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Universal Furniture is now a well-heard brand that is now a trendy brand for any kind of furniture. No one says no if you ask them about hearing about Brookhaven cabinets or Universal Furniture. It is their proudest achievement, and if you ask me, it had begun with that title. It is a general and very catchy name that quite gets stuck in our minds.

Even if we never really went in and shopped for ourselves, as the name is regular and appealing, it just holds. And when you hear anyone talk about Universal Furniture, you remember all the memories that are associated with that title.

Each fragment of memory when you listened to that name pops up, and you will feel like you knew it forever. That is the magic of having regular and catchy words for a brand title. So, it was 2001, when they first launched, and it was much more popular than any start-up in their initial year.

But unlike many start-ups, it became a chain of the furniture business, and they keep on expanding now. Their sofas are everywhere, and their tables are all around, you love to sit in their chairs. So, is it just a name? What else made them grow so quickly? Are all the Universal Furniture reviews out there accurate? Let us get into that!

Reviews on Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture Reviews

The initial reviews of Universal Furniture were spectacular, and in fact, it was because the positive reviews that it had secured made it increase. This massive storm of positive reviews happened because of their choice of styling their furniture and the luxury those items offered.

When style and comfort come in a package, they are rarely ignored. So, people started noticing these products because of their unique choice of styling. But when they began purchasing the products, they understood that they are comfortable too. The prices are reasonable, and it makes it more beautiful.

But the waves of positive reviews had a change, of course. Soon there were negative reviews, and the entire reviews on Universal Furniture had become very mixed, and it confused customers. This happened because of the brand’s choice to outsource the product delivery and management system. Since outsourcing means it will be handled by a third-party organization, once the products cross the Universal Furniture, they are not in their hands anymore.

It means that now the safety and service are dealt with by a third-party dealer. This surely is a good idea; many huge brands do outsource a few services to be rid of the extra burden. But as these third-party dealers are just middlemen between the brand and customers, they do not seem to care much about the health of those products.

After the choice of migrating their services to third dealers, there were many negative reviews as people would not understand about outsourcing. Specific reviews are telling about the condition of products, that they had holes like they were gouged. Few received products with scratches. But at the same time, there were great reviews too.

It is not always a bad experience with outsourcing. If it were that bad, no one would do that. Few dealers take special care of products to maintain the right image that boosts their dealership contracts. Because of this, some continuous customers fill the brand with all positive reviews.

After understanding outsourcing, reading the mixed reviews, one can say that outsourcing is not always bad. It is just inconsistent, and one cannot predict the quality just because it is from Universal Furniture and depends on other people’s reviews. The quality entirely depends upon the ratings and reviews of the dealer and how careful they are with their products.

So, while reading individual sales reviews, we must consider dealer ratings too.

Keeping the reviews of dealers aside, the popularity and positive reviews of the brand solely depend upon their unique choice of styling and customization. They have different styles of sofas and tables, and you can choose what fits your house setting.

Universal Furniture Product Reviews

Regardless of dealer reviews and individual sale reviews, we can surely check into product reviews that are directly purchased from the brand store. Universal furniture is especially famous for its sofas and table sets. Reading and understanding reviews for their Sofas and Table sets may give us a proper perspective on the authenticity of all the other reviews we read on the net about Universal Furniture.

Table sets

Universal Furniture Table sets

Dining tables have a lot of value than we usually assign them. Dining rooms are like the heart of a house. Because that is the place where all the family sits together and has conversations, this is the room that unites all the other rooms and people of the family, and it is the knot that ties them together. And that knot’s primary attribute is the dining table where the family takes refuge.

So, no matter how small we think choosing a dining table is, it is a crucial part. If the dining table looks repulsive and does not give the feel of eating at it, then it is a total waste. There is a reason for having different styles of dining tables so that the families can choose their personal favorites that are set to them and their dining rooms.

Universal Furniture respects this, and they do offer a different style, and there is a freedom to choose what their customers want. To be precise, there are over 25 different styles of dining tables offered. These also include collections of Paula Deen, who is an American TV personality who hosts cooking shows. Their collection has a unique sense to it, and it is the reason why they could withstand the negative reviews against the outsourced dealers.

