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A FREE house minding service for home owners looking for Sitters and Caretakers since 1999.
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House sitters and Caretakers may register as available for sitting jobs in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Chicago, New York, New Mexico, California, Kentucky, Boston, Miami, all United States of America -
one registration for as many areas as you like.

Home owners, have sitters look after your home & pets while away,
collect your mail, walk your dog, mow the lawn and maintain that 'lived in' appearance.

In return, home sitters gain free accommodation.
Benefits everyone !
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House sitters USA

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    Some owners are happy to place house sitters wanted ads however many prefer to use registered sitters and will find someone suitable from the list of available sitters at the time they start looking.

Hi Danny, Your service was great!
Actually, I composed the ad back in Sept looking for someone to stay with our dogs when we were away in November.
I actually got 55 responses from your site (20 from another). It was great.
I have used (housesitting services) since 2004 to find wonderful house and dog sitters for our houses in two different states. I think the structure of allowing home owners to post ads for free is a great incentive (compared to other websites).
I know I will continue to use this site for many years. Great job!
Emily, Florida, USA.


Had a great time!
Repeat house sitting in London for 6 weeks allowed us the time to see the sights at our leisure . . . took bus trips in different directions most days or stayed local as the mood took us . . . and having a house sitter looking after our home in Australia meant a worry free holiday . . .
G and A, Australia to London.

House sitting in Hawaii for a leisurely holiday  

Hi, We have really enjoyed being on housesit world and tell all our friends about it.
We have been offered some lovely house sits but most were when we were in Cyprus.
Thank you for the wonderful service and for keeping in touch.
George & Irene, England to Australia, Canada, England, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus


Our last housesit was for four months last summer in Marxequiera, Spain, caring for a lovely villa, fruit gardens, pool and 'Biggles' a wonderful tabby cat with attitude!
Sandi & Ron, UK to Spain.

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The Guardian - A surprising number of householders worldwide will let you live in their home for nothing while they are away. House-sitting is completely one-way - you don't have to offer yours in exchange - and it is becoming a global phenomenon. is the place to go, either to advertise for a sitter or to find somewhere to live rent-free around the globe...
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House sitting USA for a leisurely holiday, Manhattan

House sitters America

From Hawaii to Massachusetts, Alaska to Florida, Texas to Chicago, New York to New Mexico, California to Kentucky, Boston to Miami, all areas United States of America!
National and International travel options are huge with so many places to visit, things to see and experience, and with modern-day travellers having a little more time to enjoy each area, house and pet sitting has become a two-fold benefit.
Travellers can house sit someone else's home as an affordable means of accommodation, giving them potentially longer to explore and enjoy an area at a more leisurely pace.
And, while they're away, having a sitter live in their own home gives the peace of mind that is so necessary for a happy holiday - the pets are being looked after in their own home, the mail collected, and lawn maintained.
Colorado River, Arizona - try house sitting your way around America

Thanks to the universal reach of the internet, Home and Housesitting Worldwide is able to cover all international areas without having to open a physical office in every city. We've had successful sitters in all areas USA - and worldwide

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House sitting International

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House sitting in Texas allows time to ponder - Fort Worth

What is House sitting?
Housesitting has become very popular in recent times as a concept that is mutually beneficial to both the home owner and the house sitter - The home owner gets their home, pets and gardens cared for while they're away and the house sitter gains rent free accommodation in return for minor household duties they would be doing wherever they lived.
Who are House sitters?

Housesitters are ordinary people just like you - from all walks of life and available for all sorts of reasons. Some are saving for a home, renovating their property, moving to a new area, re-establishing their lives, travelling with their own pets or wishing to save on motels or simply needing a break from the mobile home while touring. House sitters range from young singles or couples to families to retirees, from professionals to home makers and all offer something different - as the home owners also have different and varying needs. No one "type" makes the "perfect sitter" for every situation.

What do house sitters do?

