, and traditional styles. 

Bedrooms by Vaughan Basset are manufactured by making use of hardwoods. You can select from a wide variety of selection; however, the most famous ones include – Cherry, Oak, and Maple.

To provide a different feel and look to your furniture, everything is significantly picked from American Trees. Various unique staining options are provided by Vaughan Bassett. These permit you to customize the wood to complement your home along with your preferences. So, no two items will be similar due to various techniques.

The bedrooms by Vaughan Bassett are manufactured using various distinct elements of furniture that are joined. You can have the ability to select your fittings and determine which will be fitting in your space that is available at your place. You can tailor the bedroom as per your requirements, having different pieces of styles and storage solutions.

With the help of beneficial features, Vaughan Bassett merges modern convenience with traditional furniture building. The storage options are built-in for these beds, and this will permit you to enhance the space’s utilization. The modern fittings are long-lasting to daily life, and the chest of drawers can be built to perfect measurements.

The company has included all the innovation and skill into every unit and has manufactured elegant bedrooms that add beauty to your place.

Vaughan Bassett Furniture Reviews and Complaints

Vaughan Bassett furniture reviews are positive in general, saying good about the company and top-notch furniture – A customer name Dee R says – He loved the furniture by Vaughan Bassett. The furniture is very rigid and robust and not much costly. Vaughan Bassett is a great brand one can have.

When it comes to various cases, there are some disagreements about customer service and overall quality. Mistakes and delays are very annoying as they happen in every company. So, you should look for a dealer whom you can trust and will be responsible if anything goes out of the track.

It would help if you kept in mind that Vaughan Bassett Company is quite distinct. The company creates furniture for rooms of your house and possess less than approving reviews. The company keeps production in the United States of America; hence their quality is top-notch.

Warranty policy of Vaughan Bassett Furniture

The company is one step back from other companies as it offers a one-year warranty on the items. The warranty covers all the making defects. It would be best if you kept in mind that all problems or claims need to be reported through the dealer from whom you buy. After this, the dealer will contact the maker regarding any replacement parts or repairs.

You should take the help of a dealer who can be accountable for anything. You should always communicate regarding the warranty of your items so you should know what things are covered and what is not.

Final Words

The workers of Vaughan Bassett have taught the skill and merged it with new-fashioned changes in both techniques and elements. The final products are made by the workers who love crafting things for you.

You will surely get worth for your Vaughan Bassett furniture for the cost as you will get a moderate quality. The furniture by Vaughan Bassett is excellent for people who want a bedroom set as all the products come together for your room.

Vaughan Bassett has faced all the problems and issues of the 20th century in the United States of America. So, make sure to check Vaughan Bassett furniture reviews of all the products before you buy furniture.

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