Universal Furniture offers rectangular and round-shaped tables of different sizes and designs. They also extend or lower the size of the table you choose, and the work is adept. The tables that are present are mostly made from Wood because wooden tables are more popular than any other. But a few metal finished tables are also available but not as many as the wooden ones. The chairs that come with the tables match with the table.

When it comes to quality, there are gradations in the Wood that is provided. To save money, you may prefer to choose regular Wood, but it will only seem cheap initially. Because when you are looking for the long run, hardwood is preferable for its durability. Hardwood dining tables are costly, but their look and robustness will save you a lot of embarrassment and money in the long run.

No matter what wood you purchase, you should also maintain the standard in maintenance. Hardwood is commonly preferred not just because of the robustness but also because it is an easy way out. Hardwood tables find it easy to suit any kind of setting for their thick and dark appearance.


Universal Furniture Sofas

Sofas are where one just relaxes and is like the soul of the living room. You need to be pickier while choosing sofas as they are the first impression to someone who visits your house. It is in the living room that you make your guests sit, and it is on those sofas that they sit! So, you need to view as many styles as they are to pick the exact thing your living room needs. Luckily for us to be picky and choose the best one, Universal Furniture also offers five different collections for Sofas.

1) Playlist

2) Modern Muse

3) Sojourn

4) Curate

5) Remix

There are multiple options available in all these collections. There are different styles available in each segment of these five collections. You might just need single piece sofas, loveseats, corner sofas, and large sofas where you can sleep too. All these different types are available in all five of those collections.

Picking sofas is hard because after taking a liking to a specific sofa that fits your house and your tastes, you also need to be sure about the fabric. Not just design and style, but the fabric should be of good quality. Going through the reviews, we can see that Universal Furniture does provide an excellent quality fabric that is not merely stylish but is also thick and durable.

It needs to be sustainable because it must protect your sofa from the environment that is exposed. They also provide customizations for the pillows to let customers choose. They also offer leather sofas in different designs and colors. As leather is more durable and protects your sofa, it is the preferable option to the fabric. To protect is to extend the expiry date of your couch.

Just like choosing hardwood for tables, leather sofas are costlier, but they do save you a lot of money in the long run. Fabrics get stained, damaged, and maybe ripped by pets, but stiff leather can prevent all that from even happening. Sofas being their most talked products, even though Universal Furniture offers various sofas, they all have the look of class.

When they are set in your living room, it adds a lot of charm to the entire room. After all, they are famous because of the distinctive look and appeal of their furniture. Their high-end appeal and top-notch luxurious sofas are globally imported too.

There are many more products they offer, and the similarity is the wide-ranged menu that sometimes confuses the customer with excitement. The best thing about Universal Furniture is that they even offer customization! Customers can personalize the products depending on their style of home and rooms individually. They also provide upgrades and gradations in each product.


Universal Furniture

Assurance is needed for every deal you spend your hard-earned money on. Humans need trust; business needs contracts, and objects like furniture need warranty! When you buy a product, you should know the warranty is part of the deal and never an incentive. No matter how bonus the sellers make you feel it is, a warranty is just a package that comes with the product.

Universal Furniture gives a one-year warranty for all its products. This warranty also includes defects in manufacturing. So, it does not cover tears that are formed after the purchase. It surely is a fair deal because many buyers sell a warranty as an extra. But you should always ask and be sure of the warranty because few dealers do not care much about it and you might just lose your right to avail of the warranty. Hence, it is okay to be communicative about the assurance to your dealer.

Concluding the review

Universal Furniture Sofa

Universal Furniture provides high-end products for low to mid-range costs, and that is why you can prefer them for being reasonable and genuine. Their wide range of menu and surprisingly attractive styles cover all the other minor issues they have.

The manufacturing quality of their products is not top-notch but is still reasonable for the low and mid-range prices. If you buy an expensive high-end product from them, then the quality is assured too, because more quality needs more money to make. Overall, Universal Furniture is highly preferable and the right choice for your family!

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  1. I bought a chair n ottoman leather n it is all wrinkled. Bought it in June 2022 from design furniture. I can send a picture if u give me an email. It is not right n there is a 1 year warranty per your ininformation. Please contact me design furniture st george utah is where I bought it 660 707-5100


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