The house sitter is expected to look after the home owners home as if it were their own - providing "lived-in" security, mowing lawns, maintaining gardens, collecting and forwarding mail, caring for pets and generally keeping the home neat and tidy.
House sitters would generally be responsible for their own food, telephone and utility use. Whilst most agreements would be in exchange for free rent, some house sitters may offer more of a formal caretaker role or perform other agreed extra duties in exchange for an agreed fee. This is totally up to the home owner and the housesitter and should be agreed to in writing before commencing duties. (Remember, a house sitter is not expecting to work on your property full time but is looking for a genuine "home" to live in, with it's normal attendant responsibilities - House sitting should be a mutually beneficial arrangement)

Security and References

Security - Whilst a house sitter can provide lived-in security for your property while you're away, it is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure adequate home and contents insurance coverage is maintained.
It is also the home owners responsibility to check the bona fides of the housesitter. Apart from checking referees, an interview should be conducted and prospective house sitters introduced to your pets to check compatibility. This would also be a good time to introduce your neighbours - this helps the house sitter learn the environment and feel more comfortable in strange surroundings and, by bringing your friendly neighbours into the background, acts as a semi backstop for both parties. Requesting a police clearance and considering the lodgement of a bond is also a good idea.
See also "Agreements" below.

Finding a house sitter

Finding prospective sitters - Home owners can peruse our database of available house sitters for FREE and make selections at the time they start looking. Simply click on "find a sitter". Type your location into the search box to see a list of available house sitters. Click on their link to read more about the sitters.
Should you not be able to find anyone suitable for house sitting, we will run your "sitter wanted" ad for free.

Registering as available to house sit

Registering as available for house sitting. The wording of your ad needs careful consideration as you will need to convince the home owner that you will be suitable to mind their home while they are away - say the obvious like, if you have experience, say so, if you can provide references, have a history with animals or other desirable skills, say so. Be honest, say a little about yourself, why you wish to be a house sitter and why the home owner should choose you ahead of others available.
To register, follow the links to "register as a sitter
", complete the registration form and you will be
included in our on-line database of house sitters for up to 12 months. Home owners looking for a house sitter will then know you are available and be able to contact you to arrange an interview.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?
To find a house sitter is free.
To register as available for house sitting - some areas are free, some require a small fee, eg USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia all require one small fee for a 12 month listing - one fee only - for as many areas and country's as you like.
Fees are; US$40- or CAN$50- or EURO30- or GBP20- or AUD50-.
Should you need to change your details, please use our "change details" form on our site - there is no charge for this.

How long before you get a sit?

How long before you get a sit - we have had successes within 24 hours however the average is some sort of response within 2-3 weeks - the earlier you register as available for house sitting, the greater your chances.
Please keep us informed of your up to date availability as it's free to update your details with new areas and dates once you have something.

How long do sits last?

How long do sits last - we have had house sitters gain positions lasting from 1 week to 3 years with the average being 2-3 months - most house sitting positions fall in the range 1-6 months.

Home sitting Articles & Experiences
Many home owners and house minders have forwarded their house caring experiences, well worth reading should you be considering home minding as a lifestyle choice or simply for a unique holiday experience.

A month sitting in Tuscany

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Travel Insurance
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Our Story as International Professional House Sitters
40 house sits in Australia and one in Denver, Colorado, USA with several pre bookings

Who would have thought, back in 2000 when Alan decided it was time to take an early retirement at 61, when I suggested we try House Sitting as a way of alternative travel that we would still be enjoying the adventure some nine years later as well as having advanced bookings anywhere between 12 to 24 months all the time……currently our bookings are now to mid 2012 with a few gaps for more house sits, a cruise or two or three and some time in Europe! Yep! SKIN (spending kids’ inheritance NOW) is our aim, should there be anything left when we are gone – it will be pure bad management on our part – of course the stock market seems to have the same agenda up and down again!!
Once Alan retired in March 2001, I immediately registered for a house sit in Tasmania for we wanted to get as far away from Alan’s work scene as possible, the registration with the data base was finalized on the Tuesday and by Friday we had our first enquiry from a lady in Tasmania who wanted us for some six weeks in the September, this lady said ‘I haven’t done this before’ and my reply was ‘neither have I’, so we swapped details and I said I would get back to her with some formal procedure. This lady later increased the house sit, she needed us till the November. Our original plan was to just go to Tasmania for this time, however, while in Tasmania we had two more requests, one for two weeks and another for seven months, this seven month sit was extended to nine months so all in all we spent just a few days short of a year housesitting in Tasmania. We put a house sitter in our home for three months then kept extending it to finally 15 months.
On telling friends what our plans were for later in the year, a friend in Sydney asked us to house sit for her for two months before we were to go to Tasmania. While in Tasmania we had a call from another friend back in Townsville and accepted a month sit for a months over Christmas 2002, our Cairns family came to holiday in our home for this period. By the time we came back from Tasmania, we thought, wow, this is a lifestyle that we can easily cope with and promptly sold our properties so we could go off house minding continuously in Australia………. the World, and have been continuously housesitting ever since. Selling out in 2003 was a brave move for now we were totally out of our comfort zone and that was a lot scary for at the same time the stock market was having a one in 8 year slide.
Now we qualify to sing that song ‘I’ve been everywhere, man’…….Sydney, Dodges Ferry, St Helens, Hobart, Townsville, Rose Valley, Sunbury, Mt Riverview, Shepparton, Port Ferry, Bray Park, Wentworth Falls, Hawks Neck, Bray Park, Hillbank, West Hindmarsh, Mawson Lakes, Queanbeyan, Wentworth Falls, Robina, Narangba, Robina, Darwin, Gordonvale, Townsville, Lilydale, Denver USA, Darwin, Robina, Mawson Lakes, Sydney, Bilambil Heights, Cairns, Townsville, Mooloolaba, Melbourne, Jimboomba, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast ………… and lots more to go!! Could also make a new song naming the breeds of pets that have been left in our care…….the strangest pet………a Proserpine Python……..thank goodness it had been fed then it slept the 10 days of the sit.
Just a few of these precious pets left in our care - aren’t they all posers
Our experiences have been varied, particularly with the weather, for North Queenslanders who are use to the hot humid type weather to experience a cold summer in Tasmania……….yes sitting in front of a raging fireplace for the summer and on Christmas Day with heaters on, dressed in several layers of clothes, socks, boots, hat, gloves and scarf and the full length woollen coat for outdoors………who would have thought. We keep saying that we have to get sits so that we are in the north for the winters and south in the summers…………..however it doesn’t work like that……..southern folk want to escape the winters and the northern folk want to escape the summers…….. that’s how housesitting has panned out…… one might say that we have come accustom to the winters in the south and now finding it hard to cope with the northern humidity – who would have thought!… we have a regular southern host who wants to travel in the summer from 2010 so our 8 year dream is about to happen.

Our three month house sit in Denver, Colorado, USA was an experience of a life time.
I (Alan was still not driving at this stage) was driving on the wrong side of the road in a strange car for starters…….those crazy yanks. We arrived in the autumn in all its colours, then came the first snow fall just two weeks into our sit……….now remember we are born and bred North Queenslanders……..snow, powder champagne snow…..and to have lots and lots of real Christmas Trees dripping in snow……we were ecstatic…… be able to enjoy seeing the snow falling from the warmth of the home…… to make my first snow lady…… lady, because I am a Red Hatter. All we wanted was a White Christmas so every time I wrote home I would say ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’. The locals kept telling us that it seldom snows in Denver on a Christmas Day, they say January is when the heavy snow starts………guess what……….we woke on Christmas morning to a white out…….there was already several inches of snow and it snowed all day……..fantastic……the best snow fall on a Christmas Day for 107 years it was reported the next day………and it was all our fault. The snow chores were definitely a new experience….how to dress to shovel the path and to put the rubbish out.
On Christmas Day our hosts’ Christmas Day routine was to go out with the family for breakfast at a local restaurant then back home for lunch with the family and friends, so our host gets the car out and for 7 blocks we slid and slipped in the snow covered street, then we came to a halt, no further would the car go in this deep snow, only reverse would the car move, our host reversed into the gutter and there the car stayed all day and we had to ‘snowshoe’, well as close as we would get to snowshoeing, all the way home for eggs on toast for our breakfast. The family and friends arrived for lunch, the grand children and I tried to make a huge snow man but the snow was so dry we couldn’t form a ball but it was good for a snow fight. The next day saw a dumping of some 10 feet of snow in the mountains and it was still snowing in June so our host informed us. Denver is know to have 300 hundred days of sunshine a year, that’s what was lovely about our snow experience…….it could be minus 10, snow of the ground and sunshine, postcard perfect………..just magical…….to us! the start of the snow season, however, would not like to live there in the peak of snow season for it is so dangerous. As we had no pets in this house sit it was possible to take off for a few days at a time, so we visited New Mexico, Nevada and Ohio. Our Denver host has now extended an open invitation to house sit any time we want.

Friends often ask if we ever get a house sit that we would rather not do or is horrible………the answer is NO….for a start we do not look for the ones that want you to work in lieu, and folk who want a sitter have pride in their home and their precious pets so spoilt that they would not cope with extended times in kennels let a lone the cost. 90% of the time we look for long term house sits of 3 months and longer and the folk wanting sitters for this length of time generally plan a long way ahead and this allows us to talk to these folk on a regular basis….email and digital cameras… did we get by without them for four decades……we ask for a photo of their home with some inside shots, our hosts and the precious pets, we send our resume with our photo and references…… by the time we meet we almost know one another and it is like meeting up with ‘friends’. The main reason folk require house sitters is primarily for their precious spoilt pets and secondly security for their homes…..our hosts come home from a wonderful holiday to a fresh clean home, maintained garden, contented pets and a home cooked meal……how good is that!!
House sitting is a gut reaction and a lot of trust from both parties and it always amazes us how much we often have in common…….there is a saying that you do not meet people by accident, beginning to believe this. We often ask our hosts why they chose us and they all say it is our positive attitude and the professionalism we present, of course, we do have excellent references but have never had to have a police clearance. We have had hosts who rings to see when we are free so that they can book their future holiday and another host that says if he cannot get us he will just close up his home for he has tried other sitters but none as good as us….careful….watch the halo! We keep telling him he has to plan well in advance! We find now that we are extended family of some of our hosts’ families and having regular contact with these folk………the Christmas mailing list is forever growing too.
Have done several repeat house sits, one three times and feel that this speaks volumes of our high standards, reliability, trust worthiness and integrity. Our host’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us, the care of their home as if our own, the care of their precious pets allows us to have ‘Clayton’ and adored pets that we are happy to play, walk and bath……..and we might add……… have never had a precious pet fret on us yet, for one of us remains in the new house sit for the first 48 hours and this ensures security for the precious pet……you know….. it is the one that feeds them!!...... a garden to potter in and all this gives us a normal lifestyle as a local in a new community rather than just a tourist. We generally keep the grey matter going by doing volunteer work, join groups of various activities, and this we found very rewarding, a way to network and to learn the local knowledge.
This is how it works. Over the years we have worked out a formal procedure that we forward to our host to complete and return, this allows us to have open communication with our hosts and this in turn brings a happy outcome for us both with a WORRY FREE holiday for our hosts. No money changes hands, our travel expense is ours, we pay for our telephone calls, our host pay for their pets’ food, our host pay for the gas and electricity unless the house sit is more than three months then we pay, our host pay for water and rates. We do not use our hosts’ computer, we feel that ones computer is personal; we carry our own laptop and combination printer copier. Should we consume pantry and fridge foods we replace for our hosts return and on our hosts return we generally provide a home cooked meal to share. Generally we arrive at least a day before our hosts’ departure to meet the precious pets, to learn how our hosts’ home appliances function and any other unique features of our hosts’ home, leave the day after our hosts arrival or sometimes the day they arrive home and always open for discussion on our arrival and departure.
As fate would have it…..November 2004 turned our world upside down, Alan was a passenger on the Tilt Train that crashed just south of Bundaberg and his injuries while not life threatening, were serious and we were about to go to Adelaide for an 8 month house sit. With doctors permission Alan flew to Adelaide while I kept our original plan and drove to Sydney then I and the car trained it to Adelaide… way was Alan going to travel by train! We did three house sits in Adelaide over 16 months so Alan could have his continued extensive treatment and therapies, whilst this slowed us down it hasn’t stopped our adventures, however, for a while there we were very uncertain of our future in housesitting.
What do we do if we don’t have a house sit……..we visit family, take a holiday, after all this house caring is 24/7…..but someone has to do it!!……..if fact we have to block out times to do just that. Usually we plan our sits so that we have a few days between sits so we can visit particular areas on our journey…….eg The Great Ocean Road, Flinders Rangers, Eyre and Yorke Peninsula’s, Bourke and the like.
How long will we continue to house sit? Having now completed 40 house sits in Australia and one in Denver, Colorado, USA with several pre bookings to mid 2012, while we have our health……..who knows. You know, home is where you make it and do we really need all those possessions?........well………!! What doesn’t fit in our Mercedes we don’t need… should see what does fit in!! But then again it is horses for courses… minding doesn’t suit everyone………… and just as well!!


House sitters for
house-sitting USA

Alabama, Montgomery
Alaska, Juneau
Arizona, Phoenix
Arkansas, Little Rock
California, Sacramento
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Vermont, Montpelier
Virginia, Richmond
Washington, Olympia
West Virginia, Charleston
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Wyoming, Cheyenne

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